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Carolyn Fennek

Carolyn Fennek

Carolyn Fennek

  1. How to Design a Perfect Kitchen
    Interior Design Kitchen Design Latest Posts
    How to Design a Perfect Kitchen

    What would you consider the perfect kitchen? Does it have a lot of appliances? Is there a specific color scheme and design? Is it filled with personal knick-knacks or flat with clear lines of separation?

    Designing the perfect kitchen takes a lot of thought to make sure everything is just right. That is why you will need the perfect tool for the job. The only tool capable of designing truly the most pristine and precise kitchen is our kitchen visualizer.

    We’re going to walk you through how to design your perfect kitchen with our technologically advanced countertop visualizer tool.


  2. How to Design Your Own Kitchen
    Interior Design Kitchen Design Decorating Guides
    How to Design Your Own Kitchen

    The time has finally arrived where you have had it with your current kitchen set-up, and you are ready to start anew. Question is, how does one start designing their own kitchen? Do you go online and choose what other people have done? Should you immediately call an interior designer and listen to what they suggest? Should you just wing it and see what happens if you start designing with no idea of what to do?

    Designing your own kitchen can seem challenging when you are just starting out, but when you take a moment to process each component of a kitchen; the project becomes a lot more manageable.

    Follow along and we will guide you on helpful tips and how to start designing your own kitchen.



  3. How to Find Bathroom Accents that Bring Beauty to Your Home
    Bathroom Design
    How to Find Bathroom Accents that Bring Beauty to Your Home
    People usually don't spend too much worrying about the interior design of their bathroom. However, it can influence the look and feel of your bathroom more than you might imagine. Follow these tips and learn about the best ways to use accents in your room so they add beauty not a mess.
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