The Best Furniture for Your Patio Space

Learn how to get the best bang for your outdoor furniture buck with our guide to patio furniture.

By Michelle Downing


The best way to truly enjoy the outdoors is with a great set of patio furniture. But it’s important to know the basics before you start shopping for patio furniture. Follow this guide to be armed with the right knowledge.


Types of Patio Furniture

What type of furniture your backyard needs depends greatly on what you’re using it for. Do you desire to have a lot of entertaining space? Do you want a space to relax by the pool? Do you want comfortable seating around your fire pit? Make sure to consider what you want out of your set before determining what type of patio furniture you want to buy.


  • Dining Set

An outdoor dining set is composed of a large dining table and set of chairs. This is a great option because it’s multi-functional. A dining set is a great spot for people to sit and enjoy the outdoors, or for guests to gather around while you’re entertaining. It also provides a space for you to sit and enjoy a great meal outdoors or a space to set up food and drinks for your guests.


  • Sofa and Chairs

A sofa and chair set a comfortable space for you to relax outdoors. This gives you the opportunity to seat multiple people, depending on the size of the . Also, it’s a more comfortable option, as sofa and chair sets typically have plush cushions.


  • Bistro Set

A bistro set is typically an adornment to a yard, rather than a space to sit, although it can be that as well. It’s a good option if you have a smaller backyard. Plus, it’s choice if you want a space for one or two people to sit and enjoy a glass of tea on the front porch.


  • Individual Chairs

Individual chairs can vary greatly, depending on their desired purpose and your personal style. They are a great option if you seating, perhaps beside a pool. Adirondack chairs are a great option if you need beachside or require seating around a fire pit.


  • Large Sectional

A large sectional is choice if you desire a lot of seating. These also provide extra space for lounging outdoors as well.


  • Chaise

A chaise is the best choice for lounging. They work well near a pool or for people desiring to lay out when outdoors. They also vary in style.




Patio Furniture Material

While it’s important for your patio furniture to complement your style and the style of your home, there are other “elements” to consider, especially when it comes to choosing patio furniture material that's right for your needs. Keep in mind the area you live when deciding what type of furniture set you want to purchase. If your furniture will be frequently exposed to harsh elements, consider a more durable material. If it will be under direct sunlight, consider adding a shade option.


  • Wicker
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Wrought Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Steel




Additional Add-Ons

While furniture sets are centered around seating options, there are several additions you may want to consider.


  • Coffee or Side Table

Adding a side table is option if you purchased a chaise or a few individual chairs. It’s a great way . A coffee table provides anchor .


  • Gazebo

A gazebo is a beneficial addition anyone looking to make their seating area a comfortable shaded area. These are also beneficial if your area is prone to mosquitoes or lots of bugs. Often, gazebos have screens that can be pulled down to keep the benefits of the outdoors in and the nuisances out.


  • Umbrella

A lot of dining sets come with the option to purchase an umbrella, or you can opt to add one on your own. An umbrella is beneficial because you can quickly, and , choose to sit under the shade or enjoy the sunshine.


  • Fire Pit

A fire pit allows people to enjoy their furniture set, even into the colder hours of the evening. Plus, you can center chairs around a fire pit to allow multiple people to sit in the warmth together.




To truly enjoy your time outside, add a patio furniture set. You can sit and enjoy a delicious meal at a dining set, lounge by the pool with a drink on your chaise, roast smores over a fire pit… The options are endless.


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