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How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Depending on the size of your home, the gutters that need to be cleaned will cost an average of about $180 to $425. However, considering the fact that there are several other considerations to make, the maximum end of the costs could be about $500, while the minimum end of the costs could be about $100.


Average Range $180-$425
Low-End $100
High-End $500


Homeowners might have a busy work-life cycle. To have to juggle around all the various upkeep and tasks that need to be done, homeowners might not have the time to clean their gutters. As an alternative, they can hire gutter cleaners to accomplish a clean system to transition the rainwater that is pouring to their roofs onto the outdoor space. 


There are scenarios where homeowners might not have the necessary tools or equipment to get the gutters perfectly clean. Aside from the costs, there are risks and dangers associated with leaving the gutters filled with grime and other debris or materials. A pile-up of leaves, debris, and any other matter from the elements could result in issues such as water overflow and collection. 


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Average Cost of Hiring Professional Gutter Cleaners


As previously mentioned, the average cost of hiring a professional crew of gutter cleaners will probably range from $100 to $500. But that all depends on the different factors that come with cleaning the gutters, like the size of your home, the height of the roof, and the amount of blockage there might be.


While there are many estimates that you as the homeowner may have to consider, depending on the service you’re trying to contact, you may have these cost ranges to figure out. Homeowners will have to think about what kind of budget they’re going to be looking at by asking for the proper quotes from the professional services that are out there.


Gutter Cleaning Services By The Hour


On an hourly basis, the gutter cleaning will cost the homeowner about $25 to $140 per hour. This depends on the labor cost in your state, however, the estimates could vary depending on the amount of time being spent on each job. The average rate is typically about $75 per hour, but you need to also consider the amount of expertise and experience that each listing retains to attain the proper gauge of the hourly basis mentioned above.


Here are the average hourly rates:


Average rate $75
Low-end $25 to $40 per hour
High-end $129 to $140 per hour


Depending on how conducive the project may be, homeowners may only need to spend a low-costing range by cleaning up the gutters before the service arrives. If the issue with your gutters has something to do with an object being stuck and you only have to clean up a specific amount, then you can save a portion of your costs by getting rid of the base amount. Having the necessary preparations fulfilled will be even more crucial to cutting costs if the job doesn’t require too much time to complete. 


Gutter Cleaning Services By Square Foot


Gutter cleaning services adjust their costs and estimates for the tasks they accomplish according to either the level of the home or the size of the gutter, and sometimes, this could involve both of these parameters.


Average $0.80 per foot
High-End $2.15 per foot
Low-End $0.40 per foot


While the service estimates could be based around the square footage of the home, there are oftentimes when the estimates could be based around the levels of the home, which is most likely going to be the case.


One-Story $70-$100
Two-Story $95-$225
Three-Story or More $170-$425


By keeping these estimates in mind, homeowners will have a better understanding and a sense of how to adjust their weekly budgets. But you should also think about the issues and the reasons that you’d need the gutter cleaners to come to your home or jobsite. There are cases where the home’s gutters may have a deceased animal lodged or stuck in place. Or there may be minimal cases, where the gutters have a small amount of leaves and debris or matter.


The hourly range is typically most according to these issues and by having any of these issues, you may have to not only fix the gutters or fix other portions of the property. Besides soil erosion, or the shifting of your foundation, you may have to fix flooded basements or cracks in the foundation, walls, or the chimney. Top to bottom, each level of your home may be affected by leaving your gutters unchecked.


You may also have to think about the damages that are incurred to your roof. Pertaining to these repair projects, homeowners may have to think about paying an additional $300 to $10000 for these structural damages.


Aside from structural damages in or out of your home, which are by far the most expensive repair jobs you may have to deal with, you’ll have to think about the pest issues and the allergens that could invade the rest of your home. 


