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How Much Does a Kitchen Island Cost?

Cooking in a kitchen can be as chaotic as a boxing match or as elegant as a ballet recital. Preparation is key in any kitchen, and what better way is there to prepare yourself in the world of cooking than a kitchen island? 

If you already have a basic gist of cooking, then you’ll understand the great advantages and benefits of owning a kitchen island. Picture all the accessible space and expandable storage in your kitchen. Whether you’re an amateur cook, a home chef, or a professional culinary specialist, the best avenue to procure your home-cooked meals is through this modern utility. Here are the costs to install a kitchen island.



Ready-Made Kitchen Island Cost

If you’re not looking for anything fancy, then a ready-made kitchen island may be what you’re looking for. The downside to ready-made islands is the lack of features you’ll have with custom built kitchen islands. There is a lack of space for drawers and shelves which can come in handy when it’s time for you to pick up the kitchen knife.


A ready-made, on average, can cost you between $100 to $3000. You can always find a prefabricated island online at a very reasonable price. There are no requirements for you to hire a professional to install these kinds of kitchen islands. You can just order one up, get it sent to you and place it, either at the center of your kitchen or anywhere you please. There is also an added benefit of buying a movable kitchen island. But often homeowners install custom built islands to add value to their homes.


Retailers will have readily-made kitchen islands available for homeowners in their catalogs. Also keep in mind that ready-made kitchen islands do not require a permit, since they’re equipped for purchasing and placement.


Image By Chalon Handmade

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Custom Kitchen Island Cost

Custom Kitchen Islands have many guides to install them. On average, a custom island can cost you anywhere between $3000-$20000. Remember, if this is an investment to you, then you’re more likely to spend big money for your budget. All of this applies to labor, materials, installation, electrical, and plumbing.


Prefab ready-made kitchen islands are less of a hassle, since they’re literally made to be an appliance of ease. The bulk of the expenses for customs depend on what kind of budget you’re planning. If you want a set of base cabinets, a high-end countertop, an assembly of outlets, a sink and faucet, and a nice assortment of appliances, you’ll be spending close to $6000. Some homeowners are willing to pay the extra coin and to expand their budget to $10000.


Although a ready-made kitchen island is accessible and useful in many situations, a custom kitchen island is installed as an investment. It’s a project that requires time and commitment and you’ll also most likely require a building permit for an installation of your customized kitchen island. On average, a permit can cost you around $75-$250.


Material Costs For Kitchen Island

The material costs for a custom built kitchen island all depend on the features included. Do you need those cabinets? Are those drawers actually going to be used? What is your current budget? A bulk of those material costs will go to countertops and cabinets, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be spending another large sum on other necessary additional pieces. 


Housewarmings can’t be complete without extra seating. Furniture is quite the asset for when party guests need a place to sit. Kitchen islands aren’t just a dining and cooking area but also a great place to mingle with new friends. Inclusion of these costs can vary, depending on what kinds of seats you’ll include into your budget.


Plan out how much you wish to spend and list where your priorities lie. And like always, appoint a consultation with your contractor before making any big decisions. Remember that a custom built kitchen island may also need a permit if it cannot move.

Cost of Countertop

If you want some nice materials to cut your vegetables or meats on, something that lasts, you might want to consider the option of countertops. If you’re looking into a high-end material, like marble, concrete, or soapstone, this will account for almost 75 percent of your budget. At the low-end, you can look for materials like ceramic, porcelain or quartz.


Ceramic tile countertops can cost up to $1 to $7 per square foot. Porcelain tile countertops can cost up to $3 to $28 per square foot. Quartz countertops can cost anywhere from $15 to $70. For high-end materials like marble, the cost on average, can range from $25 to $190 per square foot. Concrete can range from $50 to $100 per square foot. And if you’re looking for soapstone, the average range can cost from $70 to $120 per square foot.


Granite is the most commonly used material for countertops. And on average, they can cost from $15 to $70 per square foot. If you’re still wondering why you’d need a countertop for a kitchen island, remember that it’s a versatile piece to your kitchen. It isn’t meant just for cooking, but it’s also used to entertain your guests and all the while, to feed them.

Type of Countertops Costs
Ceramic $1-$7 per sq ft
Porcelain $3 to $28 sq ft
Quartz $15 to $70 sq ft
Marble $25 to $190 sq ft
Concrete $50 to $100 sq ft
Granite $15 to $70 sq ft
Soapstone $70 to $120 sq ft


Cost of Cabinets

One of the most vital items to use for dinnerware and kitchenware are dishes, plates and bowls. Although you may have other cabinets in your kitchen, you may want ease of access. This is where a cabinet installation for your kitchen island may be involved.


The average cost of a stock kitchen cabinet ranges from $100 to $280 per linear foot, while semi-custom cabinets can run your bill from $200 to $550 per linear foot. For full custom cabinetry, you’ll have to consider the increase in your budget from around $500 to $1200 per linear foot.


