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How Much Carpet Cleaning Cost?

An annual cleaning of your carpets may seem unnecessary until you notice the smaller blemishes and the muddier spots on the fibers of your carpet. To completely rid of the stains that have been causing you stress, you should seriously consider all of the options available to you. A service that cleans your carpets will probably cost you about $25 to $75 for each room, but you should expect a flat rate of about $75 to $300.


Replacing your carpet due to the infestation of mold and other risky arrangements will cost about $750 to $2500. A proper steam cleaning, however, will probably cost you about $600 for a complete process of the entire home, if your home is wholly carpeted. You should consider all of the options and routines that are available to you as the homeowner since there are several methods that go into cleaning your carpets. By assessing the factors that are laid before you, the estimate and assessment will become clearer to you, depending on the issues that you may be encountering.


The minimum range that you’d have to spend in cleaning your carpeting for each room will estimate approximately $25 to $45. While the average range calculated for the overall pricing will total around $75 to $180. At the lower end of the range, you’ll probably spend about $80, but at the higher end, expect to spend about $600, depending on the methods your professional uses and the size of your home.


Average Range $75-$180
Low End $80
High End $600



Costs According To The Size Of Your Carpets 

Like any home improvement project or cleaning routine, the overall size of the room for the job is what accounts for the costs. One easy way to determine the estimate that you’ll be facing will be around $0.15 to $0.53 per square foot. By measuring the space in front of you, ultimately, you can expect these ranges involved with what the professionals will be cleaning.


Size Of Carpets (Sq Ft) Estimated Cost Range
250 $37.50-$125
500 $75-$250
1000 $150-$500
1500 $225-$750
2000 $300-$1000
2500 $375-$1250


You have to keep in mind that these estimated averages come with different factors that could affect the overall carpet cleaning costs. Remember, it is the material that the professionals are handling and how many different materials and equipment they’ll need to get the job done. You also have to think about whether the cleaners will have to clean your stairs and how many of the stains need to be removed as well.


To get an even better understanding, carpet cleaners will often alter the range, according to the size. If your carpeted area that you want cleaned is below 800 square feet, you can expect to spend about $0.53 per square foot. Anything between 800 to 1500, you’ll probably spend about $0.49 per square foot. If it’s over 1500 square feet, the cost per square foot drops to $0.42. All in all, homeowners should carefully consider the size of their carpeting and how the size can actually benefit them.


Types And Materials Of Carpets And What These Costs Entail

Depending on the kind of carpeting your home is laid out in, there will be costs associated with the cleaning. The easiest fibers that you’ll encounter will probably be the berber carpets. Ranging between $90 to $100, the berber carpeting, while simple to clean, will include challenges if the stains are deeply set into the fibers. 


Another type of carpeting that the professionals will have to clean is the cut and level loop. These carpets are actually quite tough to clean out and will range between $60 to $120. Since they’ll most likely require special care, you’re probably going to expect the larger sum, depending on the severity of your carpet’s damage.


Besides the pile length and variation, you should also contemplate on the costs applied to the materials. If your carpet is made of synthetic fibers, you should expect about $60 to $300. Depending on the square footage of this sort, you’ll most likely see results through vacuuming or simple baking soda and warm water.


Cleaning a carpet with the cotton fiber blend will range in costs between $90 to $340. Since it is a soft but strong material, cotton will, in due time, amass incursions with dirt and grime. We highly suggest that you at least consider yearly servicing with these kinds of carpets. A deep clean is a somewhat requirement that should be expected when acquiring and installing a carpet with cotton fibers.


Silk has a more delicate foundation than your conventional wool material. So you should expect cleaning your silk carpeting to cost about $95 to $360. Although this aspect should apply to any of the fibers and blends mentioned in this section, you should prevent dirty shoes or pet traffic involving this kind of carpeting.


Sisal carpeting will probably cost you about $100 to $375. Although this material is highly sensitive, it’s actually easily maintained by using a vacuum on a regular basis. Some of the methods in cleaning this fiber, however, should be duly noted. Your professional will probably advise you to stay away from steam cleaning or shampoo cleaning with the sisal. Since the outcome will probably result in discoloration, shrinking or staining, you should rather think about dry methods. 


Wool is probably going to be the most difficult out of the bunch. Estimated to be around $100 to $400, the range will more than likely be affected by the material itself. By knowing the different kinds of fiber material that makes up your carpet, homeowners can determine the expectations involved.


Nylon is the material that will be most defensible against spills, grit, and mildew. You won’t see additional costs to this kind of material because these carpets won’t require special care like wool and cotton. While olefin and polyester may have growing concerns applied to them. They stain easier and will wear down faster than the other two materials mentioned. Keep in mind that polyester and olefin should be vacuumed on a regular basis. Try your best to prevent any tracks of dirt on this material or you may have to worry about more than just cleaning the carpet out.


