Customizing Bedroom Ambiance by Using Color

Finding the ideal blend of personality, style, and ambiance in a master bedroom isn't easy, but with some creativity you can design the one perfect in no time.

Color is a powerful influence on mood and emotional state. Think of how you feel when you walk into a dark pub drenched in browns and maroon as opposed to a cheery diner in floral yellows and white. When it comes time to update your bedroom décor, you want to really take time to consider what kind of environment you want to create. If you’re half of a couple, you want both parties to be happy with how they feel when they walk into the room. Having a positive vibe when you’re in the most intimate setting in your home is good for your own emotional health as well as your relationship.


Where to Begin

Decide on the main goal of your use of color in the room. Do you want to create a warm romantic nest or a cool and soothing sanctuary to unwind in after a long day at work? If you’re a single guy, perhaps you’re going for a dark sophisticated executive look that says, "I'm a smart and independent man." The end use of your bedroom and how much time you spend there, as well as the time of day you’re typically there, should all be taken into consideration.


Modern luxury bedroom


Resist the temptation to lean heavily upon current flash-in-the-pan trends. While they’ll feel new and shiny for a little while, once they lose their popularity or you grow tired of them, you’ll be stuck having to repaint or living with colors that don’t make you happy. If you’re irresistibly attracted to a particularly bold color of the moment, use it as a pop of color in pillows, curtains, and other easily changeable accessories.


In general, light colors create the illusion of a larger room, while darker shades evoke a smaller, cozy feeling. Likewise, if you paint the ceiling in a darker hue than the walls, it will appear lower than if it’s painted in lighter contrast to the walls. Keeping the walls and the ceiling the same color minimizes the divide and make the surfaces feel like one continuous space.


Romantic master bedroom interior with walkout deck


Combos to Love

Green is considered one of the most relaxing colors, giving it the ability to relieve stress and calm the senses. A medium shade paired with cream or white and the addition of dark brown or taupe accents creates a natural ambiance that soothes the nerves and transports you to a quiet oasis in your mind. Or, if you like to be bold, check out the color of the month: Kelly green. Green is the perfect color choice for the master bedroom of those who have high-pressure careers and want an escape at the end of the day.


Master bedroom with green walls


Muted raspberry pink is the ideal rich and velvety shade to envelop the room in romance. It leans more toward a violet undertone than hot pink and looks good enough to eat when paired with caramel-hued accents and linens. Try punching up the palette with touches of smoky blues.




White is always a classic and lends itself perfectly to an open, airy, ocean-like feel. Flowing floor-length sheers and a hint of pale gray brought to life by thin lines of a darker gray or black in the rug, lamps, or side chair can add drama while not detracting from the overall relaxing atmosphere. Add a hanging canopy of soft coordinating fabric over the bed and you’ve got a delicious getaway that’s both stress-relieving and romantic.


Elegant fancy white bedroom with double bed


Bring masculinity and energy into the equation with a powerful mix of oranges and blues. This combination is both strong and feminine, and touches of florals on throw pillows and window treatments can soften the feel.


Elegant bedroom interior with blue element


It’s not always easy to find the ideal blend of personality, style, and ambiance in the bedroom, but with creativity and attention to both parties’ preferences, you can create a truly amazing environment.

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