The labor cost to hire a professional to install any kind of cabinetry will bill you about $80 to $190 per cabinet. Add that with an extra $30 to fees and possible charges for supply costs. If you already have a contractor on retainer, make sure the pro you hire maintains the vision you have in mind.


Cabinets also come in with different materials, so it’s your choice which type of materials works best in your kitchen. If you want the cabinet installed into your kitchen island to match the other cabinets in your kitchen, remind yourself what kind of materials were used for your other cabinets. Otherwise, designs and finishes may not look as appealing as what you had in mind. Wood cabinets can averagely range from $6000 to $12000, depending on the material you’re searching for. So do as much research as possible to figure out the wood material you wish to apply. The most commonly installed choices are pine or oak, while the higher-end options are usually alder, fir, mahogany, redwood, rift-cut woods, or teak.


Another accessible feature is how you can design your cabinets any way you like, possibly even paint all of your cabinets to energize the space. Cabinetry helps store all your pots and pans, and all your required utensils. So if you have a large inventory of kitchen sets, it’s best to customize some cabinets into your kitchen island.


Cost of Sink

To install a sink into your kitchen island may seem unnecessary at first, but at second glance, you might change your opinion on the matter. Before you cut that chicken breast or those onions you’re using to cook dinner, having a sink by your side will come in very handy. The main purpose of the kitchen island is to make cooking easier.


On a national average, installation of a sink for a kitchen island would be $400. A standard stainless steel sink can cost anywhere from $250 to $2000 if you opt-in for a farmhouse sink. A farmhouse sink is pleasing to the eye, it has an intricacy that almost blends with the countertop of your choice. While a stainless steel sink has function and offers resistance.


The installation of a sink will require you to hire a plumber to handle the complexities of your pipes and drains. At an average low cost, a plumber can cost you from up to $371. At an average high cost, hiring a plumber can cost around $447. This also varies depending on the size of your kitchen island and the accessibility of your plumbing itself.


Cost of Electrical Outlets

Imagine you want a quick snack and you want to bring your laptop over to watch your favorite Netflix series. You’re almost out of battery and you want to sit on your high top next to your kitchen island. Behold your dilemma. If you don’t have an outlet, you’ll probably have to find yet another seat, either in the kitchen or your living room. 


Besides the awesome episode you just missed out, you’ll also want an electrical outlet for other appliances you might use. Say you’re going out for a morning run and you need a protein shake afterwards. You’ll need to plug in that blender or mixer you use for that shake.


An outlet installed by an electrician can cost you around $200 and for a switch, you’ll be charged with an additional $150. This is a job that is advised to be handled by a professional. All the wires and materials used for this project needs to be concisely planned. Depending on the amount of outlets you want for your kitchen island, remember to keep the amount in mind when the bill comes through your doors.


Additional features to consider

If you think the flooring tiles aren’t as eye-catching, plan accordingly. Whether you’re thinking of adding new tiles or removing the ones that just aren’t up to par, you’ll be paying around $200-$500. Size and materials are what matters when you consider that cost as well.


You may also want to consider adding in a few built-in seats. Whatever your vision may be, your kitchen island will function at its full capacity with these kinds of additions. On average, the cost to build seating for your kitchen island can range between $550 to $6000. This also depends on what kinds of seating arrangements you prefer. At the minimum, you’ll be paying an extra $350 but at the maximum, you might have to take out an extra $8500 instead.


Image by Mike Gattorna from Pixabay


Replacing and Removing an Old Kitchen Island

Even junk removal and disposal can cost you a lot of money. The average cost of removing the debris and the old components to an old kitchen island can be roughly between $150-$500. The work applied to take your countertops and cabinets may cost you in the end. You’ll also have to pay an additional sum for the contractors to uninstall everything. So always make sure to find out any requirements through your city or county. In most cases with homeowners, the whole process will have to be redone again if you don’t have the necessary permits.


Professionals Needed to Install A Kitchen Island

To enlist the handymen for a job of any size will put your mind at ease. As a homeowner, your concerns are warranted when it comes to the cost and price of your budget. If you’re thinking about installing or even replacing a kitchen island, consider hiring a contractor, electrician and a plumber. 


If you don’t have as many concerns with your budget, also consider hiring a kitchen designer. Although the help of a designer will set you back around $4000-$17500, a homeowner understands that their expertise will help unload the stress that comes along with this project.


Hiring Professionals Through House Tipster

Finding out more about what we can suggest for your kitchen and for your home is what we do best at House Tipster! 


Now that you’ve researched the information on kitchen islands, and the costs of installing them, consider hiring a professional. We highly recommend you avoid the long, tedious hours spent on starting a project of this size, and all the work that will most definitely come along with a DIY. 


Consider all the help located near you! Check out House Tipster, and find the perfect pro for your home repair needs. How much does a kitchen island cost? Find out from professionals in your area.


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