1. Remodeling Guides

    How to Build Your Own Dry Bar

    Map out your space before purchasing anything, and create something that truly complements!
  2. Bathroom Design

    How to Put in a New Toilet Fill Valve

    Because it gets so much use, a toilet valve will eventually wear out. Thankfully, replacing it’s not a time-consuming or difficult job. Here’s how to put in a new toilet fill valve without calling a plumber.
  3. Interior Design

    Accent Rugs vs. Area Rugs: Learn the Difference & How to Use Them

    Learn the difference between accent rugs and area rugs, and find out how both types of rugs can enhance your home's interior design. With these tips you'll learn the perfect ways to add a rug to your space and will avoid some common mistakes. Your home will be trendy and comfy with the right rug.
  4. A Hardware Hook Buying Advice Guide

    The question is: which hardware hook type do you need? Should it be small or large? Does it mount to the ceiling or the wall? Do you want the hardware exposed or hidden? These are all things to consider when choosing a hardware hook. Learn which hardware hooks are perfect for your next home DIY.
  5. Great Ways to Reuse and Upcycle Yoga Mats

    Don’t send your old yoga mat to the trash. Give it a new life with these simple hacks!
  6. Interior Design

    How to Install a Ceiling Light in Your Home

    Learn the steps to wiring a new light fixture in the ceiling by following the instructions in this simple installation guide.
  7. Interior Design

    How to Transform Your TV Wall with Decorative Living Room Ladders

    Twenty years ago, having large wooden cabinets for all of your VCR tapes was a must-have, but now, those types of cabinets take up unnecessary space and are usually an eyesore. Skip the bulky entertainments center and create a sleek, modern look instead.
  8. How to Remove Rust Naturally

    You may already have the ingredients around your house for these simple rust-removal hacks.
  9. Interior Design

    Farmhouse Flowers: How to Make a Rustic Silk Floral Arrangement

    There are plenty of ways you can decorate your home in a modern farmhouse style but it can take months to find the right mix of eclectic, vintage, and vintage-inspired pieces. For a quick, easy, and budget-friendly dose of farmhouse chic, why not learn how to make a rustic silk floral arrangement?
  10. Interior Design

    The Most Important Things to Know Before Painting Brick

    While it looks great, painting brick is not without its hazards – find out what you need to know before you begin.