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How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost?

The gutter is one of the most vulnerable areas in your home. If it is overlooked, there are many serious fallbacks that could harm both the exterior and interior portions of your home. Although this can be avoided by hiring a professional gutter cleaning service, there is quite often the need for a repair service to help you. Typically, the reasons to contact the service consists of:


  • Blockage
  • Improper installation or maintenance
  • Negligence of cleaning the gutters
  • Pileup of organic matter or debris


If any of these reasons may be obfuscating your home from correctly flowing the rainwater buildup, you may want to consider hiring a professional repair service for your gutters. The average range of costs to hire the necessary experts in this regard will probably be around $150 to $500 or more. Depending on the level of your home, the low-end cost of repairing your home’s gutters could be about $80, however, the high-end cost of those repairs could cost you around $1200.


Average Range $150-$630
Low-End Cost $80
High-End Cos $1200


The costs will not only factor in the amount of stories of your property, but the overall range could be affected by the materials being used. By establishing the kind of existing gutters you have now, you’ll be able to receive a proper insight into what your estimates will look like for the repair project.



Cost Of Gutter Repair By Linear Foot


Homeowners should remind themselves that labor involving the amount of linear footage could affect the overall cost in repairing their gutters. By understanding this cost arrangement, you may have a better understanding as to why the price of the service varies. There are three main factors that will go into the calculation of your overall budget. Associated with the linear foot of your gutter repair, you need to be able to figure out the average range of $5 to $35 or more per linear foot. Homeowners should know that this range would only be possible through the materials being used.

Cost Of Gutter Repair By Material


Depending on which of these materials you need to repair, you’ll be charged with the estimated range of $5 to $35 or more for each linear foot being fixed. Whether the homeowner needs to repair the gutters via aluminum or wood, the costs will fluctuate according to this information being provided.


Vinyl $5-$7 per linear foot
Aluminum $5-$8 per linear foot
Steel $12-$17 per linear foot
Copper $30 or more per linear foot
Zinc $30 or more per linear foot
Wood $35 or more per linear foot


By knowing both the amount of linear foot being covered and the materials associated with the labor and project, you’ll be able to gauge just how much will go into the project. For example, 15 feet of vinyl will not cost the same amount of costs as it would with copper repairs. Homeowners should also think about the sections of the gutters that will go into the repair job.


Depending on these specifications, you’ll have to think about how the parts will ultimately increase the budget on your repair project. Gutter repairs require a consolidation of choices to make before repairs can be done, and you also need to consider whether you want to make any improvements to your roofs. By hiring a gutter repair service, you’ll find that the suggestions will be more than just plausible and might give you more options with the current state of your roof.




The vinyl material for your gutters might cost the homeowner around $5 to $7 per linear foot with an estimated cost range of about $75 to $200. While vinyl is considered the most affordable, it is the weakest and most prone to leaks. This is due to all the damages that could  become a recurrent disadvantage to the way the gutters work. Since vinyl can cause holes, cracks, and warping from unpredictable weather patterns, the expertise required to repair such materials might actually be perpetual in the near future.   




Homeowners can repair aluminum for a cost range estimated at around $5 to $8 per linear foot. The overall estimate would probably be about $85 to $200 for the repair service to adjust everything into the costs. While there could be underlying issues that could affect the estimated cost, you have to remember that if you see any dents, loose pieces, discoloration, or sagging parts that are under pressure, you might need a patch, a reattachment, or a repainting. Depending on the job that needs to be completed, the estimated range could either be lower or higher, however, you should expect around $85 to $200 as the total estimate for the repair service. 




Steel, or what many professionals may call galvanized gutters, will cost about $12 to $17 per linear foot. With that in mind, homeowners may expect an estimated range of about $100 to $225 for the entire repair project. Steel gutters retain strength and rely on durability to last for many years. It can resist possible damages that could incur and provides a degree of protection for your gutters. However, the reason that the cost range is higher is due to the weight of galvanized steel and the difficulty that comes with repairing the material.