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Costs In The Amount of Rooms To Clean

The estimates applied to the amount of rooms your professional will clean are ranged very differently. By the end of your own evaluation on the types and materials your carpets are composed of, you’ll have a better understanding on these costs associated with the amount of rooms involved.


Amount of Rooms Estimated Cost Range
1 $40-$94
2 $50-$120
3 $75-$146
4 $90-$172
5 $140-$198


You should expect these cost ranges but depending on the kind of services that your rooms and your property requires, you should expect a larger number for these prices. There are about six different options to choose from and depending on the professional you hire, you’ll see the pay ranges vary.


Services And Methods

How much does a carpet cleaning cost? Most homeowners will be racking their brains on this dilemma and question. Although the factors above are arranged to answer this question, you should think about the techniques that the service professionals will typically execute. As the homeowner, you should know the methods that are going to be available for the services you pay for. Frequently, you should expect the cleaner to either bonnet clean, dry clean, encapsulate, shampoo, steam clean, or carbonate.


Bonnet Clean $25-$85
Dry Clean $60-$350
Encapsulate $80-$200
Shampoo Clean $80-$400
Steam or Hot Water Extract $100-$500
Carbonate $125-$600


Bonnet Cleaning & Costs

The price range for this service will be around $25 and $85. Professional carpet cleaners will have this method as an easy and quick solution to cleaning your carpets. It involves the polishing of your surface with a spinning pad, utilizing the cleaning and drying techniques of the equipment your professional will inevitably use. The drawback to this method is the effectiveness of this choice. Accumulation of dirt in the lowest layers will, in due course, result in elevating to the higher layers. Remind yourself that this method requires at least 30 minutes of drying before stepping foot on your carpets again.


Typically, the bonnet cleaning method is used for commercial purposes. It essentially cleans out the surface, improving the quality of the appearance. However, it doesn’t execute a proper deep clean, so you shouldn’t expect it to properly get rid of your dirt or grime. 


Dry Cleaning & Costs

By using this method, the specialist is essentially breaking apart the dirt and debris in the crevices of your carpeting. The professional will use an absorbent to deconstruct the detritus inside the narrow spaces. Completely impeding the detrimental dirt apart from the fibers, dry cleaning will effectively get rid of your dirt after a 20 minute session. Expect that your estimates will range between $60 and $350.


Using a low-moisture system, this method will most likely help avoid any other complications involving dirt. One thing to keep in mind is to check how these chemicals may affect you or your loved one’s allergies. You should expect about $0.20 to $0.50 per square foot, when you have a dry cleaning request.


Encapsulation & Costs

You can expect to spend about $80 to $200 with this method. Although it is similar to the shampoo cleaning method, only by the materials that are used, encapsulation essentially cleans through foam and vacuum. Primarily, encapsulation as a method is spraying and brushing an encapsulated chemical around your affected area. Surrounding the molecular level of soil particles, the crystallized chemical releases all the dirt out of your carpeting, wherein the professional will vacuum the applied locations. Performed and accomplished in around a half-hour, encapsulation is only a suggestible option when your carpet is mildly dirtied.


Keep in mind that this is only an interim carpet maintenance method. This means that it’ll mainly be used for maintenance reasons, applying to solely commercial purposes. The encapsulation cleaning method is most typical for your place of business. With its low price, most companies will opt into scheduling an encapsulation service for several intervals and sessions. This will especially be the case if the commercial area has high levels of foot traffic. 


Shampoo Cleaning & Costs

On average, a shampoo cleaning will be estimated around $80 to $400 in costs. After the application of the foam or chemical, your cleaner will use a brushing device to remove everything out. It will probably be a 20 minute process. Fortunately, there is less moisture involved with this method, however, you need to keep in mind that extraction of the soil will not be rigorously executed. If you’re worried about the costs, and this task needs to be performed residentially, the range will be through the lower end. However, the volume of water that is used to perform this method is quite inextricable compared to the other methods involved.


It is one of the oldest methods into cleaning your home’s carpeting. And it works very well against heavier stains. Disintegrating the bonds between the layers of soil and fibers, the foam is quite a useful utility to clean the carpets. However the chemicals can, at times, be stuck in a sort of residue. As a result, the surface can be discolored and will inevitably attract more dirt. 


Steam Cleaning & Costs

With this method, you’ll most likely end up with the result you’re hoping for most. Dispensing about 90 percent of this desirable cleansing, you can expect to spend about $100 to $500. Expending the most bang for your buck, this method will probably act as the prime choice for cleaning your carpets. This technique will assist in removing all your bacteria, dirt, and grime but will probably require the most time since your carpets will need time to dry out.


