How Much Do Appliance Repairs Cost?

Every appliance has a somewhat limited lifespan before they begin to fall apart. It’s a big issue when your house is in great condition but the rest of what’s inside is the exact opposite. In fact, the modern age of appliances only really lasts up to nine years at a minimum. And that number can come from high-end models.


Unlike the appliances from the 70's and 80’s, which actually lasted longer than the modern day appliances of today, the household items you have now will definitely need a fixer upper. For the appliance repair costs to be analyzed, we’ll have to focus on which of your appliances will need the repair and estimate those prices.


Decades Ago  

Now, you’re probably wondering why appliances don’t last as long as they once did. It’s a baffling inquiry and a curiosity that most homeowners will eventually ask themselves when buying and installing their toasters, microwaves, washing machines, etc. 


Before Thomas Edison discovered electricity and managed to fully restructure the world by powering our household instruments, the country carried daily tasks and chores manually. Two world wars later and our technology just continued to move forward, advancing quickly and efficiently.


This is a fact that most brands wouldn’t want homeowners to know about, but the biggest reason as to why appliances only last for an odd amount of years is because the individual parts of your machine are outsourced by third-party manufacturers.


Back in the 70’s and 80’s, the economic factors made these components much cheaper than they were today. The parts are now made to weigh less, manufactured to ship in expenses with less of a budget. The electronic controls are no longer made with mechanical proponents, more plastic than metal.


There is this curious irony that looms overhead because consumers are less inclined to buy an appliance as they once had in earlier years. Due to this reason, the models and units that most homeowners do end up buying have become less and less sturdier as they once did. The larger irony that looms above is that the average home appliance has actually become three times more affordable than its affordability in the 80’s.


By calculating the economy of both decades, we estimate that today’s appliances actually cost just a third of what they would cost from past appliances. So you have to ask yourself, what’s a better alternative, affordability or a longer lifespan? To the enterprise of today’s industry, it seems that a modest price is more important than fortitude.



Replacement Costs

Whether you wish to fix your appliance or just buy and own a new model, the costs can be vastly differentiated. The lifespan and average cost of replacing each of your appliances are illustrated down below.


Type of Appliance Lifespan Appliance Cost
Dishwasher 10-15 years $200-$500
Dryer 13 years $200-$1750
Washing Machine 10 years $250-$2050
Refrigerator 13 years $425-$10600
Range 14 years $410-$7500
Garbage Disposal 12 years $50-$250
Microwave 7 years $50-$400
Oven 13 years $350-$15000


Homeowners decide whether they want to fix or replace their appliances by understanding the costs of buying and installing each respective appliance. Reasonably, the most common decision homeowners make is fixing these appliances instead of buying. 


Experts always advise people to hire a professional to make repairs. But before the process of calling someone for an estimate, homeowners should keep in mind that every modern appliance is given a warranty and that they should check whether their warranty is still legitimate.


However, it’s more than likely that your warranty will not be needed because the warranty rarely ever lasts longer than one to three years. One such factor to keep in mind is to avoid purchasing extended warranties because typically, your affected appliance will not break until after the point of expiry.


Even after looking at all the costs, if you’re unsure of whether you should fix or replace your appliance, refer to the 50% rule. When your appliance is broken and the cost to repair it is more than 50% of what you primarily spent to purchase the appliance, then it’s best to just buy a new unit.


Photo by Phillip Pessar from Flickr



Dishwasher Repair Costs

Repairing a dishwasher has the cost range of about $100 to $300. Minor repairs that will be the most inexpensive include fixing a damaged seal or any damaged springs. Major repairs that will be on the expensive side of the spectrum include motor or control panel issues.


Two of the most common problems that homeowners come across involving dishwashers are the noises that they make or the leaking that may damage kitchens. You can analyze the noise by using a multimeter to detect what the problem is through the pumps. Before anything is done, unplug your dishwasher and test the ground connection. By doing so, you can check if the multimeter matches the test results off your probe, this will tell you whether you’ll need a replacement pump.