Copper gutters will cost about $30 or more per linear foot. The overall range that homeowners should expect to save as a budget could be around $125 to $250. A very desirable material that homeowners favor, the copper gutters are typically preferable for how versatile it is with the aesthetics you might want to choose for your home. Copper is also known as a popular choice for gutters, so you can expect your home value to increase, once the gutters are properly fixed and in tip-top shape. Another reason they add an improved quality to your spaces is because of the longevity it provides. Lasting about 50 years, homeowners will have less to worry about when the copper gutters are installed or repaired. Keep in mind that over time, copper gutters will develop a patina meaning another layer of protection of underlying metal from the unpredictable weather patterns that naturally cause issues.  




A gutter made from zinc is typically $30 per linear foot, however, depending on the repairs, the estimated cost might be higher. Overall, the repair service may cost between $150 to $325. Since the service could take a little while and is considered one of the tougher materials on the list, it is highly recommended to repair zinc gutters if there are any damages involved. Zinc is typically the relevant material to prevent corrosion, rust, and many other forms of destructive damage. Zinc is a primary choice amongst homeowners and can bring you a whole lot of comfort and ease since zinc gutters rarely break down. The condition that they typically provide to your home offers a sense of security. 




Wooden gutters bring a visually pleasing effect with its traditional appearance. The cost range for these older-style gutters will probably cost about $35 per linear foot or more. The estimate on an average project will range between $150 to $300, depending on the size and style of the home. Some of the downsides that affect the conditions of your home will include moss growth, pest invasion, and rot. 


Cost Of Gutter Repairs By Story


The service you choose might also take into account the levels of your home. Once all the calculations from the materials and the sizes are assessed, the professional service will require the information of how many levels to climb up before the project can begin. Since the estimate will come from the difficulty of the repair job, homeowners should keep in mind that the floors of their home will heed this factor in.


While many of the floors in one’s home should be taken care of, the gutters are typically where the home will have the most positive or negative effect on the structural and surrounding integrity of the property. Keep in mind that the numbers below reflect how the budget will be affected.


One Story $160
Two Stories $315
Three Stories Or More $510 or more


Depending on the levels of your home, you’ll want to think about how these estimates will apply to your overall budget. The professionals will bring their own equipment and a ladder to climb up their home, and prior knowledge of any possible complications will help them handle any situation beforehand. Weather could affect the way your roofs are built, making them slippery to traverse when repairing the gutters.


Whether your home is simple or complex to work around, the professionals need to know the right kind of parts that are associated with the gutters. Homeowners can assess what kind of issues there might be when it comes to blockage from objects or piled debris. Evaluating this won’t be a part of your responsibilities, however, homeowners will be able to find a more in-depth understanding of how much you will spend to hire a professional service.


Gutter Repair According to Seamless Or Sectional


The gutters can either be a straightforward system or could be made up of many different parts, either by seamless or by sectional parts. Knowing the expense and the evaluation of each of the parts you’re trying to either repair or replace. While there are other considerations to make, homeowners will have to think of all the possible implications that could occur when the parts are being brought to your home. 


While there are similar layouts amongst homes, these repairs can heavily depend on the style and structure of one’s home. By knowing how many different arrangements of parts there are amongst the gutters, homeowners can assort the complications and configure all the different parts required for the issues that could occur.


Image By József Koller On Unsplash


When You Need To Repair Seamless Piece From Gutter


The seamless piece of your gutters is either the horizontal or vertical long piece that connects both the sectional and other seamless pieces. Before any of the issues can be figured out, you need to be able to think about the parts that make up the home’s gutters as a whole.


The issues that may bring about repairs for seamless parts in the gutter can come from possible protrusions or water leakage. This could happen when a pest or critter climbs up your gutters and punctures the material. One of the most common issues that could cause the reason for a repair for your seamless piece is typically from the blockage of debris and matter. 


The reason why it is important to repair these pieces is because the majority of one’s gutters is primarily made up of the seamless pieces. While there is a minority of the gutters that are made of sectional pieces, the make-up of the homeowner’s gutters are pragmatically preserved. Before you make up your mind about whether you should arrange a service appointment with the listing of your choice or not, you should inquire whether the gutter repair service can check the condition of your gutters.


