How Much Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost?

Although it may seem redundant, upholstery and furniture have a very short span before they decrease in the quality of appearance. Hiring specialists to restore the appeal to your couch will bring the refreshing youth that your home deserves. Your space is a sanctuary. Acquiring the services of a professional cleaning company will help you set milestones in creating a complete revamp in your interior. 


Depending on the type of upholstery you need cleaned, the prices will, in all likelihood, vary. Since the size of your couch will probably be larger than the size of your chairs, you’re going to encounter matching costs. The average range that you should expect to spend will be between $105 to $230. Compared to the cost of replacing the upholstery, which could very well estimate between $200 to $1800, cleaning your furniture will seem like a cakewalk.


Average Range $105-$230
Low End $60
High End $500


Keep in mind that there are many different factors that may affect the costs. Depending on the damage that has been done, cleaning out the upholstery may not entirely be enough to solve some of the issues. You should also consider what kind of methods are going to be used as a result.



Although simply cleaning your upholstery will offer an improvement to the outward glance of others, it also offers a restoration to the fabrics that your upholstery is made of. All of the dirt, dust, and stains will be removed from the surface through a professional cleaning. Blending both practicality and advent qualities, your cleaning specialist will give you the satisfaction of relaxing on furniture pieces that exude comfort and lavishness.


Couch Cleaning Cost

Your couch is a commemorative piece that ties your spaces together. It essentially enhances the camaraderie and value of your loved ones. But accidents do often happen. Once you see what kind of issues that may be caused, you’ll want to discover all the solutions that may repair the overall look of your couch.


By the method available to you, the costs will be estimated between $15 and $300 per application, depending on the piece that the cleaning is provided for. Depending on the situation, you can see the difference in not only the spending the prices that would be deemed well-suited for the occasion, but the difference in each method. There are three basic options: steam cleaning, chemical dry cleaning, and stain removal.  


Indication to each of the letters on your furniture’s labels:

Label Marker Definition
W Clean with water only
S Solvent-based cleaner only
SW WS Can be cleaned with both water or solvent cleaner
X or XS Vacuum clean only
F Foam clean only
E or N Leather cleaning


You won’t have too much trouble with finding the labels on your upholstery pieces. They’ll probably be attached under the cushions and instruct you or your specialist with which cleaning method it’s meant for.


The W will mean that you’ll only require a wet wash or a simple water clean. Since the fabric is thinly manufactured, you’ll find that this furniture piece is the easiest to scour. While the S mark will specify solvent or dry cleans. The cause for concern for this kind of upholstery is the bleeding, puckering, shrinking, or staining that the wrong cleaning method might leave behind.


Meanwhile, the SW or WS will mean that you can use both dry solvent or wet methods. Remember, this may seem like a versatile choice but these upholstery pieces are best left to the care of the professional. The X or XS letter means that your furniture piece won’t be safe with wet or dry cleaning. As mentioned above, vacuuming will be the method most preferred.


The F marker means that your professional will service your upholstery with foam cleaning, rather than using a substantial amount of water. Remind yourself to be cautious when tending to this kind of upholstery because getting it too wet might have unforeseen consequences. E and N letters will indicate that the material is leather and that your professional will be required to use specialized methods to clean the furniture.


There are various ways that the leather upholstery will be cleaned because water and dry methods will only ruin the quality of the material. Homeowners and professionals will mix a solution of equal parts water and vinegar and use a microfiber cloth to wipe everything down. Be wary that the drying process should be done through a clean towel, rather than air drying or vacuuming. 


The only markers that you and your professional will have to watch out for will be W, SW/WS, S, or X/XS. Since these are the upholstery pieces that will be most affected by the methods involved, you’ll only have to worry about these certain labels.


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Upholstery Steam Cleaning Cost

A proper steam cleaning will use both high levels of temperature and pressurized steam. The cost will range between $15 to $500 per item. Your professional will most likely check and evaluate the kinds of labels that are attached to the furniture piece. Afterwards, they’ll use a brush to vacuum up the surface to get rid of any exterior soil and dirt particles.


After the molecular dissent is resolved, the cleaner will use equipment to treat the stains. Then, the professional will use a chemical cleaner to condition the fabrics. Since you probably hired the right sort of cleaning specialist, the proper steamer will be the straightforward route that your cleaner will take. The professional will then take out an assortment of different kinds of attachments and use the right one for the job. You’ll see the result of this process and be glad you chose to hire the professional.   


