Redecorating Your Home on a Tiny Budget

You can certainly give your house a glamorous look without spending too much money.

By Khushboo Jain 


Redecorating your home on a tiny budget may seem like a next-to-impossible task, but you can certainly give your house a glamorous look without spending too much. We currently live in “don’t move, improve” times, so not breaking the bank is the goal. Give your home a makeover with the following tips and watch your home take on a new personality:


Paint Your Walls

Changing the existing color of your walls is the easiest and most inexpensive way to achieve a new and fresh look. Paint provides an instant facelift. To start, you can apply a soft color and then create an accent wall with an intense color. It will establish a visual “pop.” You may also consider painting a mural on the accent wall or opt for a two-tone effect. The possibilities of achieving glamor with paint are endless!  




Reevaluate Your Current Décor

Take a step back and reassess what your room looks like. Have you thought about moving the furniture around? Taking this step will encourage you to toss out excess or worn out pieces that are simply cluttering the space. You may consider selling these off in a garage sale. You can also take Feng-Shui or Vastu approach and set up the room according to the flow of energy. Less is always more!




Light it Up

Lights can transform and uplift the mood. You can change the way your room lights up by opting for any of the following ideas:


  • In the bedroom, get rid of white tube lights. Opt for soft yellow lights and accent lights. Large hurricane candles are an excellent option as they help create a romantic mood.




  • In the drawing room, you can replace existing lampshades with new ones. You can also add track lighting to highlight a particular space.
  • If you are skilled at drawing and painting, you can try painting the lampshade yourself.
  • Consider adding embellishments such as jewels, stones, shells, small mirrors, etc to existing lampshades.


Add Soft Comfort

Changing your existing sofa will throw you off budget. Why not consider reupholstering it? Another more affordable option is to change the cushions or just the pillow covers. If your sofa is a single color, choose cushion covers in colors and patterns that are a stark contrast. For example, if your sofa set is a neutral tone, adding red or bright yellow cushions will spice up your room. A stylish throw is another great option.




Build a Unique Headboard

Got a dull bedroom? Create a uniquely designed headboard at a fraction of the cost. Headboards have a function and form. They can be created out of particle board and plywood. Simply get it cut according to the shape and design you want, and cover it with a fabric of your choice, or get it stained to match your bedroom furniture. A new headboard will create a dramatic focal point in your bedroom.




Assign Furniture to Double Duty

If you live in a small space, consider dual purpose furniture. For example, choose mattresses that convert into sofas. It is the perfect solution if you have frequent overnight guests. Love ottomans? Choose one with built-in storage. If you plan to have a coffee table, consider purchasing one with drawers for that extra storage space.




Embellish Existing Pieces

Revive existing furniture pieces by adding molding or piping. You can also re-stain it in a different color. Painting prefab furniture will take it to the next level. For example, if you’ve got a large table, you can get the carpenter to reduce its size and use the excess wood for shelving.




Stick to a Theme

Going out of control with decorating and designing is easy. Sticking to a theme can help you stay focused, regarding choosing the décor. For example, if you want the family room to be nautical-inspired, choose paints in blues and white shades. Select décor that is in keeping with the marine theme such as shells, anchors, boats, etc.




The secret to decorating on a budget is to make it look like there was no budget at all! Happy decorating!



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