Handling Home Waste 101 with Pinto Services

Waste management and removal isn’t just something to consider when you’re doing a major home project.

By Tina Jepson


Sometimes, home projects require more than just a plan and some above-average DIY skills. Especially if you’re planning a major renovation or massive spring cleaning project, there are logistics to consider — and this includes waste management.


It’s not something many of us think about every day, but dealing with old building materials and other unwanted home goods isn’t always as simple as just throwing it all into your curbside trash can.


When you’re in need of waste management expertise, and you live in the Tri-State Area, our friends at Pinto Services should be at the top of your contact list. The team at Pinto handles every aspect of waste removal from recycling and container rentals to removal and disposal.




If you’re in need of some serious waste disposal for your next home renovation or cleaning project, consider these services offered by Pinto Services Inc.


Container (Dumpster) Rental

You may have seen Dumpsters on-site of a home renovation project or while serial-watching HGTV, but maybe you haven’t considered getting one for your own home project. Well, think again!


Container rentals save homeowners time and hassle down the road. In fact, many cities and towns don’t remove construction debris, so Dumpster rentals are a must.




Container rentals (also called “roll-off Dumpsters”) are Pinto’s most popular service for homeowners and general contractors. The company drops off heavy-duty steel containers that range in size from 10-40 cubic yards. After removing all your debris or other materials, Pinto Services Inc. comes by to remove the container from your property. With 10-40 cubic yards to work with, you can clear a single room or your entire home!


Bulk Pick-Up

For the removal of large home goods, including appliances, furniture, rugs, and mattresses, it’s best to schedule bulk pickup. In general, bulk pickup is the best option for homeowners without the means to transport their own waste. So, if you don’t have a friend’s truck to borrow, it’s best to call on the professionals to help.


In the case of Pinto Services, Inc., they take your bulk waste and transport it to the nearest National Transfer station for sorting and disposal. It’s easy — out of sight, out of mind!




Home Recycling

Recycling isn’t just suggested, it’s required in many states, including Pinto’s home state of New Jersey. If you’re a resident of a mandatory recycling state, you may need to purchase separate Dumpsters for recyclable materials from your home renovation or cleaning project.




Pinto ultimately helps keep everything deemed recyclable, from masonry to dirt, metal, and cardboard out of landfills by providing recycle-only Dumpsters. This service helps to preserve the environment, keeps construction debris waste fees at a minimum, and ensures you’re following the law.


E-Waste Removal

E-waste (also known as electronic waste) has increased significantly over the years. As more of us buy big screen televisions, new appliances (such as microwaves) and change out our cell phones and printers frequently, disposal is necessary.


Keep in mind that it’s often not easy to discard e-waste because it can’t be combined with other trash and debris. To remedy, waste management companies like Pinto help with removal and, when possible, recycling of these products.




Waste management and removal isn’t just something to consider when you’re doing a major home project. In fact, being more conscious of what and how you dispose of your things is good for the environment too!


If you’re considering getting rid of aging appliances or refreshing your kitchen and you live in or around Lodi, NJ, give the team at family owned and operated Pinto a call. They’re available 24 hours a day to serve you and all your waste removal needs.




Images used with permission, courtesy of Pinto Service Inc, www.dreamstime.com, and www.bigstock.com

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