Upholstery Chemical Dry Cleaning Cost

Most notably used for furniture made with fabrics, chemical dry cleaning will range from $15 to $95 per piece. Whether your piece is made of rayon, silk, wool, denim, cotton, or velour, chemical dry cleaning will remove all kinds of stains that frustrate you. Always make sure that the furniture piece can handle this method, however. Since the labels on your piece will fortify which washing method works best, you needn’t worry about your professional using an improper resource.


Upholstery Stain Removal Cost

Simple stain removal will be an easily accessible method for you, but heavy stains caused by children or pets will probably necessitate a pre-treatment option. Depending on the severity and cause of the stain, you’ll expect a cost ranging from $25 to $80 per piece. Eliminating the peskiest and most difficult stains is exactly what this method is used for. Additionally, there will be services that will prevent and repel stains from incurring your upholstery any further.


Type of Upholstery & Cleaning Cost 

Typically, what drives the cost to a professional upholstery cleaning will depend on the piece you’re having cleaned. Not every item will have the same kinds of cost ranges applied to them. In particular, you’ll ultimately expect a cost range between $10 to $500, depending on the item that needs the restorative services done to them. Since the costs will go into the total of which pieces you’ll end up getting cleaned, the estimate will entirely depend on your preferences and choices.


Dining Chair $10-$40
Office Chair $20-$45
Ottoman $20-$50
Armchair $30-$80
Mattress $50-$150
Recliner $60-$80
Loveseat $60-$120
Couch $80-$120
Sofa $100-$300
Leather Couch $200-$500


What Goes Into Cleaning A Dining Chair  

As briefly mentioned above, depending on the kind of material that your upholstery is made of, the cleaning process will vary. To find a proper estimate, you should understand which method is best suited for your dining chair. In most cases, you’ll see the chemical dry cleaning service being provided for such an occasion. Ranging between $10 to $40 per chair, you’ll most likely see your cleaning specialist use steam to soak up each one.


Using the correct chemical agent and by blending it with water, you’ll be able to remove all kinds of grime. This might be the range to the estimated average, but just remember that all cleaning companies will have a minimum charge applied to their policy. Typically, this variation of upholstery will also depend on which material it could be made of. So with that in mind, you’ll be expected to pay for the materials and methods that will go into cleaning the pieces accordingly.


What Goes Into Cleaning An Office Chair

For residential or commercial purposes, you can expect the cost of this service to be around $20 to $45 each. It’s not a shocking discovery to see that upholstered office chairs will be subjected to the discretions of dust, dirt, stains, and bacteria. It is quite the utility that homeowners will use as a seat for their work and sometimes a coveted item to relax on. 


Often, the vacuum is the most used resource for cleaning an office chair. But after the cleaner uses this tool and it’s several attachments, you’ll see your cleaner using equipment for a steam or chemical dry cleaning method. The process of cleaning your office chair will operate with high temperature water. No matter which kind of treatment that your professional requires, your office chair will end up looking almost brand-new. 


What Goes Into Cleaning An Ottoman

Ottomans are designed and shaped with versatility in mind. There are many forms and variations that you’ll likely see with the ottoman you’ll end up purchasing. But whether the ottoman is shaped with a rectangular formation or a circular configuration, the issue of cleaning the piece will be no problem for the cleaner you end up hiring. Cleaning the ottoman will probably cost you about $20 to $50. 


What Goes Into Cleaning An Armchair

There is no better addition to your living space other than a nice and cozy armchair. To keep the condition looking better than ever, the cleaning specialist will probably use steam cleaning techniques to remove all your unwanted blemishes. In all likelihood, you’ll spend about $30 to $80. Since the size is what is ultimately affecting the price, you’ll be expecting the larger sum when getting your armchair cleaned. Along with all the other methods of cleansing your armchair, all the germs will quickly be eradicated.  


What Goes Into Cleaning An Armchair

The life expectancy of a standard mattress will range from seven and ten years. However, the advantage of today’s cleaning technology is that now it’s simple to extend that estimated span. The cost to newly revitalize your mattress will probably be between $50 and $150. Often, you’re going to want to have some kind of cleaning resolution to keep in tip-top shape. The co-habitat for dead skin cells, pet dander, pollen, allergens, and dust, the mattress is a jumble of contaminants. A majority of the price will probably be from the size. Depending on the environment of your bedroom, this main piece may require multiple sessions of cleaning over several increments.


