A Bedroom Chandelier Buying Guide for Beginners

Nowadays, even everyday Joes and Janes can afford a chandelier in their homes, but when choosing a chandelier for a bedroom, you must first consider four important things:

  • The position
  • The size
  • The function
  • The style


Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these aspects.


1. Position: Define the Space

Knowing where to hang chandeliers in the bedroom is half the job. So, first decide on where and why you want the fixture.


Wall Fixtures

If you have a low ceiling and don’t wish to clutter the space, consider attractive yet utilitarian wall chandeliers. You can attach them to the wall your headboard touches so they also act as night lights you can turn off by simply extending your arm from bed.



Centered Chandeliers

If you want to make a bold statement, fix the girandole right in the middle of the room. Not only will it draw your eyes to the ornate piece in the room, but it will also illuminate the entire space.



Twin Chandeliers

If you have ample space and wish to demarcate areas in the room, chandeliers are subtle but effective tools to use. Use two fixtures towards either end of the room to ensure the areas are well defined and the entire room receives equal illumination.



Bedside Chandeliers

If drama is what you want, the bedside chandelier is perfect for you. An intricate piece that hangs above your bedside table is sure to make your bedroom look luxurious. Since it’s going to be hanging above the bedside table, you can also afford to let it drop about 20 inches above the nightstand, which is much lower than you would have otherwise. It could also be your reading lamp at night!



2. Size: Bigger Isn’t Better

Before bringing home a chandelier, identify the ideal size for it based on the size of the room you’re going to put it in. If you’re wondering what size chandelier is ideal for bedrooms, here’s what you should do. Measure the dimensions (length and width) of the room in feet, and then add both figures together. For example, in a room that measures 10-by-10 feet, we add both figures together to get 20 feet. The ideal diameter for a chandelier in this room is 20 inches. The formula is just a basic ratio of 1 foot to 1 inch. It really is that simple! If our room measures 15-by-20 feet, a chandelier in this room should have a diameter of 35 inches. Easy, right?



But how do we figure out how tall our chandelier should be? (I’m talking about the length of the actual chandelier fixture itself, and not about how high it should hang above the floor or below the ceiling. We’ll get to that in a minute.) The formula to figure out the ideal height for a chandelier is almost as easy as the diameter formula. First, measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling. Let’s say the ceiling in our bedroom is 10 feet high. To calculate the ideal chandelier height for a room, the ratio is 1 foot to 3 inches. So in this bedroom, our chandelier should be about 30 inches tall. If our ceiling is 9 feet high, our chandelier should be about 27 inches tall. You follow?


Now, if you’re wondering how high a chandelier should hang off the floor, that’s easy. This is largely a matter of personal preference and your own design sensibilities, but a chandelier should hang at least 7 feet above the floor. That’s it. No math needed here! No matter what the dimensions of your room are or what size your chandelier is, 7 feet is the minimum height it should hang above the floor.


3. Function: Ambient Lighting vs. Mood Lighting

Although the two need not be mutually exclusive, it’s important to know precisely why you’re installing a chandelier in the bedroom. If you wish to have an ambient chandelier, ensure the light provides maximum brightness and is controlled by a simple electric switch. If you wish to have a chandelier for mood lighting instead – which I’d suggest – then the electric switch must have a dimming feature. I’d say take this to the next step and buy smart bulbs for your chandelier (after making sure the chandelier accommodates the smart bulbs) so you can change the intensity of your chandelier just by tapping your phone or tablet. If the ceiling of your room isn’t very high but you still want to have a dainty-looking classic fixture, the mini crystal chandelier is a great option.



4. Style: Classic vs. Modern

Chandeliers have evolved a great deal over the centuries, and today they come in a plethora of designs and styles to complement the ambiance of every home. Let’s look at some of the best chandeliers for bedrooms.


Drum Chandeliers

If you want something that’s in between traditional and modern, opt for the drum chandelier. It’s a transitional chandelier for simple ambient lighting. The drum, which is fabric that covers the bulbs, diffuses the light evenly across the room. This design blends in with most bedroom décor and is compact without taking away too much away from the bedroom’s height.



Caged Chandeliers

A caged chandelier is one that has a firm, metal structure surrounding the lights and other embellishments in the center as they drop from a metal chain that’s fixed on the ceiling. These especially make for great modern bedroom chandeliers because of the chic, geometric patterns the metal frames make around the fixture.



Crystal Chandeliers

The ornate crystal chandeliers are the traditional candelabras. As the crystals refract the light, the entire chandelier shimmers in gold making the boudoir seem romantic and regal. The crystals are arranged in many ways to create different visual effects. The waterfall crystal chandelier is especially beautiful with the delicate patterns it creates. You’re also likely to find contemporary chandeliers made of crystals.



Pendant Chandeliers

The pendant lighting style – defined as lights that drop from a rod, chain or cord that’s attached to the ceiling – has brought new meaning to chandeliers. Tweaking the traditional design with modern elements, pendant chandeliers are ideal for contemporary homes. The modern pendant lights are arranged in tiers and patterns that give the room drama, elegance, and a calming hue. The Sputnik chandelier, an offshoot of the pendant chandelier, is great for modern homes because it makes a futuristic statement and doesn’t drop too low.



Chandeliers have adorned the homes of the crème de la crème of society for the longest time, but not anymore. Today, chandeliers are diverse in their designs and affordable to most people, so even those with limited budgets can dare to dream about swinging from a chandelier in their very own homes. (Please don’t actually do that.)


Images used with permission, courtesy of www.shutterstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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