1. Interior Design

    How to Work with Red Walls

    Find out how to help red fit perfectly into any space with the right complimentary colors and materials.
  2. Interior Design

    How to Use Minimalism in Your Home

    Getting the most out of your home doesn't always mean having more. With minimalism influencing your home decor, you can have a full space with less inside.
  3. Interior Design

    How to Save Cabinet Space & Store Your Spices

    Tired of a cluttered cabinet? Neatly tuck away your spices in a pull out spice rack! Tackle this easy project and instantly free up some room with this stylish kitchen addition!
  4. Interior Design

    Why Heat Pumps are the Best Way to Keep You Warm

    Things to remember, and other perks, when looking to install a heat pump to your home. Is it worth it for you and where you live?
  5. Interior Design

    Carpet Installation Cost Guide: What You Need to Know

    Don't be caught off-guard when the bill comes for carpet installation! Find out what your being charged for and where you can cut costs.
  6. Vacuuming Tips and Techniques that will Make You an Expert

    Make your floors and carpets as clean as can be by getting down and dirty with these vacuuming tricks.
  7. Remodeling Guides

    Useful Tips for Home Saunas that will Improve Your Life

    If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your very own sauna but aren’t sure where to begin, these tips should get you off and running.
  8. Remodeling Guides

    How to Work With a Custom Cabinetmaker

    Discover the advantages of going custom during your next home renovation project.
  9. Kitchen Design

    The Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions Guide

    New kitchen cabinets can give an old kitchen a refreshing and modern look. Get acquainted with kitchen cabinet sizing standards before embarking on your next remodeling project.
  10. Interior Design

    How to Decide What Color You Should Paint Your Room

    Not entirely sure if a room should skew more warm or cool when it comes to paint colors? Learn all about which color palettes best fit all the different spaces in your home!