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Who We Are

House Tipster is a site for homeowners to research ideas, find products, inspiration, and locate the right professional for any remodeling needs they have in mind. By browsing through beautiful photos of homes, no matter the size, you can discover different ways to beautify your home. Our home improvement specialists and design enthusiasts are at your disposal to complete your project. If you’re one of these professionals, consider joining us at HT Pro. We help professionals like you by expanding your business.

Editorial Guidelines

At House Tipster, we take great pride in creating quality, informational content. Our staff of expert writers create accurate and engaging content for homeowners, free of ethical concerns. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please let us know by emailing

Diversity and Inclusion

We’re committed to finding all of your questions and concerns. Unfortunately, not every answer will include a solution for our readers who feel mistreated by the home remodeling industry. House Tipster is fully devoted to addressing the difficulties our multicultural audiences face on a daily basis.


Editorial Team



Rosa has over 20 years of experience writing about home decor and interior design tips. She takes pride in her ability to follow the flow of home decor trends, from the early 2000s tuscan-style to the new modern, geometric styling of the 2021s. Cook has covered a wide array of home decor topics, from color combinations to choosing the right kitchen appliances.

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James is an expert gardener, understanding both the science and love that goes behind having your own at-home garden. With multiple degrees in horticulture, James has used his expertise to help guide fellow gardeners in the classroom, in multiple publications, as well as through personal assistance.

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Raymond has many years of experience working as an architect, with emphasis on residential projects. One of Raymond’s greatest prides is creating a home that is beautiful inside and out. Combining functionality and beauty is his greatest passion, and he loves being able to share his wealth of knowledge to readers.

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Coleen has been a real estate agent in the San Antonio area for many years with expertise in setting homes for open houses. She has also educated individuals on both ends of the real estate spectrum on how to best buy and sell a home. Coleen enjoys taking her many years of real estate knowledge and experience and turning it into helpful articles and guides for real estate beginners.

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Brian is an expert in all things home improvement. He has worked as a construction manager for 10 years, allowing him the technical know-how to teach our readers on proper construction practices. His love and passion of home design mixed with his knowledge of construction allows him to write excellent pieces for homeowners looking to renovate. Brian currently works as a writer for House Tipster. He resides in Buffalo, New York with his wife and children.

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Nathaniel knows a thing or two about DIY. With his business degree, he created a name for himself in the Fresno area flipping houses. He has the passion to DIY and the knowledge to know when to call in an expert. Nathaniel won’t sugar-coat the home renovation process, but will give you the proper knowledge and motivation.

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DS Lyu

DS has been a writer for about 8 years with experience researching home improvement industry. He loves to research information about cost guides and finding ways to help our readers with renovation projects. Rejuvenating the decor and lifestyle of homeowners is the ideal subject to write about. Offering as many concepts into his writing is what DS does best.

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Daisy is a sustainable interior design expert who helps homeowners create a home that is friendly to both their wallet and the environment. She believes that homes should be designed with nature in mind, and takes pride in bringing her beliefs and knowledge to designers and homeowners alike.

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Dan Wilson is quite the home renovation enthusiast. Throughout his years of experience in freelancing, he has written and edited countless content revolving all our reader’s interests. Thriving for more and more ideas so that our readers will have a better constitution and encouragement to make their homes that much better, Wilson is always ensuring quality work for House Tipster.

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