Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Those on a Budget

Want a new look in your bathroom but don’t have a lot of time or money? Here are six easy and cheap bathroom remodeling ideas you can do in a weekend.

By Tina Jepson


If you’re looking to sell your house in the near future, it’s especially helpful for your bottom line to invest in cheap bathroom remodeling ideas because bathrooms are one of the two areas of your home where remodeling has a fairly high return on investment.


Did you know that, on average,  homeowners spend around $16,000 on a bathroom remodel? That’s a lot, especially if you don’t have the cash to invest in a full remodel. If you’re in this situation, don’t worry. You still have plenty of options when it comes to remodeling your bathroom.


Here are six cheap bathroom renovations guaranteed to spruce up your space and turn your sub-par powder room into an aesthetic spa. As always, use House Tipster's Virtual Rooms to help plan your bathroom renovation! 


1. Paint Your Cabinets & Walls

You’ll be amazed at the difference a fresh coat of paint can make in your bathroom. For your walls, look for satin or semi-gloss paints, and choose lighter hues of blue or green to add a sense of tranquility and nature. While you’re at it, refresh the ceiling with a coat of bright white ceiling paint.




Cabinets are a whole other story. For wood cabinets, simply sand, paint, and seal in a color of your choosing. If you have laminate cabinets, first use a laminate primer to prepare the surface. Then sand, clean, paint, and seal.


Remember, bathrooms are small spaces, and all those chemicals, especially the laminate primer, can be harsh. Make sure you have good ventilation and don a face mask to stay safe.




2. Invest in New Lighting

New lights can really rejuvenate your space. Remove any old lighting over your mirrors and replace it with updated and modern fixtures in brushed nickel or copper. Also, think about the light bulbs you want to use. While CFL and LED bulbs are great for the environment and our electric bills, they don’t often produce the type of light we need in a bathroom, so choose white incandescent bulbs if possible.


Another option is to add lighting in somewhat dark areas, such as in a stall shower. Choose recessed lighting that’s rated for bathroom use.




3. Upgrade Your Mirrors

Remove old unattractive mirrors and replace them with something fresh and appealing.




Anything from a simple wood-framed mirror to an elaborate iron design does wonders in transforming bathrooms of all sizes and styles. However, something even more basic, such as a circular or square mirror, also modernizes your space.




4. Install New Hardware

When I first moved into my home, all the hardware was that awful 1990s-style brass. Thankfully, there are plenty of quite affordable hardware options out there. Focus on the finish first and design second.


Again, go for brushed nickel, hammered copper, or oil-rubbed bronze. To help ease the financial burden of hardware (it has the potential to get pricey quickly), check out your local home thrift shop. Oftentimes you can find new and used hardware at rock bottom prices.




5. Increase Storage

Bathrooms lacking in storage don’t show well, but there are a few quick fixes to help remedy the problem. Try adding floating shelves above your toilet and next to your vanity. Then, use decorative baskets to store anything from toiletries to toilet paper.




A few extra hooks can also come in handy, so place them next to your shower, bathtub, and behind the door.


6. Install Tile Flooring

Laminate floors are likely to appear old and outdated to homebuyers, but new tile is an easy and affordable solution. Large square ceramic tiles are the cheapest solution, but they don’t give your bathroom the high-end look you need. Instead, consider wood-grain ceramic or porcelain tiles. They add texture and come in a variety of colors to fit your bathroom decor.




These remodeling ideas are easy and affordable, and won’t take long to do. After quickly wrapping up these jobs, you’ll be left with a more luxurious bathroom and greater home equity.


So, what are you waiting for? Get remodeling!


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