Store Your Mattress Properly with These Easy Tips

The last thing that you want is to take your mattress out of storage and discover that it has been transformed into a totally unrecognizable glob due to improper storage. Take the time before you store your mattress to properly prepare it for hibernation with a few simple steps.


Don’t Store a Mattress Upright

You might be tempted to store your mattress standing up to save some space. As tempting as this is, storing your mattress upright will just lead to problems in the end. As a mattress is stored on its side, the padding and stuffing start to shift due to gravity.



As the materials shift, lumps and bumps form that you might never be able to remove. If the mattress has been improperly or cheaply manufactured, these shifts can occur after just a few days of storing your mattress on its side. To keep your mattress feeling soft and cozy, let it rest flat during its storage period.


Wrap it Up

The single most important thing you can do to protect your mattress and keep it pristine while in storage is to properly wrap it before you put it away. Specially made mattress bags are available that provide an effective protective barrier.



Wrapping your mattress up prevents dust and dander from penetrating your mattress. It also provides a solid defense against any pests that might sneak their way into your unit. For extra protection use a vacuum to suck any excess air out of the bag before sealing it completely.


Elevate to Alleviate

Instead of just plopping your mattress down on the floor of the storage unit, use pallets to lift the mattress off of the ground. This prevents moisture from the ground from damaging your mattress. It also protects against less common problems, like flooding.



Kill Moisture

Even the most high-quality storage unit isn't impervious to humidity. Humidity, combined with dust and dander, is a sure recipe for mold and mildew growth on your mattress. Once a mattress has mold damage, there isn't much you can do to repair it.



Climate controlled storage units ensure that humidity is kept to a minimum, but these units can cost up to an extra $100 a month. Zap humidity on your own, without paying the extra price, by putting a stand-alone dehumidifier and air purifier in your unit.


If you take the time to properly store your mattress, you won't be met with any nasty surprises when you take it out of storage.


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