Incredibly Cool Nightstands You Already Own

Originally, the function of a nightstand was to hold a portable potty! The chamber pot, which had a handle and a lid, would be placed next to the bed, for easy access, at night. Aren’t we glad to have attached toilets now! Along with time, the meaning and purpose of the nightstand have also changed. Once the designated place for books, an alarm clock, a night lamp and a clunky telephone among other smaller things, today it’s used to keep just our mobile phones, a pair of spectacles and at most, a night lamp. This has resulted in nightstands being minimalist and uniform in design. So, if you want to give your bedroom some character, try out these easy, affordable and cool nightstand ideas!


1. Crates

If you want to build your own nightstand, but don’t want to invest too much energy, crates and pallets are the perfect raw materials. You can make an open box out of the pallets, or simply place the crate next to the bed. Horizontally and vertically, these wooden pieces make for funky nightstands. They’re sturdy, compact, light-weight, easy to maintain and best suited next to low rise beds. They work with warm and cool toned rooms making your décor look well balanced at all times.



2. Side Accent Chair

Side accent chairs work well in two contrasting situations: either in a cozy Manhattan apartment or a luxurious mansion. If space is a restriction, side accent chairs are just what you need by your bed at night. Once you wake up and take your things from the chair, you can move it for seating purposes in the living room. If you live in a luxurious home, you can choose an exclusive side accent chair as your nightstand to give your bedroom a charming personality.



3. Floor Cushion

If you want that warm toned bohemian aura in your happy space, floor cushions are your thing! Place a tray on your giant round floor cushion and voila! You’ve got yourself a nightstand! If your floor cushions are not as thick as the round ones, just stack them up by your bed. They’re easy to move around, unbreakable and give your bedroom a snug and calming ambiance. Just make sure you clean the floor underneath the cushion periodically. It’s also one of the best budget nightstands.



4. Artist Stool

Art lovers, give your bedroom an art-studio feel and get an artist stool for a bedside table. They’re of a perfect height and easy to access through the night. Their angled legs give your bedroom a contemporary feel while the general design of the wooden structure takes you back in time. They work with all colors and provide just the right amount of shelf space. Although it’s not a high tech bedside table, it does look like one.



5. Vintage Luggage

This one’s my favorite! I’m a sucker for all things vintage and repurposing luggage into a bedside table is just cool and classy. If you’re one to store a lot of things by your bed, such as hand cream and books among other things, the suitcase provides the perfect amount of storage within. That way, your bedroom appears decluttered, but there’s actually quite a lot of stuff within your reach. If you have a high rise bed frame, you will have to stack up a couple of suitcases to level it with your bed. If you don’t have enough suitcases to stack up, just get a low rise stool and place the solo vintage portmanteau over it!



6. Breakfast Tray Table

Need something that adds character but looks store-bought, neat and well-designed? The breakfast tray table is just what you’re looking for. It’s elegant, simple and attracts just the right amount of attention without taking away from the rest of the bedroom. The monochrome tray tables look especially great if the rest of your bedroom has a noticeable ambiance and theme to it. Although this one’s easy to work with, it belongs to the category of luxury nightstands!



7. Foot Stool

Modern, upholstered stools as bedside tables make bedrooms appear stylish. Their fabric adds warmth to the room and acts as the perfect stand to hold your belongings for the night. You can move it around once you wake up to change the ambiance of your bedroom.



8. Skateboard

If you want your bedroom to scream “Brooklyn,” skateboard nightstands are for you. It’s young, hip, and ideal for your fast-paced life. Obviously, it works well only when paired with a low rise bed. The skateboard provides your bedroom a powerful personality making it seem light-hearted, casual and dynamic.



9. Shoebox and Books

This one’s a classic. Photo boxes, storage boxes, and pretty looking shoe boxes make for quaint and pretty nightstands. Alternatively, you could also stack up books and use them as your bedside table.



10. Step Stool

Kid’s step stools provide ample shelf space as nightstands. The bamboo stools are especially great because they bring in a little bit of nature into your bedroom. Place a potted plant on the stool to add a refreshing touch to your boudoir.



Experiment with these inexpensive bedside table ideas to give your room an edge. You can even switch things around every couple of months to give your bedroom a personality that suits your mood. If you do try any of these out, tell us how you enjoyed the process and of course, share images of what you’ve done!


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