Which Type of Coffee Maker Best Suits Your Taste and Style?

Depending on your level of need, skill, and coffee prowess, there are several options when it comes to starting your morning off right and aesthetically accessorizing your kitchen.

By Erin Gunther


For some of us, arguably the most important start to the day is our first cup of coffee. Depending on personal preference and lifestyle different coffee makers may be better suited for one household than another. If your favorite kitchen appliance is the coffee maker, consider these options to make sure you’re getting the most out of your morning cup o’ Joe.


1. Traditional Drip Coffee Makers

These coffee makers consist of a basket necessitating a filter in which to pour loose coffee grounds, making it easy to choose how light or dark you prefer your brew. This option is best for the two-person or more household with multiple coffee drinkers. Typically designed for up to twelve cups of coffee, this is the perfect option for your kitchen if you work from home and enjoy multiple cups throughout the day, or if you like that extra cup to go on your way to work as well. It’s also an affordable option, running as cheaply as twenty dollars. Depending on the color of your kitchen appliances, a black coffee pot may look the best with all black appliances or a sleek silver may match better with stainless steel.




2. Single-Serve Coffee Makers

Single-serves began gaining popularity a while ago, as they are quick, easy, and mess-free with no risk of ground spillage or filter collapse. They are perfect for the single person household, and for those who are satisfied after their one cup in the morning. It also can be great to circumvent the morning chaos, as they require less prep than the traditional drip coffee maker, taking out the need to measure the grounds, and also assuring a no-mess cleanup. These can run as cheaply as thirteen dollars up to one hundred and twenty, depending on the features.




3. Specialty Coffee Makers

These are for the coffee connoisseurs, for those who want to enjoy not only the taste but the experience of their morning beverage. Some specialty coffee makers mimic the French press, getting a richer flavor from the grounds rather than filtering the water straight through. The prices also range from low to high depending on what kind of specialty coffee maker is right for you, but they are perfect for sharing with other coffee-loving guests and for those who enjoy sipping a specialty brew casually on a Saturday morning.




4. Espresso Makers

Espresso makers are for those who need a serious no-frills boost in the morning. Espresso machines produce coffee of a thicker consistency through a process of forcing pressurized water through a filtration system. Espresso makers can require extra equipment, like a grinder, frother, and tamper to make sure you get an even brew with just the right amount of froth. It’s crucial to consider if these come with the machine before you purchase the right espresso maker for your kitchen.




Depending on your level of need, skill, and coffee prowess, there are a plethora of options when it comes to starting your morning off right and accessorizing your kitchen to your own taste and style.


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