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Welcome to house tipster

We’re pleased to have you on our site, and we’re sure you’ll find useful elements as homeowners and designers alike. Please note that House Tipster is currently in its pre-release form for KBIS. For more information, please click here

Attention. This website is currently in a public Beta Build. It is provided “As Is” and Inventive Software, LLC makes no representations or warranties of any kind. By proceeding, you understand that there may be bugs present throughout the site, and many items will exist simply as placeholder items for any Virtual Room. Inventive Software will attempt to patch all errors as soon as they are surfaced. The process of updating the site may lead to periods of downtime as the patches are applied. While this Beta Test is ongoing, all users may still use any features of the site that are currently available, including registration. We strongly encourage you to register with the site, as this will allow you up-to-date accuracy of the website’s progress, including when the public beta test is started. Keep in mind that some functionality may be incomplete or missing while using the site. You may also find bugs, errors, or other similar issues during your time on the site. If you have discovered any such bugs, please report them by sending an email to Christina Almonte (info@housetipster.com). We hope you enjoy this preview of www.housetipster.com , and we are looking forward to seeing you at the Beta in approximately two weeks.

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Welcome to House Tipster

House Tipster is a full-service website for homeowners, interior designers, homebuilders, architects, home service professionals, and potential homebuyers. From renovations to remodels, and everything in between, House Tipster features intuitive web-based tools to help take dream homes from concepts to realities.

our features

  • Virtual Rooms

    Customize your dream home with billions of options

  • Our Pros

    Find trusted home improvement professionals

  • Community

    Helpful forums & informative reviews from other users

  • Marketplace

    Make intelligent purchases with interactive ecommerce

  • House Tips

    Thousand of home improvement tips covering a wide array of topics

How Does House Tipster Help Your Business Grow?

For Retailers

For Retailers

For retailers of home goods, House Tipster is a new way to feature the items you distribute. Sign up for free and talk to our team about how we can help your business reach the next level.

For Manufacturers

For Manufacturers

As a manufacturer of home goods, House Tipster offers smart solutions for getting your items in front of the most important eyes - homeowners and design professionals who are actively looking to make upgrades and renovations.

For Service Professionals

For Service Professionals

For service professionals, like plumbers and electricians, House Tipster introduces your business to whole new community of homeowners and other industry professionals who are seeking your skills.

Marketing and Beyond

Showcase your products to House Tipster's massive community of homeowners, interior design professionals, and industry elites. Our customizable 360° Virtual Rooms will give customers the ability to design with your products and buy them directly!

BETA 1.3 Testing Disclaimer

Attention. The following website, www.HouseTipster.com, is currently in Beta Testing.

While House Tipster intends to publicly launch in the near future, it is still in the process of being perfected. As such, this Site is provided “as is,” and Inventive Software, LLC makes no representations or warranties of any kind. This website may experience substantial changes from its current release.

Certain sections of the website are currently acting as placeholders and shall be subsequently removed when we have finished such sections. As this is an Beta Test of the website, there may be substantial bugs. If you encounter any bugs, please report them to House Tipster. We hope you enjoy your sneak-peek of House Tipster!

virtual rooms

House Tipster's customizable Virtual Rooms makes interior designing easy for anyone. Gone are the days of endless swatches and stacks of magazines. With House Tipster, homeowners can flush out their interior design ideas using your products in high definition 360°. There's never been a better way for customers to get excited about your items! Best of all, we link our users directly to the distributers of your choice, leading to more sales.


Cuomo Kitchen

This Tuscan L shaped kitchen with a center island can be transformed into any style kitchen.

Marble.com Signature Room

This kitchen was designed by Marble.com to showcase their stone collection.

Ani Gara Po Living Room by Vant Panels

The Ani Gara Po Living Room by Vant Panels is a lesson in making contrasting colors work well together in interior design.


Jade River Bathroom  

This artfully-designed luxury bathroom comes with a shower that's so complete there's no need for a bath.

Cedarworth Kitchen  

The beautiful Cedarworth Kitchen is a real attention-getter!

Signature Room by Graham and Brown  

This Signature Room by Graham and Brown exudes class any way you customize it.

Find a PRO!

House Tipster connects homeowners with industry professionals in their area. Accredited plumbers, painters, carpenters, and many more can be found right on our site. With detailed profiles, your House Tipster page can easily function as your main website.



New shoppers are waiting for you

House Tipster is changing the game of e-commerce, making it more interactive than ever before. By using state-of-the-art 3D renders, we give our online shoppers a new and improved way to shop from the comfort of their home. With 360° product visualizations, users get the most accurate vision of how your items will look in their homes. How easy is that?


A new way, 
A Better Way

Opportunity Meets PRACTICALITY

We understand that simplicity is vital for converting online sales. House Tipster allows shoppers to easily transition from designing with a product in our Virtual Rooms to purchasing it. This creates an online shopping experience that's finally more engaging than visiting a physical store, benefiting both our sellers and customers. Our active community of online shoppers visit our website with the intention of making upgrades to their homes. Don't hesitate on getting your products noticed while here!

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