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How Much Does A Furniture Assembly Service Cost?

There are many furniture brands that offer free services to assemble furniture, however, the more exclusive types of furniture might require an expert. Depending on which avenue or source you’re purchasing your furniture from, you may have to assemble the various individual pieces unless you have someone experienced on hand.


Complicated furniture pieces will take time and it is worthwhile once the furniture is fully assembled. Furniture that needs to be assembled through time and effort can guarantee a stronger sense of sturdiness and long-lasting lifespans.


Average Cost $85-$175
Low-End $40-$75
High-End $200-$525


Professional assembly services could possibly charge homeowners with an estimate that charges them per piece instead of an hourly rate. Depending on the piece you’re trying to assemble, the rates may vary since the overall costs could be indicative of the size and complicated design of the furniture.


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Furniture Assembly Cost By Piece

Although the type of furniture is what really matters, the variation of each piece is what will determine the final cost. The most basic types of furniture to assemble include chairs, shelves, tables, and hammocks. Meanwhile, the most complex types of furniture will include kitchen islands, entertainment centers, wardrobes, and L-shaped desks.


In consideration to these pieces, homeowners may have to spend a range between $40 to $500. Homeowners can take a look at the list below to determine which estimates will be the one you finalize:


Basic Assemblies Cost Range
Chairs $40
Shelves $40
Tables $75
Coffee Tables $75
Hammocks $75
Dressers $120
Sofas $120
Bed Frames $120
Benches $125


Complex Assemblies Cost Range
Bookcases $140
Cabinets $150
Storage Beds $175
Swing Sets $180
Kitchen Islands $200
Desks $200
Entertainment Centers $450
Wardrobes $500
L-Shaped Desks $525


Furniture Assembly Cost According To Amount Of Furniture

Instead of an estimated cost range based on the type of furniture that needs to be assembled, homeowners can consult with their professional based on the amount of furniture being arranged.


One piece of furniture could cost up to $120, but this doesn’t mean that each piece of furniture will retain this price. Every furniture piece being assembled and added to your home might cost less if you think about the overall amount.


Amount of Items                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Estimated Cost

1 $120
2 $160
3 $200
4 $230
5 $270
6 $310
7 $340
8 $380
9 $420
10 $450


Homeowners need to consider the kind of furniture brands that they’re going to opt for. Easier assemblies will likely come from common retailers, however, homeowners might require this service for luxury or more high-end brands.


Furniture Assembly Services & Costs

Mentioned in the sections above, the rates and estimates will be coordinated with the service you’re thinking of hiring. Some services will charge homeowners according to the complexity of the pieces, while others may charge homeowners according to the amount that they’re willing to assemble. 


Homeowners may be charged according to the hourly rate of certain services and should expect to spend about $35 to $90 per hour, depending on their expertise and satisfaction with previous clients and customers.


Keep in mind that any of these prices could be adjusted, depending on the size and the manufactured design of the pieces. Arrange a consultation with the furniture assembly service of your choice and find out which rate they use for their clients.


Depending on the amount of items being assembled, the average cost in each room could range between $40 to $500. Many of the items that you’re looking to assemble could simply take about an hour to complete. 


However, you have to consider the fact that some items, especially if you’re looking to assemble dozens of items at once, may require several hours to finish. In these cases, the services could provide discounted rates, according to the amount of items you want assembled.


Furniture Assembly For Living Rooms & Costs

There are varieties of furniture that are meant for use in the living room. Whether you’re trying to assemble couches or sofas, coffee tables or bookcases, you should think about how the furniture will fit into the space.


End Table $60
Chair $75
Coffee Table $75
Sofa $120
Bookcase $140
Desk $175
Entertainment Center $400


Depending on which piece you want to add to your living room, these are the costs that you should expect to pay. These are the most typical pieces that are assembled for a homeowner’s living room.


Furniture Assembly For Bedrooms & Costs

The bedroom requires a slew of different furniture, depending on the purpose required. Although the homeowner could select other furniture pieces to assemble, these are the most common ones you’d see in the bedroom:


Night Table $80
Crib $100
Dresser $120
Drawer $120
Bed Frame $150
Storage Bed $175
Wardrobe $400


Fortunately, the furniture pieces listed above are routine in contrast to the more complex furniture pieces out in the market. Although it depends on the variation of the furniture piece, the  service professionals should know exactly what to do regarding the assembly.


Furniture Assembly For Offices & Costs

The office furniture includes chairs, bookcases, file cabinets, desks, and L-shaped desks. Each of these pieces are quite easy and simple to assemble. However, it is the size, the material, and the complex design that can make the assembly process either simpler or more difficult.


Chair $40
Bookcase $60
File Cabinet $60
Desk $200
L-Shaped Desk $525


Homeowners that have an office space will have to add a few pieces of furniture for not just the practical aesthetic, but also the use of different office items. There is the need for these items to serve a purpose, either for filing paperwork or for use of the work itself. Depending on how many you’re trying to assemble, your office space will be the most optimal by adding this variety of office furniture. 


Furniture Assembly For Kitchens & Costs

The cooking space is a culinary haven within one’s home, and assembling furniture for this sort of space. Other than the cooking appliances that homeowners require, there might be other needs that need to be fulfilled.


Chair $40
Storage Shelf $40
Kitchen Table $150
High Cabinet $150
Dining Table $180
Kitchen Island $200
Side Board $400


Each of these additions can be more than just utilities that homeowners can range between $40 to $400. The number of pieces and the time that is required to assemble these pieces will help you with creating new ensembles for your culinary performance. Rather than just the kitchen appliances that are pivotal in every kitchen, homeowners need to think about the storage space and the overall setting in how meals and dishes should be cooked along with the necessary cooking apparatuses.


Furniture Assembly For Outdoor Spaces & Costs

The outdoor space, which includes the porch and backyard is a capacity for a home where owners can design and arrange different types of furniture to appeal to the outside aesthetic. 

Keep in mind that you’re going to want pieces that can take on the elements of the seasons. When looking for these pieces, think about the durability and sturdiness that each piece has to offer.


Chair $40
Hammock $75
Lounge Chair $100
Bench $125
Table $150
Swing $180


With the range of costs listed above, homeowners can expect to spend about $40 to $180, while finding out whether any of these pieces will work together with the outdoor theme. As some of these work for the front yard or the backyard, homeowners will be able to find a purpose for each of them. 


Image By Collov Home Design From Unsplash


Finding Multiple Estimates Through House Tipster

Homeowners can find multiple estimates for an array of different projects, which includes a furniture assembling service. By using House Tipster, homeowners can find out what kind of home improvement needs can be taken care of by specialists and experts nearby.


The professional listings that are provided by House Tipster signifies the amount of trade specialists that can assist you with areas of expertise that you aren’t familiar with. From paving your driveways to renovating your floors, House Tipster can find any expert within your community and help you find the perfect professional for your needs.


There are two features of notable worth: the chat function and the reviews function. Both are required to find the level of quality that you’d want in a trade professional, handling and managing the project you want to complete. The chat function allows you to directly message with other business listings, where you can inquire about business estimates and travel expenses.


Reviews allow our users to either browse through reviews of the listings that they’re interested in or to leave their own review for past experiences with listings that they’ve previously worked with. Using these two functions of the site, users and homeowners can approach their home construction and renovation projects with the zeal of creating brand new spaces.


Featured Image From Ian Dooley From Unsplash


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