Braving the Elements – Enjoy the Outdoors No Matter the Weather

There are ways to combat the winter and summer. Enjoy the outdoors anytime!

It’s a warm summer night. The weather is perfect for enjoying a view of the stars from the porch, so you head outside and take a seat. Twenty minutes later, you’ve become completely stressed out by the incessant buzzing of mosquitos in your ears and you’re scratching at the dozens of bites on your arms and legs. Sound familiar? Or, how about the winter? The snow is beautiful, but not so much when you can’t even see your porch. You’d never sit outside and enjoy the scenery anyway because it’s unbearably cold out there. So, instead of enjoying the picturesque scenery, you wrap yourself in a warm blanket and keep hibernating, until the summer – not without those dreaded mosquitos – returns. Instead of hiding indoors because you’re uncomfortable outside for most of the year, why not combine the best of both worlds? Prepare your home and yard to brave the elements and you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.


Wide angle view of screened in pool


Build a Sunroom or Enclosed Porch

There are two major additions you can make to your home that will greatly improve your overall sense of well-being: build a sunroom or enclosed porch. It’s been proven that people who get enough sun and spend time surrounded by nature are calmer, healthier, and happier. When you have some time off, it’s great to spend it outdoors, but for those days when you want to be both inside and out, a sunroom or screened porch is exactly what you need. 


A sunroom is ideal when it’s built of all glass, providing breathtaking views of the scenery outside. Add some couches and chairs, plants, and a few small tables, and enjoy a tranquil retreat anytime you wish. If you have a porch already, skip the sunroom and just install some windows with screens and a heater/air conditioner combo unit inside so that you can keep comfortable throughout the hottest days of summer or the coldest days of winter without missing any of the scenery outside. 


Sunroom with patio view


Hot Tub with a Canopy

There aren’t many experiences as relaxing as lounging in a hot tub on a cool night. Don’t let the snow or rain put a damper on this opportunity – get yourself a hot tub with a canopy and enjoy the soothing sound of raindrops on the canopy top as you relax, or watch the snow fall outside, without it falling on you, as you unwind. 


Canopy tops for hot tubs come in all sorts of different designs. You can get a simple, small one or build an elaborate room around your hot tub. You may choose a screen door, while others may opt for curtains, a mosquito net, or nothing at all. A glass top canopy can offer some amazing stargazing opportunities, while a darker top can provide some welcome shade from the sun when it’s hot outside. The one thing they all have in common is allowing you to relax and stay comfortable by protecting you from the elements.  


Canopy over hot tub


Covered Campfires and Chimineas

Have you ever started a campfire up with your family and friends, only to get some unexpected rain that forces everyone to reluctantly relocate back indoors? Build a covered campfire area in your backyard and you won’t have to worry about any wet weather spoiling your fun. 


Like the hot tub canopy, a covered campfire area can be as simple or elaborate as you wish to make it. If you’re going for a rustic, log cabin look, build a log cabin inspired enclosure with a chimney. If you’re more of a modern camper, a large brick top with pillars and seating inside will keep the party going as long as there’s firewood. For less permanent options, set up a tall canopy with open sides over the fire, or invest in a chiminea – a favorite for those who like to be outside in winter, but without being uncomfortably cold.


Pergola with brick fireplace on backyard


Mosquito Enclosures

Mosquitos are the number one reason why relaxation is ruined when you go outside on a warm night, which is why you should keep a mosquito enclosure around your patio, porch, or outdoor seating. You can hang mosquito curtains in your enclosed porch or patio, or get a simple mosquito canopy to set up in your backyard. Combine them with some citronella candles and tiki torches and you’ll finally be able to really enjoy those summer nights. 


Roll of mosquito net


When the weather’s got you down, don’t hide inside. Prepare your home and yard to brave the elements and you’ll always be able to relax as you take in the scenery and appreciate the seasons. Relax in your sunroom or enclosed porch, lounge in your hot tub with a canopy, and throw a party by your covered campfire without worrying about what’s going on with the weather.

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