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How Much Does Bed Frame Assembly Cost?

Homeowners that want better framing for the mattresses in their homes will have an easier time knowing that there is a wide variety of bed frames for them to choose from. Each of the frames will have their own advantages and disadvantages, whether it’s through the aesthetic or the purpose. And like Goldilocks, homeowners should want frames that are just right for them. The average cost of a professional frame installation will likely range from $150 to $175, the low-end amount that homeowners should expect is around $40, while the high-end cost will average about $500.


Average Range $150-$175
Low-End Cost $40
High-End Cost $500


Although these options are great for homeowners to assemble, a bed frame should not only be used to keep your mattress in place but should also look great with the interior of your bedroom. There are certain features in distinct frames that you might not even know about.


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How Much Does A Bed Frame Cost

Before we talk about the features that bed frames have to offer homeowners, we should first talk about how much the material cost is for a bed frame. Besides the installation cost, a bed frame should cost about $150 to $10000.

Although the bed frame is typically used for keeping your mattress in place, there are various platforms that you can select to appease your interior aesthetic. If your bedroom is stylized with a midcentury-modern feel, then you’ll want to consider a frame that reflects that concept. Modern platforms don’t necessarily require a set of tools, so they’re very easy to assemble. However, if you’re going for bed frames that are a little more complicated or trying to install an upholstered platform, you’re going to need some expertise.


Choosing the Right Bed Frame

Before you consider which bed frame you want to purchase, you have to think about your budget, the size of the mattress you own, the intended height of the bed frame, the consideration of whether you will require a box spring, and the aesthetic you’re trying to accommodate. As mentioned above, bed frames can cost you from $150 up to $10000, depending on the quality, material and style of the frames. Think about the budget before you purchase the frames and keep in mind that the complexity of the frames will affect the final calculations.


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There are about six different sizes of frames and mattresses to choose from and depending on the type of frame you’re looking to add, your costs will reflect on which one you prefer most. Typically, homeowners have the standard options in purchasing a Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sized mattresses and frames. Keep in mind that there are a couple of other options in sizing as well.

Homeowners will purchase a bed frame for their mattresses to adjust the height of the frames. Whether you’re getting in or out of your bed, you’ll want the optimal space between the floor and the bed to give you an easier and more comfortable transition. If the height of your mattress just isn’t properly manufactured, you can choose a variety of box springs to elevate the volume of airflow to your mattress and throughout your bedroom, and offer the proper amount of support if the height isn’t accommodating your needs.

Homeowners should also consider the different interior concepts that should match the visual elements of your room and cohesively harmonize with the rest of your spaces. Take a look at all the different materials that go into assembling your mattress frame.


Six Different Bed Sizes

Mattress Sizes Standard Dimensions (Inches) Recommended Room Size (ft)
Twin 38x75 7x10
Twin XL 38x80 9.5x10.5
Full 54x75 9.5x10.5
Queen 60x80 10x10
King 76x80 12x12
California King 72x84 12x12




Cost Of Assembling Twin Bed Frames

The average size of a twin-size bed is 38 inches in width by 75 inches in length. The mattress will likely fit one person. These frames are very advantageous for growing teenagers. Depending on the individual’s height and size, these beds could be applicable for college students or first-time movers and renters.


Cost Of Assembling Twin XL Bed Frames

The average size of a twin XL-size bed is 38 inches in width by 80 inches in length. Although the twin XL beds are a slightly larger alternative to the standard twin, and will assist homeowners who require the modest enlargement.


Cost Of Assembling Full Bed Frames

Also referred to as the double size bed, the full-size bed is typically for a single sleeper. The average size of a full-size bed is 54 inches in width by 75 inches in length, so it is the perfect size for the single sleeper that wants enough space to move around in.


Cost Of Assembling Queen Bed Frames

The average size of a queen-size bed is 60 inches in width by 80 inches in length. The standard size of a queen-size bed is befitting for couples. Since the queen, king, and California King beds can be the most applicable for couples, consider the overall shoulder widths and heights of you and your significant other. Doing so will help you determine which of the sizes you can consider assembling.


Cost Of Assembling King Bed Frames

The average size of a king-size bed is 76 inches in width by 80 inches in length. If you’re having trouble choosing which of these three bed sizes to opt for, you should consider the size of your bedroom. By determining which of these options will fit into your bedroom space, you’ll be able to narrow your options.


Cost Of Assembling California King Bed Frames

The average size of a California King-size bed is 72 inches in width by 84 inches in length. It is one of the largest sizes that a couple could choose and retains enough space for kids and pets. If you’re thinking about a universal size for the whole family, the California King-size bed could be the most suitable for your bedroom.


Why The Height Of Your Bed Matters



Depending on whether you want your mattress to be thick or thin, the height of your bed will apply to this consideration. There are many advantages and disadvantages that center around this choice.

Thin mattresses will have a more affordable price point compared to that of thicker mattresses. However, the thicker mattress are specifically designed and manufactured to help support homeowners and sleepers with a heavier weight set. Since the thickness can also determine the level of comfort for different types of sleepers and homeowners, you should consider your preferable sleeping positions and the material that the mattress is made from. The standard height ranges between eight to 12 inches, however, homeowners also have the option of choosing a height of up to 18 inches.

The cost of a box spring installation will, on average, range between $100 to $250. Depending on the size, the estimate will parallel which type of box springs you’re looking to install. Keep in mind that this will improve your bed’s foundation, its lifespan, and the condition of any broken parts of your bed.


Types of Bed Frames In The Market And Costs

There are various types of bed frames, whether you’re looking for a platform or a divan bed frame. These are the nine bed frames that sleepers and homeowners can choose from:


Bed Frame Type Material Cost Range
Platform $300-$1000
Spindle $300-$1000
Trundle $500-$1000
Ornamental $900-$1000
Upholstered $500-$2000
Sleigh $300-$2000
Canopy $1000-$2000
Wrought Iron $4000-$5000
Poster $900-$20000


There are other bed frame types that homeowners can choose from, however, these are the bed frames that will typically require a certain level of expertise with assembling. The cost ranges for each one demonstrates the complexity of arranging in your bedrooms.


Cost Of Assembling Bed Frames

Homeowners and sleepers that choose one of these bed frames may have to think about the difficulty of actually assembling and putting the parts together. The average cost of hiring a professional assembly service will estimate between $70 to $160.

Besides the bed frames, this service can also assist you with assembling different kinds of furniture. Depending on the variety of furniture, you may have to spend a range between $40 to $1000, according to what you want or need. Consult with the professionals on what their estimates are regarding this matter.


Finding Multiple Estimates Through House Tipster

Although homeowners can find bed frames that can be assembled by themselves, there are complex units that will take time to arrange, requiring a degree of experience. By using House Tipster, you can find professionals around your area, who are qualified to perform these challenging tasks and projects.

House Tipster uses two features: chat and reviews. With these two features, homeowners and individuals who want a home improvement or renovation completed can find the perfect expert for the job. The chat function allows users to directly communicate with their interested listing and inquire about business information and relative estimates. The reviews function gives the user a chance to look through past experiences that their listing was involved with. House Tipster can offer you the opportunity of finding a listing near you, fitting all your needs and specifications.


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