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Using the House Tipster Logo

To preserve the integrity of our identity, we want to ensure that both the House Tipster mark and logotype are always recognizable and legible, and stand out against any competing design elements.

Logo Identity

The lockup on the right is the primary logo for House Tipster (HT). We scale it in a fixed position, so adjusting the mark and the logotype will not be necessary.

Minimum Size

When you scale down the HT logo, the logotype’s eligibility will also decrease. Focus on this lockup for cases when you need to scale the logo down into smaller sizes.

Minimum heigh for digital 20px

Minimum heigh for print: 0.125’

Main Colors

There are only two main colors that are consistent within the HT logo’s palette, it is essentially orange and Grey.



Hex: #EA7A26

RGB: 234, 122, 38

CMYK: 0%, 48%, 84%, 8%



Grey Hex: #60636C

RGB: 96, 99, 108

CMYK: 11%, 8%, 0%, 58%

Clear Space

The space around the logo is meant to be empty. It is visually aesthetic to keep it clear of all text and graphics, this includes print, media, and broadcast promotions.

Logo Use with Solid Backgrounds

White, orange, black, and grey are the most recommended background colors to apply. We fully reverse the colors when using the House Tipster logo for solid backgrounds.

Logo use on Images

These are examples of using the logo in photographic backgrounds. Do not recreate nor alter the colors or the logo. Full colors are for lighter photography. Reverse colors are for darker photography.

Logo Misuse

Identity of our logo should only be reproduced upon approval. Examples below display the misuse of our brand. Please do not manipulate nor compromise the House Tipster identity in any way.

Do not alter the identity in any way.

Do not set the identity on an angle.

Do not change the color in any part of the logo..

Do not use color for both mark and logotype.

Do not rearrange the logo.

Do not outline the logo.

Social Media Icons

Usage of the HT icon is exclusively used for social media outlets linked to House Tipster and its content. Our button and icon is available for various digital platforms.

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