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How to Design with Oyster Colors in Your Home Without a Paintbrush

The color “oyster” is usually described as a gray with a touch of green and beige, a yellow-toned pale gray, or an iridescent light gray. Whichever words you use to describe the color oyster, this shade is gaining traction in everything from weddings to interior design. Subtle and refined, this upscale neutral shade can have an enormous impact on the mood of a room. Using an oyster gray paint color on your walls is an obvious choice for this elegant shade, so here are five different ways to incorporate oyster gray colors into your décor without a paintbrush.


1. Floors

Light-colored floors open a space right up, giving size and air to even otherwise cozy spaces. Oyster-colored flooring is a subtle, subdued way to use light wood flooring without using stark white or natural wood colors. For hardwood flooring, birchwood can be bleached or pickled to lend an oyster color to different wood types, or it can be painted for an exact color match. Tile or faux wood are also elegant, durable options with a variety of choices in the oyster palette.


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2. Upholstery

A new sofa or armchair is a significant investment because of both its cost and its decorating impact. You don’t want to choose a color you’ll soon get tired of or make a bold-colored mistake that dominates your entire decorating palette. Choosing oyster color fabric for your upholstery addresses both these decorating risks. The color is neutral enough to stay flexible in changing color palettes, ages beautifully, and is still distinct enough not to get lost in the background. Go luxe with an upholstery-grade linen, or create visual interest with a damask fabric pattern. Distressed leather or suede also translates beautifully in an oyster shade with an added bonus of durability.


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3. Drapes

Drapes are a great way to change the appearance of a room dramatically, and choosing the right color for them is crucial to making drapes work in your room design. Oyster color curtains make this task easier by being the perfect combination of versatile and distinctive. Silk dupioni or shantung are excellent choices in a glamorous décor scheme for an iridescent, mother-of-pearl effect for your window dressings. Basketweave or linen fabrics in oyster colors will work for a more organic or bohemian style room.


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4. Bed Linens

The bed is often the centerpiece of a bedroom layout, so using an oyster color fabric for your bedding is the most distinct way to establish an oyster color palette in the bedroom. Take things sharp and masculine by pairing with a darker charcoal or warm gray bedding elements, or cozy and light with a pale beige or ivory. Layered tones and textures within your coverlet, duvet, throw blanket, sheets, and pillows are especially lovely and make the decor elegantly monochrome without washing out the room.


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5. Décor

Accent décor is an easy way to incorporate this warm neutral into your space. Table lamps, throw pillows, rugs, wall art and other wall décor are all easy additions to create a cohesive oyster palette. Consider wood stains and washes as a way to add an oyster-colored element, as there are a variety of gray-toned wood stains that fit the bill. The best part of using oyster color for your décor items is they work equally well with a variety of colors from vibrant bright shades to muted neutral tones.


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While ivory was once the go-to color for interior decorating, oyster gray now has the same versatile nature with an added dose of sophisticated luxury. A fantastic backdrop for high-voltage patterns and colors, this serene, modern neutral color gives depth to muted tones and makes bold colors pop. Oyster color paint is a solid choice for any room, but these ideas offer some impactful alternatives to incorporate this color into your interior decorating plan. Happy decorating!


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