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Buying Best Practices

When using the House Tipster Marketplace your best defense against bad actors is to use your common sense and best judgment. Here are some best practices to help keep you safe:

  1. When using House Tipster you will only be required to provide credit card information on check out. You should never be asked for your social security number, password, or other critical identifying information.
  2. You should maintain good password hygiene. In order to do so, you should regularly change your passwords, as well as ensuring your password is complex and not easily guessed. Additionally you should log out of all accounts when you finish.
  3. When shopping you should check the reviews and any policies before purchase. If you have any questions you should reach out to the seller.
  4. You should contact us if you see a card charge that does not appear in your account. We can help you to identify what it is.
  5. If you receive a suspicious email from House Tipster, send it to:
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