8 Reasons to Choose a Wireless Security System

Today, everything is going wireless.

By Benjamin St. Jacques


Your home is your sanctuary — a place to go at the end of the day to rest, find comfort, and feel safe. Installing a security system can provide you with an additional level of comfort because you’ll know that your home, your family, and valued possessions are protected from theft, burglary, and vandalism even while you’re away or sleeping.


When home alarms first became available, wireless technology hadn’t even been invented yet. Alarm systems were installed with wires — dozens and dozens of wires. They ran through your home’s walls and ceilings, through a keypad, and into the phone line. It looked messy, took days to install, and upgrades were costly and inconvenient.




Today, everything is going wireless, and that includes alarm systems. In fact, hardwired systems are becoming more and more obsolete. Wireless alarm systems offer several advantages to a homeowner looking for a reliable and convenient security option. Here are eight reasons to consider a wireless alarm system:


1. Simple installation

You can install your wireless system yourself if you like. With just a few tools, some screws, and a couple of free hours, your wireless system will be up and running – no muss, no fuss. Also, if you go wireless, adding motion detectors and door and window sensors is a breeze. Compare that to the hardwired systems of the past that involved technicians drilling into walls and ceilings, and snaking wires through the house. Plus, there was a big mess that needed to be cleaned up when the job was done.




2. Battery-powered operation

What can be simpler than a battery-powered system? No plug means one less wire to deal with. Plus, you’ll receive ample warning when it’s time to change the battery.


3. Range

Wireless systems can communicate over hundreds of feet, more than double most hardwired systems. You can even hook up several wireless systems that will work together to provide security for larger properties and farms.


4. Price

Wireless systems have relatively low price tags. And since installation is something you can do yourself, you save big on installation fees.




5. Easy upgrades

When it’s time to upgrade your system, you just need to simply replace one part of your system for the newer model. It literally takes minutes. Wired alarms are notoriously complex to upgrade, so many people just choose to live with outdated (and perhaps less reliable) systems.


6. One platform, several solutions

Today, you have options to control your home's lights, thermostat, and door locks through your wireless security system. Plus, you'll likely find that you're able to control all those features from your mobile phone at no extra charge.




7. Simple to troubleshoot

If there is an issue with your wireless system that needs attention, it can most frequently be identified and fixed by the manufacturer or installer remotely. Oftentimes, there’s no need for a technician to visit your home. Also, many wireless alarm systems routinely run their own troubleshooting programs and pro-actively notify you of potential problems, like low battery levels or damaged sensors.


8. Less vulnerable

Traditional, hard-wired home security systems leave homeowners vulnerable anytime their home loses power, or there is a problem with the telephone or internet connection. If any of those systems are compromised, then the security system is inoperable. Wireless security systems are not vulnerable to these scenarios, so your security system will always be running, no matter what.




If you’re thinking about a security system, then wireless is the way to go. It’s the best option for today’s homeowners who want a quality system that’s easy to install and maintain, at a reasonable price.



Images used with permission, courtesy of www.bigstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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