Everything You Need to Know About Wall Planters

If you’re wondering how to keep plants alive during the winter, I suggest you bring them indoors and repot them in wall planters. Wall planters are small pots or containers for plants to grow in against a wall without taking up too much space. Here’s everything you need to know to create the perfect planter displays for your walls.


Types of Wall Planters

Wall planters come in various materials and styles. As far as materials go, you’ll find exquisitely painted ceramic and terracotta pots as well as contemporary metal, plastic and terrarium planters. Most of these pots are for plants that require only soil, but the terrarium wall planters look lovely when paired with aquatic plants.


For an ethnic and vibrant Frida Kahlo feel, choose a painted, urn-shaped ceramic wall planter that’s screwed into the wall. It stands flat against the wall making it appear like half a pot. You can also drill in the rustic metal one, which comes in several ornate wall planter designs.


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If you like the terracotta/mud pot, you’ll need to first screw a bowl-shaped holder to the wall for support and then place the pot in it. If you have a white wall, just know that these pots tend to leave stains and it might not be the smartest idea to have them directly up against the wall.


Securing pots on the wall with steel ring holders is for those who love the traditional pots and wish to fill them with their favorite flowers.


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If you’re looking for something more modern and futuristic instead, the stainless-steel pots hanging off your ladle rod in the kitchen, terrarium glass wall planter and the round, plain metal containers make for elegant choices. This could be your personal wall planter for herbs. These interesting wall planter ideas are sure to be useful and give your interior décor a refreshing look.


How to Install Wall Planters

Firstly, it’s important to plan how to build the wall planter display before you begin to repot the plants. Follow these steps to install a wall planter in your house:


  • Mark the spot: Before screwing the planter in, you’re going to pot the plant. So, mark the point at you wish to screw the planter into on the wall.


  • Check the size of the nail your wall planter needs: If your planter is heavy, use extra-grip anchor screws. Place the expansion anchor, a plastic insert, on the wall and drill/hammer it in gently. These heavy-duty screws will withstand the pot’s weight and keep it from sinking. If it’s terrarium glass, use Toly Hard AKA Hardwall hooks. They support up to 20 pounds of weight and are almost invisible against a white wall. Terrarium wall planters especially look elegant when they hang from these hooks. To install them, you simply have to hammer the hooks into the wall.


  • Pot the Plant: Since you don’t want water draining on your walls, pour some gravel first so it acts as an absorbent in case you water the plant more than required. Then, pour some soil. Place your plant’s roots and pour some more soil and lightly pack the container and clean it on the outside. If it’s an aquatic plant, fill the terrarium glass with water and place the roots of your plant in it.


  • Screw it in: Get someone to hold up the pot in position while you gently screw it into the sleeve that you previously drilled in. Just hang the terrarium planter on the Hardwall hook, and it’s done!


Watering Wall Planters

For those of you who already have houseplants and know how to keep them alive and well, this is going to be a breeze. For those of you who are don’t yet know how, here are five tips:


  • The basic rule is to ensure the soil of your plant is evenly moist.


  • Water them infrequently, but water them thoroughly when you do.


  • Gently pour water in the center of the pot with a watering can that has a long spout.


  • Don’t mist all your plants. Different plants need to be cared for differently. So, water your plant based on its specific need.


  • For aquatic plants, make sure that you use unfiltered water as it has more minerals. Also, use water that’s at room temperature so you don’t shock the roots of your hydrophyte.


Best Plants for Wall Planters

Some of the best indoor plants that are aesthetically appealing include herbs, overflowing vines, and succulents. Although many other plants work well indoors, I personally love the following plants for pots on walls:


  • String of Pearls: This succulent on a wall because the height adds drama to the overflowing succulent.


Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Shutterstock

  • Devil’s Ivy: is a great aquatic plant that also cascades down the wall with beautiful twists and turns.


  • Spider Plants: Aptly named the spider plant, it survives and flourishes in water and on the wall.


  • Herbs: To add an aromatic touch, rich green herbs are always a good option to plant indoors on walls.


  • Asparagus Ferns: The flowy nature and dynamic texture of this plant


People often think vertical gardens and tabletop pots are the only way to incorporate plants indoors. Explore the world of plant walls, and you’ll realize how much they add to your home décor. I’d say you first give your outdoor plants a chance indoors, but if they don’t survive even after a couple of weeks inside, you can bring the beautiful houseplants for your wall planters.

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