What Goes Into Cleaning A Recliner

It’s quite literally in the name. Since this is probably the spot in your home that you’ll go to after a long day, you’ll want to keep the condition of your recliner in a clean state. Providing not only yourself with a place of comfort but also your guests, the cleaning process to maintain this condition will range between $60 to $80. Your professional will be observant enough to check what kind of material your recline is made of. Depending on this evaluation, the cleaning method applied will either be through a steam or a chemical dry cleaning method. 


What Goes Into Cleaning A Loveseat

Smaller than a sofa, but similar in appearance, your loveseat will be priced around $60 to $120 with each individual one cleaned. The professional will begin by finishing up the vacuuming process, making sure every detail of your loveseat is completely devoid of any dust or dander. Then, the steam cleaning process will ensure the scrubbing of all the grime and spots that are showing around your loveseat. Do be cautious of any abundance with water. Determined by the material involved, there will be consequences to any moisture left behind.  


What Goes Into Cleaning A Couch

A couch is most susceptible to the concerns listed above, but also the crumbs of snacks and food that are most likely lodged deep within the cushions. Although it’s practical to say that your couch is the epicenter of tranquility and recreation, it’s also the most vulnerable location for undetected rubble and debris. Homeowners should expect the average between $80 to $120 for each couch being cleaned.  


What Goes Into Cleaning A Sofa

Not every sofa is going to look the same since there have been so many different recreations of its form over the generations. Costing around $100 to $300 to clean individually, the sofa will most likely look refinished since vacuuming a sofa will add a beneficial improvement to the quality of fabric. Professionally executed cleaning sessions for your sofa will give a redefined impression.


What Goes Into Cleaning A Leather Couch

The leather couch will demand a more complex process of cleaning. Average cost to professionally clean a leather couch will range from $200 to $500. Other than leather couches, the leather pieces that are smaller will probably range between $100 and $300 each. Since your professional cleaning service will require delicacy and special chemicals for this material, the costs will follow accordingly. The size for leather upholstery is what will ultimately determine the total price.


Upholstery Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

You may not run into this method of payment, however, there are professional services that will charge you about $10 to $20 per linear foot. In some cases, the cost may amount to more than $20. And there will be other instances where your preferred services will charge you with an hourly estimate instead. With an hourly rate, the estimate will depend on the amount of time the job will take, the equipment being used, the labor involved, and the overall travel fees in mileage.


Upholstery Material Factors

Summarized in the above sections, the matter of delicacy and care that goes into the material is what will affect the cleaning method. This also means that the price range will change around this point. All materials are dependent on the skill and different chemical agents provided by the professional upholstery cleaner. Estimates can therefore be calculated by whether your upholstery is manufactured with fabric, vinyl, or leather.


Fabric $30-$85
Vinyl $80-$150
Leather $100-$500


Fabric Upholstery

All materials have different price ranges. Ranging between $30 to $85, there are methods involved particular to elevating the status of your upholstery pieces. But you should also consider the fact that you may have to clean out your covers as well. To determine which method is consistent with your fabric, you can refer back to the labels that are attached to your upholstery pieces.


Servicing your upholstery will probably also pertain to wooden material, including the frames, the legs, and the arm rest. Thoroughly cleaning the covers and crevices will require meticulous vacuuming out every nook and cranny in your piece. Those hard to reach areas that need the most focus will be simple and easy to accomplish when cleaning. 


Vinyl Upholstery

Homeowners rarely ever consider the effects that oil has on vinyl material. It can unknowingly cause damages that make their upholstery both rough and coarse. Depending on what kind of cleaning you require, and the size or type, the method that follows will ensure the composition of the quality. There are typical substances like baking soda or dishwashing fluid that give a basic treatment to vinyl. However, a professional cleaning service will offer specialized measures to counteract against germs and bacteria. The price to keep vinyl in great condition will cost you about $80 to $150. 


Leather Upholstery

No matter which piece of upholstery you wish to clean, the methods involved for leather material will need special care applied. Since most homeowners purchase these pieces precisely for the pristine trait they bring into their property, they’ll want to cultivate and manage the shape it’s in. Ranging from $100 to even $500, there is a reason why purchasing leather can be quite costly. 


The reason that homeowners prefer to add a leather piece to their space is because there is an intransigent pull to them. Leather does not only offer appeal to interior aesthetics, but it also offers durability. It is the capacity that the upholstery pieces can bolster the rest of your property.  


Other Services You Can Inquire About

Whether you require these services or not, you’ll have ease of mind, knowing that these options are available for you. If you have any inquiries about these options, don’t hesitate to ask for an estimate. Cleaning companies will have these choices ready for their clients.


