How to Organize Your Home Using Tiny House Philosophies

Do you long for a simpler life in a simpler house? These tiny house philosophies can help you maximize efficiency!

In recent years, there has been a movement towards smaller houses and micro-living. Both new and old homeowners are finding it necessary to "go micro" as a way to cut back on expenses and to gain new control of their lives. You may have seen some of these homes on HGTV, Pinterest, or Instagram. They are impressively small cabins, garden sheds, or storage containers decked out to create beautiful living spaces. Even if you are committed to a large apartment or full-sized home, you can still apply the same philosophies of micro-living to your daily life. The "Tiny House Movement" is less a movement about space, and more of an emphasis on efficient living. Following these three tips will help you live a more organized life, whatever the size of your home.


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One key facet of the "Tiny House Movement" is minimalism. Many of us constantly complain about having "too much stuff." One of the most beautiful ideologies of the "Tiny House" philosophy is to keep only the items you use and need the most. In other words, declutter! When furnishing your rooms, invest in a few choice pieces you really enjoy, without allowing your furnishings to overpower the room. The same can be said of household items: linens, books, fine china, and the like. Not only will this save you money, but also it allows more space for family and friends to be the stars of the show. Minimizing the objects in a room will give you a heightened sense of freedom and space. It will help your personal creativity to flourish when alone and helps guests to focus on the conversation when gathering together. 


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Maximize Efficiency

The more space you have, the more likely it is that you are wasting some of it. Going through each room and paring down your belongings to the bare essentials will give you the organization to accurately assess how you can maximize the efficiency of your home. Asking your utility company to perform an energy audit is beneficial and insightful Some utility companies will even provide an audit free of charge. One of the bittersweet realities of living in a small space is that each small inefficiency is highlighted. However, you can achieve the same control over your large home with just a little more time and dedication. Maximizing the efficiency of your home is much easier after stripping down to the necessary objects in each room. This will cut down on the time and energy you spend on maintenance and repairs, leaving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite pastimes.


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Emphasize Personality

The core philosophy of the "Tiny House Movement" is that of community. Many members of the initiative actively support local artisans and craftsmen, like the ones you can find on House Tipster. Tiny homeowners adore organizing their decor around rustic, handmade items. Cost efficiency plays a role in this approach, but it is not the guiding principle. Rather, it is the support of home decor items that are created with a strong personality. You can find some amazing items at crafts fairs, local markets, and trades shows. Seek something personal to you, and let it infuse your home designs. It can be the difference between a seemingly robotically designed house, and a cozy home. 


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It's not easy to be efficient and it may take a little time, but if you stay committed to these tiny house principles, you can maximize your home for the better!

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