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Reasons to Hire A Professional Gutter Cleaning Service


The worst-case scenario of leaving your gutters in a terrible condition can create unexpected encounters when it comes to the weather. Designed to redirect any rainwater from the roof to your landscaping, foundation, and exterior, if your gutters are left unnoticed, the amount of water damages and algae growth will become uncontrollable, causing the disruptions that you should’ve avoided beforehand.


While homeowners may have a misconception about the way they’re gutters operate, there are many different components that may involve the gutter cleaning process. If you’re already dealing with any damages to your gutter, you may have to make certain repairs. These repair projects may require the information of the initial installation like the materials involved and the pieces involved.


By hiring a professional, you can avoid these mistakes. A professional in gutter cleaning will help you regulate and coordinate the busy schedule you might be dealing with. You can also have professionals help you with the repairs mentioned above, however, you’ll likely require a broadened understanding of what the damages are and which parts of the gutters are clogged. Professionals also know the dangers that come with cleaning the gutters. If you aren’t as experienced in gutter cleaning, you could hire a professional to help you fill that gap of knowledge.


Depending on the contractor and the service you need, you can also request additional services to meet any of your needs. Homeowners can figure out what is required to provide an easier transition with the professionals. Services that contractors offer include power washing, window washing, and tree trimming. By finding the right professional service to fulfill every one of your home obligations, you’ll see a huge difference between what you’re looking to accomplish and the unforeseen inconveniences that you want to correct.


Average Estimated Cost Of Repairing Your Gutters


Besides the different parts that make up the whole roof application, homeowners might not know about the damages that the downspouts might be incurring. Depending on what kind of problems that you’re dealing with, either of these parts might require a repair job. Keep in mind that you’re going to want to repair your gutters as soon as possible since they’re the first line of defense that protects your basement or crawl space. 


Gutter repairs are going to be pivotal for the continuation of your home’s stability. Having the proper gutter guards installed will require the prior knowledge of associating the right materials to adjust the gutters as a whole. The expenses associated with the material per linear foot:


Vinyl $5-$7
Aluminum $5-$8
Steel $12-$17
Copper $30 or more
Zinc $30 or more
Wood $35 or more


When repairs need to be made on your gutters, the knowledge of the existing material will create a better transition and understanding of what kind of repairs need to be done. To fix any of the possible issues that could occur, consult with the professional listing about the required corrections. 


Keep in mind that the rates for repairing a gutter is quite dissimilar to the estimates associated with cleaning the gutter. Each of the estimates might involve the level or the story of the home. Depending on whether the gutters are sectional or seamless, your property will ultimately benefit from the additional improvements that could be planned.


One-Story Home $150 or more
Two-Story Home $330 or more
Three-Story or more Home $500 or more


By integrating certain improvements to the repairs that you planned out, you can figure out the smaller details once the aforementioned descriptions are highlighted. A consultation with this information will give you a whole new perspective with a gutter system in the home that requires little to no maintenance. Enhance your services by 


Finding Multiple Estimates Through House Tipster


As previously mentioned, homeowners have to consider how the estimates are calculated by the professional listings that they’re about to choose. If prevented, homeowners will have less issues to face in the future. Clearing up your gutters will undoubtedly help your space and property by creating a preventative measure against any of the weather conditions that may affect the integrity of your home.


House Tipster has two resources that homeowners can utilize: the reviews and chat functions. These two functions will help you search for your proper listing without ever having to worry about the negative implications that could occur. Some of the difficult obstacles that homeowners have to deal with when hiring a professional for their expertise and estimates.


By using House Tipster’s two main functions, homeowners will be able to find and hire the professionals that can accommodate both the sense of urgency and professionalism expected from a qualified expert. Any quality listing available through our platform will respond to you in a timely manner. House Tipster is a resource that is highly applicable to any of your home improvement or remodeling needs. Although homeowners can go through different channels to find their professionals, to proportionally arrange a perfectly balanced home, exterior or interior, using House Tipster and our Pro section will help you with the transition.


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