Another way to estimate the costs can be from the per-square-footage method. A proper hot water extraction will most likely range between $0.20 to $1 per square foot. Homeowners should keep in mind that each cleaning service will vary with the different rates and amounts to spend. 


Carbonation Cleaning & Costs

The cost of using the carbonation method will range between $130 and $600. By applying warm water for the soil extraction, carbonation will utilize lower moisture blending microscopic bubbles to explode the dirt particles from the deeper layers of your carpet’s fibers. An additional benefit to this service is how minimal the water is used. Practically, the most viable solution in decreasing the usage of your water, it’ll eliminate at least 4/5ths of water consumption out of the equation. This is compared to the other services that are mentioned above.


It’s quite the beneficial convenience since it creates a lasting effect in both stability and cleanliness. Your carpeting fibers will be penetrated by the carbonation bubbles, lifting out the soil and dirt that’s deeply rooted beneath. This is also the method that encourages and emphasizes the use of green cleaning. Since it’s an eco-friendly resource, most homeowners feel more enthusiastic about utilizing this prospect. 


Additional Services

If you need a proper cleaning service, there are additional services and solutions that your professional will offer you. In essence, you’ll probably want to include these other services if cleaning isn’t the sole reason you require a cleaning company. It is advisable to consider these services if the circumstances match. Flaws and deformities can reprehensibly be rectified once you think about any of the upgrades or fixes that you desire, depending on your carpeting status. Keep in mind these additional services can help improve the quality of your carpeted areas.


Patch Repairs

For any instances that are involving holes in your carpet, your professional cleaning service may have this choice available for you. It will most likely cost you about $150 to $225 for the repairs to be made. You should consider the fact that you may also have to spend about $25 to $50 per square foot for any extra holes to patch up.


It’s likely that the holes from your carpeting came from burnt incidents or from scratches, rips, and tears. Patching repair jobs for burnt cases will range between $125 to $250, while tearing cases will probably estimate between $100 to $250. The larger the size, however, the more you can expect the costs to end up. You should expect the amount of $600 for a colossal sizing of the patch. 


Re-Stretching The Carpet/Wrinkles Removal

Although this service may seem unnecessary, you’re going to probably consider it if there are extenuating wrinkles that are affecting the overall appearance and quality of the carpet. Ranging between $35 to $80 per hour, you’ll see a total estimated cost of about $80 with an additional $50 for extra rooms you want serviced.


Typically, the estimated range will amount to about $100 to $300. But this will vary depending on the labor that is applied to the corrections. This job is not meant for homeowners since it requires the usage of particular tools and the right set of experience. Keep in mind that re-stretching your carpeting will remove any creases that you’ve been eyeing to get rid of.


Water Extraction For Flooding Incidents

In most cases, if you’re encountering a flooding issue with your home, you’ll urgently want this service to be completed. On average, a water extraction will cost you about $100 to $300 per room. You’ll want to contact a restoration expert to help you with any further damages. Before you request for a water extraction, figure out the estimated cost range in restoration. Since you’ll want to avoid retention from the affected areas of your carpets and furniture, you’ll want to address the problem quickly.


Remember that the costs of restoration will entirely depend on the severity of the flooding that has occurred within your property. For a full restoration to be completed, you may have to spend about $1000 to $5000. The most important aspect of this service, however, is not only the damages already done by your home, but also the hazardous materials that may be lingering around. It is a deadly concern if your space has been contaminated by gray or worse, black water. So keep in mind that if a flooding has occurred in your rooms, you should have your eyes open on hazardous environments.


Pet Odor Removals

Owning and living with a pet ensues the hurdles following dander, urine, and odor. Although having pets is probably the best aspect of owning a home, there is the unfortunate fact that any of these companions can bring a reeking scent you’d want to get rid of. The range of this cost will be estimated between $100 and $1200. This will depend entirely upon the odor level that is obstructing the smell of your rooms.


If you’re only dealing with a minor smell, you’ll probably only have to spend about $100 to $250. Treatment will only involve some deodorizing and simpler cleaning methods. But for a more succinctly grotesque scent, homeowners should expect to pay about $300 to $625. Treatment for this level of odor will involve ozone care with deep cleaning methods that will eliminate urine spots.


The most dire case of your pet odor will involve paying out $700 to $1200. This is for a very thorough and proper removal and will involve deep cleaning methods that will root out your problem. The longer this odor has lingered, the deeper the problem will probably remain. Although the professional will probably use enzymes to completely eradicate the urine and other odor-affecting causes, the potential damage may seem too severe. In worsened cases, you might have to consider alternatives in replacements. Unfortunately, not all odors can be completely eliminated, so homeowners may want to find professional services for removal and reinstallation.


