Brighten up a Room with these Creative Wall Curtain Ideas

Wall curtains can be a creative way to dress up a blank space, divide a room, achieve privacy or add a bit of texture. To be painfully obvious, a wall curtain is a curtain that runs the entire length of a wall from the ceiling to the floor. Typically, a wall curtain is utilized to cover a patio door so that people outside can’t see inside your home, but I’m going to show you how a wall curtain can do so more than just cover up a window. Wall curtains can be both practical and playful too.


Room Divides & Covers with Flare

If you have siblings that share a room, a wall curtain can be the perfect pick to give each child a bit of privacy. Use a wall curtain in much the same way you would a shower curtain, hanging it on a rod with rings so that the curtain can be easily slid back and forth whenever the child craves a little alone time.



Drapes are also a quick fix for closet problems. If a dorm closet or a storage area lacks a door, hang a wall curtain. It will give the room a blast of color all while strategically hiding what’s inside. Curtains are a great option for long closets too. Hang a rod above the closet, and you’ve got coverage and color all in one.


A wall curtain can be a quirky replacement for a door, especially in apartments and lofts that are short on space. You can easily section off a reading nook, workspace or even fashion a sleeping spot for guests by hanging drapes all around the designated area. Leave the curtains open when the area’s not in use and close it off when needed. Ditch the beads and hang a curtain in place of a door simply because it looks cool and gives a room a dash of flare.


Add a Little Privacy to the Bathroom

Whether you’ve got a large bathroom or only one that seems like it’s in constant use, placing a wall curtain in between the toilet and the sink can let roommates co-exist a little easier. The drape injects style into the room while giving privacy to the toilet area. A wall curtain can achieve the same effect with the tub that’s minus a shower. Now, you might not mind when your significant other uses the toilet while you’re brushing your teeth or taking a soak in the tub.



Fashionable Fabric

Wall curtains aren’t simply to cover up full-length windows. Sure, they are a pretty way to dress up windows, but drapes can also turn your bedroom into a hideaway. Place a rod a few inches from the ceiling behind the bed and hang a drape that complements the rooms décor and suddenly you have a dramatic statement that adds both color and texture.



If you’ve always been in love with the look and feel of a canopy bed, but can’t afford the price tag, make your own by hanging wall curtains all around. Simply attach the desired length rods to the ceiling and hang the drapes of your choice. For the canopy flow, use sheer drapes.


Strategically placing a wall curtain is another way to makeover a room without the paint job. In the long run, a rod, rings, and drapes may be cheaper and quicker than painting the entire room. It can also be an excellent choice for apartment dwellers and college kids in dorms that may be prohibited from painting their walls. A pretty floral wall curtain or a funky print can add excitement and fun to a room.


If you’ve always wanted to have one wall a completely different color then the other three, trying out the look with a drape is a lot easier and inexpensive. Hang a solid or print drape along the desired wall, and it will achieve the same look as if you had painted it.


Cover an Ugly Space

If you’ve inherited a space that has a ghastly wall that you just can’t seem to do anything with, throw up a curtain. It works, and it’s easy to do. A drape can be a quick fix for a hole or to hide something that you’d rather guests not see, like the washer and dryer.



Make your own Window

For homes, apartments or dorms that may have a windowless space create your own by hanging a rod on the wall where you’d like a window to be and put up a drape. It’s a cute way to give a room the flowing style of a curtain. Try it in an attic or basement. This window may not give light, but it will be chic.



Gone are the days where curtains are just for windows and isn’t that a good thing? Curtains are fun, flirty and can be more than simply light blockers. They’re stylish problem solvers that can turn a space into its own oasis all while covering up a multitude of sins.


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