How to Work With a Custom Cabinetmaker

While it will likely be noticeably more expensive, going with a custom cabinetmaker brings along with it many benefits. If you’re a homeowner that likes to stand out from the crowd and go against the grain a bit, custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom might be the move. Let's explore why custom cabinets help you create a space that is wholly yours.


Why Choose Custom Over Stock?

If you’re a fan of fine craftsmanship and serious attention to detail, there is no better way to beautify your kitchen, living room, or bathroom. With a custom job, you can seamlessly blend your furniture and surround your storage spaces, creating an organic and unique aesthetic. Additionally, it allows for much more flexibility and maneuverability when it comes to design and size, letting your wildest and most personal tastes shine through. And, when you go custom, there's usually a good deal less wasted space.



Good for More than Just the Kitchen

When we think of the custom cabinetry, we generally think of just the kitchen, but that shouldn’t be the case. Living rooms and bathrooms, especially a nice vanity, can really benefit from custom cabinet work. Anything can really use this level of craftsmanship, from concealed craft rooms and custom bookshelves, to even a wine cellar if you’ve got the extra storage space.




Compared with regular, stock cabinets, a custom job is going to be a bit pricier. Of course, this all varies on the construction methods and the type of wood the homeowner desires. For these reasons, it’s rather impossible to give a ballpark figure on a custom project, as it is usually done on a case-by-case basis depending on the homeowner's needs and, perhaps more importantly, their budget. Any estimate wouldn’t be accurate, but the benefit of a custom job is that your contractor will be working with you specifically, with your exact budget and time frame in mind.



What to Know Beforehand

Don’t just pick a name of a custom cabinetmaker out of the phone book at random; do some research first. This is always a wise move when hiring any contractor, as it’ll save you headaches down the road and give you peace of mind that your contractor won’t rip you off or provide you with shoddy service. Another good thing to do before you make a decision is to check out some of their recent work. If it’s good they will be dying to show it off. Good work will bring good referrals. Make sure to speak with a past customer or two to get a feel for the people you’ll be working with.



Find Out the Cabinetmakers Qualifications

Obviously, make sure they have a background in the type of custom craft jobs that your kitchen or bathroom will require. Also, look for a stellar track record and some years’ experience, as this will ensure they’ll be able to handle virtually any job you throw at them. And don’t forget one of the most overlooked attributes: passion. Someone who is passionate about their custom work will surely pay fine attention to details ensuring you get the most for your money. Remember to ask other customers about their experiences with them, and check for any accreditation if applicable.



Lastly, always go with the custom cabinetmaker you feel most comfortable with. In the end, the work should reflect the level of shared, creative intimacy necessary to have the custom cabinets of your dreams. While noticeably more expensive, going with a custom cabinetmaker can bring long lasting advantages, not to mention a little something to proudly show off to guests.


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