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Cleaning The Upholstery And Furniture

A proper renewal into your upholstery and furniture can relinquish all doubts. Since redefining and extending the life of your items is significantly inexpensive compared to repurchasing your wares, this is a cleaning service you should seriously consider. The cost range of cleaning a single piece of furniture will be about $50 to $80. Specialists will come in to get rid of all your unwanted spots and stains. 


In some cases, you may encounter the cost range of $500, depending on the size of your belongings. Luckily, some of the methods and equipment involved in cleaning your carpets will also be used along with this service. A steam cleaning service for your upholstery will range between $15 to $80, while a chemical cleaning will range between $15 to $95. Simple stain removals can possibly cost you about $25 and can go all the way up to $80 or more.


Anti-Stain Services

Protecting your carpets from any more incidents will require an additional $9 to $10. And you can expect about $5 to $10 per application of your protective repellant. Fortunately, the case of acquiring a protective service for your carpets will be quickly executed. Since the application of the repellent is via spraying, the process should take no less than about ten minutes or less. Expect to spend about $10 per square foot for this service to be finished. 


There are two options for the protection against stains. Professionals will probably either apply Scotchgard or Teflon. But choosing which alternative depends on the level of protection you will ultimately prefer. The difference between the two is the detail in quality. Teflon is the desirable choice since it will curtail staining your carpeting. Using a protective layer, the fibers of your carpets will increase in resistance. 


Wicking Services

Once soil is trapped within the padding of your carpeted areas, the accumulation of the soil can simply shift atop the fibers as your carpet dries out. This is the result of wicking. It’s an inconvenience that when you finish the cleaning process of your carpets, you have yet another tribulation to facilitate. In these cases, you can ask the professional carpet cleaner whether they have services to accommodate these kinds of issues.


To ostensibly remove all forms of staining in your carpet, a wicking service can be provided to homeowners. Simple stain removal will utilize technical skills and the usage of different chemicals. But wicking services are somewhat different compared to the conventional methods involved. And under specific circumstances, the removal methods may apply according to the situation. 


Maintaining Your Carpet

Keep in mind that you’re not going to require a carpet cleaning service on an everyday basis. However, to truly avoid this occurrence from injuring your pockets, you should consider creating a routine for your carpet’s maintenance. To decrease the chances of having to hire a cleaning service too often, you should consider a cleaning habit of vacuuming and removing any outward miscorrections.


By regularly maintaining the state of your carpet, you will have less troubles and decrease the need to have it serviced. Routinely vacuum your home at least two to three times per week to refresh the fibers. This will help you improve upkeep from any vulnerable areas within the carpet’s complexion.    


Why You’d Want A Professional Service To Clean Your Carpets

Unless you wish to see some discolored or splotched spots throughout your home’s carpeting, you’ll probably prefer to hire some cleaners to get the job thoroughly accomplished. Homeowners will risk the inexperience in how to handle the cleaning process and inescapably damage their carpets instead.


Homeowners also should be wary of how much time it takes to meticulously clean their carpets without any complications. The amount of equipment and materials it takes to make your carpet look flawless can actually be more costly compared to the effectiveness of hiring a specialist. Fortunately some of the benefits to professional carpet cleaners is how there is little involvement applied to the homeowner. Essentially, you also won’t have any sense of responsibility or accountability to any complication that might befall your carpets.


Risks In Neglecting The Condition Of Your Carpet

It may come as no surprise that there are actually quite a few variations in the effects of ignoring your carpet cleaning. Other than the luxury and appeal of your carpeting, homeowners should understand that there are benefits to cleaning their carpets. Dirtier carpets will lead to health complications, infected airflow, discretions in the look and feel of your carpeted areas, and more.


Since carpets are infamously renowned for the susceptibility to allergens, dust, and bacteria, the health of you and your loved ones may worsen. It’s quite exceptional that a proper carpet cleaning could very well result in the reduction in colds and immune-affecting diseases. Contaminants can lead to asthma and allergies and an impactful array of health complications.


Tips On Finding The Right Estimates

If you’re concerned with the kinds of professionals that are available in your area. You should keep in mind these few tips that will help you with searching for a specialist that fits your needs. When searching for a professional to perform the tasks you want completed, always check if they have the right paperwork. If your professional doesn’t have the required documentation, like insurance protection or certification, then that individual may not have the right experience to handle the job.


Don’t be afraid to ask about discounted pricing. Since you’re interested in the business, you’ll more than likely have opportunities to negotiate the costs of all the services that are provided. If it’s a large project, you might actually be saving more money than you’re aware of, so ask the right inquiry about the actual estimates.


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