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Helpful Tips to Mix & Match the Right Way in Your Living Room

There’s no arguing that having a matching set of furniture in your living room is a classic and sophisticated way to decorate, but sometimes you might want to add more flair to the area than that kind of structure allows. In fact, a current trend is to run with this not-so-structured idea to mix and match your living room décor for something eccentric and filled with personality. The end result can be remarkable and stunning if you tackle this project correctly. To help you achieve the absolute best of this mix and match concept, tend to each of these four details for a polished product.


1. Ground Your Colors in One Spot

Your couch and chair may not be a part of a set, but you can still make sure that your individual furniture and décor pieces complement one another in a pleasant fashion. For this notion, you’ll want to consider not only basic colors that go well together, but also your general theme for the area. A room that’s based on the sun, for instance, would be filled with warm colors, so choosing your furniture and décor pieces with that idea in mind can help you build a perfectly imperfect representation of that sunset concept.

In order to give those colors their best aspect of unity, make sure all of them are represented in a central hub, like a sunset painting for the aforementioned room, that showcases every color you’re expressing within the room. Something as simple as a centerpiece on your coffee table would work for this hub since the right knickknack or flower vase can display each element of color you add.

With this grounding, everything fits because it’s surrounding a central piece of décor — and that’s a perfect way to spring into all of the mix-and-match pieces.


Photo by blackboxguild on Adobe Stock

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2. Build on Already Existing Matches

While the idea behind your living room décor in this scenario is to mix and match, you’re free to have some matching pieces within your constructed set. One idea to bring this notion to life would be to have a pair of chairs of the same pattern, with other pieces of mismatched furniture around them. This way, you can make use of multiple furniture pieces from a set to provide extra spaces for your home’s guests and anchor a primary color/pattern theme in the room in a similar fashion as the previously noted hub of color.

You’re still mixing and matching as you go beyond that set of chairs to give an eclectic feel, but you’re adding a touch of unity within the scene to ground the appearance of the room, and that’s a great tactic to employ!


Photo by midascode on Pixabay

3. Mismatch Furniture Styles

You don’t have to stay in the territory of mixing and matching patterns and colors, which is a definite beauty of this décor option. For instance, you can step farther from the typical, structured set up in your living room by adding pieces of furniture that are more connected to other areas of the house, like a kitchen or patio table in place of a coffee table or a china cabinet to contain your movies. Because these aren’t standard things to have in a living room, they’ll stick out to add character in a unique, delightful way!


Photo by PetrPodlesak on Pixabay

If these ideas seem far outside of the box, remember that the idea behind this mix-and-match tactic is to create a one-of-a-kind room. There truly are no limits in this strategy about what you can and can’t do, meaning you’re free to go with these routes if you feel they’re good fits for the comfortable, unusual atmosphere you want to construct. Just remember to always cater to the intended environment of the room, and so long as you stick with that notion, the sky’s the limit!


4. Think Accessories

As is always the case, accessories can make or break your success at this décor concept, and it goes beyond the earlier mentioned grounding through a hub. Pairing an area rug of one color and a throw blanket of another can do wonders to construct this mismatched living room, as can a series of throw pillows of various colors. In fact, this one concept of varying your throw pillows can create a mismatched palette that showcases your decorating strategy better than just about any other detail your room would. If you’re going to mix and match then, get a number of throw pillows of different colors, styles, and textures!


Photo by weerastudio on Shutterstock


You can think of additional aspects of the room as well, like scarves, curtains, and candles, to provide multiple colors and textures, and these little traces of odd pairings will solidify your bold decision for a mismatched living area. Every décor decision can be another step in creating a unique, character-filled room!

From wall décor to your area rug, make sure you’re varying your colors and patterns in ways that build on one another and complement the overall theme. This tactic will allow you to construct a room that doesn’t necessarily match in the most traditional sense of couch and chair sets, but that goes together in a fluid, eccentric way. Your room can show enough personality to dazzle guests and strike up décor conversations!



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