Minor repair issues, such as damage from wash arm bearing rings or spray arm seals, can be prevented in different ways. By inspecting the items, you can see whether they’re cracked or broken. To prevent such things, use a protective seal or spray to keep the proprietary connectors safe.


Dryer Repair Costs

To repair the dryer, your budget will need to be ranged at the estimate of $100 to $400. There are two types of dryers you probably own. There is the electric dryer and the gas dryer. Depending on the kind of dryer you have installed in your laundry room, the repair costs will fluctuate.


The most common issues your dryer will potentially face are clogged vents, bad thermal fuses, faulty thermostats, non-working temperature switches, broken belts, malfunctioning motors, and faulty start switches. The minor issues that will be less costly involve doors and bearings.


Washing Machine Repair Costs

If any of the parts of your washing machine is damaged or broken, the average cost of hiring a professional to repair it will range from $150 to $300. Not all damage cases will have a necessity for a specialist to come into your home. In fact, there are minor repairs that you could perform yourself.


Diagnosing your appliance will be charged, and although the diagnosis will not cost as much as the repair itself, you’ll have to consider what kind of estimates to look for. This diagnostic fee goes into more insight of whether you should refer yourself to the 50 percent rule or not. The least expensive alternative to opt out for is the portable washer, and it won’t matter whether you repair the appliance or replace it, the portable washer will cost the least.


Refrigerator Repair Costs

Do you need to repair your ice box? You’ll need to think about the $200 to $500 expense that comes along with fixing your refrigerator. If your fridge is not the only thing to fix and your ice maker or freezer is broken, you might have to consider the additional estimate of $250 to $550.


The lower end of your refrigerator costs usually involve problems with your condenser coils or your fan, and the higher end of those costs involve the control panel and the compressor. A brand-new compressor will range in price from $100 to $500, but if you include the price of labor, it’ll resemble about $250 to $650. Your control panel will have an estimated price of about $500 to $800.



The freezer is attached to your refrigerator, in most cases, and repairing it will average out to $90 to $650. The cost is different to your fridge because there are more complexities to look at when inspecting freezing mechanisms. When you deal with excessive frost, noise, light issues, a sheet of ice on the bottom or it just isn’t running, call a repairman and see what the underlying causes may be.


Ice Maker

Not too many fridges have the feature of an ice maker machine but if your fridge has such an attachment, then you may have to get it checked. Any complications with leaking, lack of ice coming out, and thermostat readings will require an inspection. The average estimate to concern yourself with is $150 to $250. With ice makers, you should check whether there is a malfunction with the water line, the filter, the inlet valve, or the thermostat.


Range Repair Costs

As stated above on the matter of a dryer, a range can either be gas-powered or electrically powered. In most cases, the issues you’ll find, in terms of a range, is the surface element, the vent hood, the stove burner, or the igniter. Whatever problem you’re confronted with, the average cost will estimate from $100 to $400.


Garbage Disposal Repair Costs

Not every homeowner has a garbage disposal nor wishes to install one. Damage to the appliance underneath your sink will range from $70 to $200, but the parts that you’ll have to replace them with will be at the cost average of $100 to $150. Similar to your fridge, you’ll be facing issues like leaks, noises and problems with the electricity. Inspecting the flange, the drainline and the rubber hose will help you in the long run when your repair specialist asks what the problem might be.


Microwave Repair Costs

The average estimate into repairing your microwave will cost you about $100. There are various kinds of microwaves to stress about, so depending on if you have the ones installed in the cabinet or the ones that you put atop the countertop, the prices will vary. The least costly repairs that you’ll deal with can just be with the fuses, but the complex repairs, which are probably the most costly, are going to be the doors.