Cost of Cleaning Covers

Outside of having to tend to the care of cleaning the actual upholstery pieces, you can also service covers and slipcovers along with your furniture. It’ll probably cost you $5 to $10 to get each cover cleaned. Most likely, the method involved with this process will be a chemical dry cleaning. Although a washing machine could probably accomplish this simple job, deeply embedded stains or sensitive and delicate materials, like wool and especially leather, will require this service.


Antique Upholstery And Older Furniture Cleaning 

If you have older furniture and you want them to look more refurbished, the professional service offers the correct cleaning methods to assist in the upkeep of your antique upholstery. Homeowners should be wary about what modern chemicals can do to finishes, lacquer, and aged items. Having a professional with the expertise in handling these objects will ensure a more secure future for your valuables.


The cleaning technician will probably have the right hands and skills for the job. Wood finishes require light dusting with a damp cloth and very mild, specialized chemical agents to remove dust and grime. A similar technique will be involved for lacquer but the risk of discoloration is what will keep you on your toes. Luckily, the professional will have the know-how to avoid such an instance from happening.


Certain metals mature terribly, making them a target for severe damage. Similar to leather, the professional will most likely use a vinegar and water solution to give your metal frames a shine. Again, this is another reason why you’d want to hire a professional for this task. Because with years of experience, they’ll know just how much pressure it takes to polish these parts accurately.


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Stain Prevention For Fabric

There are two different solutions used for stain prevention for your fabric. Homeowners will probably choose to apply a thin layer of either Scotchgard or Teflon. Professionals will recommend this choice because your upholstery will be protected for a certain amount of time long after the job is done. Price for receiving this service will range between $20 to $35 per piece.


Considerations To Make Depending On Damages

Although cleaning technicians will provide a sense of youth to your upholstery, there are, at times, complications that might require these services. Finding repair estimates will be different compared to finding cleaning estimates.


Repairs $25-$2000
Refinish $400-$1200 


Fixing Up Your Upholstery Pieces

Making repairs to your furniture is a completely different estimate. Ranging between the cost of $25, all the way to $2000, restoration can be a costly service to consider. We’ve previously mentioned in older articles that homeowners should follow the 50-50 rule with appliances. The same can be said of upholstery. If it costs more than half of what you initially paid when you originally bought the piece to repair it, you might as well replace it instead. For example, the repairs for a sofa will cost about $2000 but you can easily find a new sofa that costs about $1000.


Generally, leather upholstery items will cost you the higher range. For example, a standard leather couch could potentially cost more than $1500. As a rule of thumb, if you want to find an estimate for reupholstering your leather furniture, expect to spend about $25 to $70 per yard. This is solely for the materials. Labor costs will probably range between $40 to $55 per yard or $25 to $30 per hour. Depending on the rate that’s being applied, you may end up spending more than just a simple replacement.   


Refinishing Your Upholstery & Costs

Homeowners should expect the range of costs from refinishing their furniture to be between $400 to $1200. Other than repairing or replacing your furniture, you can apply a new finish to give your pieces a well-deserved rejuvenation. This will probably be the best option in the case where surface damages are too noticeable to see. Simple repairs and cleaning methods won’t be able to provide that adjustment it needs to remove such discrepancies.


Depending on the material, the costs will be adjusted accordingly. However, the methods of refinishing a piece of furniture boils down to two different avenues. Either they’re given a fresh new coat or the professional will apply a new layer of color. Essentially, both techniques will provide your upholstery with the result you most prefer.


Minimum Fee For Cleaning Upholstery

Like any professional service, you’ll see a minimum requirement to the costs for these services. Ranging in the estimate from $50 to $100, professional companies will impart this piece of information. But you should always keep the fact in mind when you’re opting into acquiring their assistance. Always make sure that your cleaners are certified and that they have the necessary paperwork along with their employment. You should be keen in finding the right kinds of estimates and finding the professional that suits your needs. 


Finding Multiple Estimates From House Tipster

Now comes the most important task, to actually get started and search for the right person for the job. Dire situations will always require people with the right skills and knowledge on the job. Homeowners typically want to ensure affordability, security, and expertise. They want someone who fits all three categories, while hiring an individual who emanates an air of professionalism.


Using House Tipster, you’ll be able to browse through dozens of different service professionals with varying fields. Check reviews and find out whether you want this specialist for your home needs. Our chat system helps you directly communicate with the professional of your choice. You can ask them inquiries, find out their business information and so much more.


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