Incredible Year-Round Outdoor Lighting Fixture Ideas

Outdoor light fixtures don’t just brighten up your outside space. They’re also a great way to add curb appeal.

By Tina Jepson


Yes, the weather outside in most of the country is most definitely frightful right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start revamping your outdoor lighting today. After all, spring (and warmer temps) will be here before you know it and you deserve outdoor lighting that adds a touch of light and beauty to your home.


You may be wondering, “Which front door lighting fixture is for me?” We’ll dive into that and a whole lot more in this article. Remember, outdoor lighting isn’t just about your front door. It’s about your home’s entire surroundings.


1. Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Chances are, you just spent a whole lot of time putting up and taking down all those outdoor holiday lights. Doesn’t your home look, well, naked? Quick, it’s time to put up some outdoor ceiling lights to brighten up your front entrance.


Porch ceiling lights come in a multitude of styles. Head to your local home improvement store or thrift shop, and you’ll see a vast selection ranging from modern to traditional design styles all across the budget spectrum.




While I appreciate a recessed outdoor light because it’s easier to maintain (less flying bugs to clean up), a simple light bulb doesn’t create the statement your home deserves. Go ahead and get eccentric with your outdoor ceiling lights with a bright Moravian star light fixture or a grand entrance chandelier. When you choose an outdoor ceiling light that reflects your style, you’ll never regret your purchase.


2. Outdoor Wall Lighting

The space next to your front door and on the walls lining your porch are the ideal places to put some outdoor wall lighting.




Outdoor wall sconces situated on either side of the door ensure you have enough lighting to unlock your front door on dark nights. A matching pair of sconces is a safe choice.


However, sconces aren’t your only option. Traditional wall lights also come in lantern and even goose-neck styles. No farmhouse is complete without a steel or weathered copper gooseneck lantern (just mind your head!) and your historic home isn’t complete without a gas lantern look alike fixture.


If you’re concerned about all those extra outdoor lights adding to your electric bill, rest assured. There are many fixtures available that accommodate budget and environmentally-friendly bulbs, including outdoor wall lighting with LED bulbs.


3. Outdoor Patio Lighting

Outdoor patios are gathering places for friends and family all times of the year, but especially during the warmer months. Ask yourself, is your outdoor patio lighting inviting and pleasant?




Start your patio-beautification with an exterior wall mounted light fixture or two on the wall leading from the outdoors, inside. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should light up the entrance adequately so that no one trips walking in or out of the door threshold.


Then, consider some up-lights, such as outdoor string lighting. Keep in mind, not all outdoor string lighting is created equal. If you purchase an affordable set, you may need to replace them annually. If possible, look for commercial-grade string lights with weather-resistant sockets.


4. Outdoor Landscape Lighting

The one thing that sets one beautifully-landscaped yard apart from the next is landscape lighting. Yes, it may seem like an extravagant addition to the yard, but it adds so much to a home’s overall curb appeal.




Outdoor landscape lighting additions can be as simple as a few strategically-placed lights situated at the base of your yard’s largest trees and angled upwards. Or, you can purchase some landscape path lighting to line your walkways leading to your front door, fire pit, patio, etc.


You don’t want to bother running wires all through your yard? Then look into solar options. You’ll be amazed at how affordable solar lights are. They average $2-$10 a pop!)


5. Garage and Other Exterior Lights

Last, but certainly not least, is your exterior garage lights. While your garage, carriage house, or shed has ample light on the inside, you should also have at least one or two lights on the outside. Not only do they make your garage/other outbuilding look pretty, but they’re even a good security measure.




Check out your local hardware store selection of motion sensor outdoor wall lights. These lights will automatically turn on when someone walks within the line of sight, meaning you’ll always know when someone is nearby. Depending on the neighborhood you live in, outdoor security lighting isn’t just handy, it’s necessary.


Whether you enjoy sipping coffee on your front porch in the winter or just want to ensure your home is the best looking one on the block, outdoor lighting fixtures are what you need. Create a plan and get shopping. In one afternoon, you can completely transform your outdoors with new light fixtures.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Tina Jepson and

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