Artfully Organize Your Garage

Yes, it’s even possible to apply interior design techniques to your garage!

By Stephanie Hell


With just a bit of paint and inexpensive options for color and decoration, your otherwise utilitarian grayscale garage space can become your favorite spot to grab a cold one with the neighbor. Unlike decorating a living room, decorating a garage is all about getting the often-used paraphernalia up off the floor, seeing everything you have at once, and then adding some cool stuff that distinctly says “you.” But listen, there’s no need to steal a street sign with your name on it anymore. You’re a grownup now.


Colorful Pegboards

There’s nothing better than pegboards to store and organize all sorts of tools from mallets to rakes. Pegboards are inexpensive and can be cut to your specifications. Magnetic strips for various drill bits and ratchet sockets can be added as needed, and J-hooks can hold up even the heaviest equipment. It’s best to attach pegboards to exterior walls with strong masonry screws so your prized antique hammer that once belonged to great-grandfather doesn’t take a tumble.



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But before you hang your pegboard, give it a pop of color by painting it. Silver looks great if metal is your preference, but if you’re going to use a hat or jersey from your favorite sports team as part of your garage art, use your team’s colors instead! And If you’ve got a little space left above the board, there are some slick personalized garage signs to be had at less than $30 to clearly mark your territory.


Break the Drywall Ceiling

The ceiling is an often overlooked space, but it can be used as a storage too! It’s best used for storing things that you don’t frequently use, but still couldn’t bear to part with. There’s a plethora of different brackets in every size imaginable for ceiling storage. Even the bigger items in your inventory can be kept overhead, freeing up much-needed floor space. Bicycles, skis, fishing rods, and that metal detector you’re saving for the kids can easily sit inside safe racks bolted to the ceiling.



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Big box stores also sell easy-to-build runner systems with angle-slotted brackets for under $5. You can attach them to the ceiling with screws, spacing them just wide enough to hold the lips of plastic tubs. By organizing the tubs with labels on the bottom, you’ll know what’s inside them at a glance. If you’re going to theme your ceiling too, fishermen can use thick rope netting hung up at each end with ample hooks for tackle boxes, nets, and lifejackets. This helps to keep all your angling equipment dry too.


Walls Can Talk

There are some serious garage artists who use floor tile on their garage walls to add colors, like black and white tiles behind the tall red tool boxes, or mismatched boxed tiles found at garage sales. This unorthodox use of floor tile not only adds a great look, but clean ups like a breeze when it turns out the cap wasn’t tight enough on that jug of motor oil.


Wall tile is installed exactly the same way as floor tile. But if you don’t want to get this fancy about your garage’s interior design, simply painting the walls with a high-gloss paint to complement the plastic tubs will go a long way toward making your garage more inviting. You’ll be more eager to tackle jobs you’ve been putting off if you create a welcoming workspace for yourself.



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If you still have some wall space you’d like to fill with your personality, here’s a tip to consider: When the manufacturer of one of your favorite products changes its seasonal promotions, many times their big banners are up for grabs, or can be found on Ebay for little more than a dollar.


Another good idea to make your garage more inviting is to add a fridge, whether miniature or full-size, depending on the available space. That way, when you’re doing a dirty job in your garage, you can grab a refreshment without tracking grime into the kitchen. Mini fridges are easier to install since they only require a regular electric outlet. You can find a rainbow of mini fridges in both retro and modern styles for less than $70.



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Hey, if you’re gonna put in a hard day’s work in your garage, you may as well do it in style.


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