Door $200-$500
Magnetron $50-$150
Touchpad/Control Board $100-$500
Turntable $75-$150
Fuse $50-$100
Filter $50-$125
Fan $75-$200
Transformer $100-$300


Oven Repair Costs

Ovens are the steeds that will carry you into the battlefield that is your kitchen. They help cook you feasts for when your family members stroll by to judge the sanctity of your home. To have it repaired, the costs will most likely range between $150 and $400. Like the dryer, your oven’s minor cost will come from your oven’s door. However, the major repair will probably originate from the control board.


Power Source Issues

Electricity, gas and solar power will always function with machines differently. Every technician carries a risk involved with any of these three power sources and if any of those sources are compromised, so too, will your appliance.



Any electrical appliance that you might own will have the average price breakdown ranging from $100 to $375. The reason why electrical repairs cost the lowest amongst the three listed here is because there is little to no risk when making the required repairs. Especially since the parts for these items are so inexpensive, electrical appliances will be the least costly. 



If you look at the gas-powered appliances that you own, then you should know that the percentage difference between gas and electric has a gap of 10 to 20 percent more for gas appliances to repair. The average price you’ll have to deal with when fixing any of these appliances will cost you around $150 to $450. Since appliance repair specialists need to take on more of a risk against gas, they’ll typically charge that much more for the repairs to be performed.



Surprisingly to many homeowners, there are solar-powered appliances available. These kinds of devices rely on energy efficiency and to repair them might take a longer search for a repairman. Since solar-charge appliances are rare, there aren't as many people with the required knowledge to fix them so the fees are higher. The average cost of solar will be about $250 to $600.


Cost for a Smart Upgrade

How long ago did you buy the appliance you own now? Was the appliance always installed before you decided to buy your home? Nowadays, the appliance that you own now probably looks as insignificant to the world as the appliances that were being manufactured during the 80’s.


If you’re looking to replace your current appliance with a smart appliance then the costs will add up to about $300 to $5000. Voice automation and Wi-Fi capabilities will definitely jack up those prices no matter where you go for an appliance. 


Although there are quite a few reasons not to get a smart appliance, one of the advantages to buying these technological marvels is the capacity of management that they offer. Everybody in the world has a smartphone or a table in today’s age, and with the mesmerizing features they include, a simple app downloaded onto just one of them can create a network to connect your handheld device with your appliance.


One feature that really helps augments the decision of upgrading your appliance into a smart appliance is security. By utilizing security in mind, homeowners can use automated security alerts for when your home is in danger.


Something that people of the past probably never could imagine is remote control over their appliances. This kind of feature for your appliance is something that the world probably takes for granted now. But say you had to leave your home for an emergency or you wanted to know how long it would take for your appliance to finish the task at hand, your phone works like a controller that tells you every status included into your appliance.


The flexibility of the connection for your appliances is exactly the kind of function you’ll want to keep in your home. It makes your life much easier and homeowners will have no trouble figuring out exactly how to use the features that smart appliances offer. 


Image contributed by Phillip Pessar from Flickr


Hiring a Professional or Professionals Through House Tipster


Are you replacing or repairing your washing machine, dryer, or any other major appliance? Isn’t it just a huge load of stress trying to find the right professional for the job? If you’re thinking of just buying a new product, don’t even think of putting such a thought in your mind. As stated in the above sections of this article, you should seriously reconsider and apply the 50 percent rule. 


The rule of thumb is to keep in mind that repairing your appliance should only cost you half of what your appliance originally cost. Finding multiple repair specialists to figure out which estimate is best for you is as easy as taking out your phone.


Before you even consider making a purchase of whichever model is out on the market right now, you should take the time and research. Understand what goes into the replacement and repair process, and you’ll be saving more money in the long run. Safety and costs are the most important factors to remember pertaining to all of your fixes.  


The ongoing search of information and trying to find the right kind of professional can be easily achieved through House Tipster. This site is a one-stop shop for both research on home renovations and estimates by local experts. Consider hiring a professional through our site, within the comfort of your home. 


Check out House Tipster, and find the perfect pro for your home repair needs. How Much Do Appliance Repairs Cost? Find out from professionals in your area.

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