Why You Need Large Hanging Basket Brackets in Your Life

You see them at home improvement and hardware stores everywhere. In fact, large hanging basket brackets are one of the items homeowners are most likely to purchase as the weather begins to warm in the spring. But, if I were you, I’d invest in a handful of them now. You may be wondering Why are large hanging basket brackets so helpful? Allow me to elaborate.


Hanging basket brackets are one of the handiest pieces of hardware you’ll ever purchase. Their durability and weight-rating are ideal whether you’re trying to display a giant potted plant or a simple bird feeder. And aside from their strength, most hanging basket brackets include nice aesthetic touches, such as intricate, modern or traditional metalwork.


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So the next time you need to hang something indoors or outdoors and you’re tired of the same old utility hook, consider whether or not a hanging basket bracket can do the job. Chances are, it can.


Which One Do I Choose?

Plant hanger brackets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Smaller models of hanging basket hangers usually have a weight capacity that hovers around 15 pounds, but larger models can easily accommodate 20+ pounds, depending on how and where it’s mounted.


We’ll dive into a number of ways you can use your large hanging basket brackets below, but regardless of what item you choose to hold, remember to weigh it properly before you place it on your hook. Use either your regular bathroom scale or a handy suitcase scale to determine the exact weight.


The next thing to do before you choose your favorite heavy duty hanging basket brackets is to consider where you plan to put them. If you’re mounting the bracket indoors, you’ll need to secure it directly to a wooden beam or wall stud. Otherwise, you must invest in high-quality drywall anchors.


When mounting outdoors, give the same considerations. Always choose a secure spot that has both enough clearance and strength to hold your object.


In summary:


  • Weigh your object.
  • Determine where you want to put it.
  • Ensure there’s a secure place to mount the hardware.


5 Ways to Use Your Large Hanging Basket Brackets Today

1. Light Poles

Mounting your porch our patio outdoor lighting to the wall may be what you’re used to, but it’s not your only option. Add a unique spin to your outdoor lighting by hanging a lantern or other pendant light from a hanging basket bracket.


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To avoid the look of an ugly cord, simply wrap the electrical cord around the hardware or strategically place the hanger closest to the electric source.


2. Bird Feeders or Birdhouses

We used to mount all our bird feeders and bird houses directly to the trees in our yard, but then the birds were too far away for us to enjoy looking at them. Cue the hanging basket bracket, which could easily support the weight of a birdhouse and brought these beautiful creatures within my line of sight. Now, I can enjoy my coffee and keep track of the birds in one fell swoop!


3. Garden Aids

It’s hard to keep track of all your garden tools, especially in the middle of harvest season. Plus, who really wants to drag all those tools indoors at the end of every day? It’s too much work!


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Instead of struggling to manage my trowel, seeds, twine, and garden stakes, I hung a simple stainless steel bucket from a hanging basket bracket to store my garden goodies.


4. Coat/Purse Hooks

If you host house parties year-round and you don’t have a proper coat closet, then you know how difficult it is to store purses, umbrella, and jackets. But with a bit of wall space, you can add upwards of 5 or more small hanging basket brackets, which should give all your guests a hook to themselves.


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5. Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Instead of using simple hooks for hanging plants on your porch, use a large hanging basket bracket. Mount the hardware directly to your porch or balcony columns, but try to avoid drilling through vinyl siding (you’ll destroy it).


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To maximize the beauty of your indoor or outdoor plants hanging on the wall mounted plant hanger, look for a basket with intricate accents and a peat liner. This is a design that never goes out of style!


As you can see, large hanging basket brackets are an amazing thing to have laying around in case you run across something you have to mount immediately.

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