When You Need To Repair Sectional Piece From Gutter


The sectional pieces that make up the portions of your gutters, you should check whether the blockage is occurring through your sectional piece or your seamless piece. While there are additional considerations that need to be made, homeowners should employ a serious thought into what kind of repairs or improvements should be made to the home. Depending on the kind of issues that you may be facing, there may be a precedent to move forward with a repair or cleaning service. 


The sectional pieces of a gutter are the interconnected parts of the whole system. While the interconnected parts may not seem as high of a priority as the straight and seamless parts that flow the water from the top portions of your home to the bottom. By knowing the information aforementioned above, homeowners can discern themselves with such knowledge and figure out the different issues that could occur if left uncared for. Keep in mind that the materials also make that much of a difference. 


A steel sectional piece is considerably higher than a vinyl sectional. Although the cost should reflect the benefits, homeowners won’t know the adjusted prices until they consult with the professionals about certain resolutions that you may need in the future. Arranging the right components for your exterior is crucial with maintaining both the design and infrastructure of the interior.


Homeowners should also remind themselves that there are certain gutters that might require additional equipment and machinery to install. Gutter repair specialists will probably also assess whether you require more structural hangers, depending on the kind of gutters you currently have and need to repair. By knowing the right kind of adjustments you want to make, you’ll also know that the perfect combination of pieces will work properly. Installation or repairs for gutters will heavily rely on these factors, so it’s best to closely inspect which of the recommendations homeowners receive from the repair specialists.


Leaking Gutters


Homeowners may not be aware of the issue, but one of the most common problems that homeowners face is a leaky gutter. Repair solutions will include the gutter sealant, patches, and hangers. A repair service will know which parts and solutions to bring in case such requirements are dependent on the job. Typically, the duration for a repair of this kind will take about a day, and with the right professional, you’ll be able to have it done even quicker than before, this is especially the case when higher-quality materials are offered.


Additional Pieces For Gutter Repair To Consider


The additional pieces that gutter repair services offer will help you with cleaning out your gutters. A smooth process for all your materials stuck as either debris or matter that might be causing your blockage. These pieces would include parts like the gutter guards which use a steel micro-mesh. Once installed, you can be rest assured that a level of preventative maintenance will defend your home from clogs and debris buildup. 


By considering which gutter guard to purchase and install, homeowners will find all the installations to be beneficial and provide the best maintenance for your home’s condition and health.


Homeowners should also think about how the roof’s design will affect not only the price but also how the repair, maintenance, and installation will be conducted. A gutter guard will ultimately provide homeowners with the opportunity of having to clean or repair the gutters over time. Depending on the brand, you may also be able to prevent pollen from invading the inside of your home.


There are even certain gutter guards that are made of aluminum, which might make the cleaning that much easier. For example, large, flat leaves that go through your gutters can become more loose in comparison, becoming an easier undertaking when you want the leaves to fall out of the gutters. Quality, color, warranty, and features are the factors that make all the difference when it comes to installing additional pieces to your gutters. 


Surrounding Surfaces


The surrounding surfaces that are near your gutters, like the porch or the outdoor shed, could factor into the costs. Although this might be the case, homeowners will have to think about 


Finding Multiple Estimates Through House Tipster


There are many factors that go into professionally repairing a home’s gutters. But one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is finding the right specialists to handle the job. Homeowners require qualified professionals to prevent any issues down the line and avoid the complications that could come up if certain issues aren’t corrected. While there are many different coincidences that could be encountered, homeowners will find that using House Tipster to find the listing is simple and fairly easy to use.


Our professional listings can be found in an instant, however, we have two features that make our web tool that much more viable when trying to find the right estimates for your gutter projects. There are two main functions that House Tipster offers which will decrease the time and effort needed to find the right kind of gutter repairs or beneficial improvements. A specialist will be able to give you the right kind of information and transition for the issues you may be facing. Keep in mind that there are many different types of estimates that one needs to consider before any other factors may come into play. Homeowners will have to think about the implications that could come about by using House Tipster.


Featured Image By Thom Milkovic On Unsplash


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