How to Make the Most of a Small Shower

Close your eyes and envision your dream bathroom. What does your shower look like? How about the sinks, the floor, and the bathtub? Chances are, you’re imagining something grandiose, complete with a luxurious, oversized soaking tub, a roomy shower, natural stone walls, double sinks, and more. The words “sanctuary,” “tranquil” and “spa-like” probably come to mind when daydreaming about your fantasy bathroom.


But what if your bathroom is nowhere near as nice as the one in your dreams? Does that mean you’re destined to shower in a sub-par powder room for all of eternity? Absolutely not! Today, there is an unlimited number of small shower ideas you can use to elevate your bathroom experience. Try one of these five tips and you’ll be showering in luxury in no time!


Smart Storage

Storage space in small showers is a major issue and usually one of the top complaints of homeowners dealing with small bathroom floorplans. Most shower stalls without built-in tubs don’t have a ledge to sit toiletries on. And even if your small shower does have a small ledge, it probably doesn’t have enough depth to hold a bar of soap, let alone bottles of shampoo and conditioner.


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Look for corner bathroom storage racks that secure to the wall or have a tension rod. If you have a traditional wall-mounted shower head, purchase a rust-proof storage system that fits around the pipe.


In cases when there is absolutely no storage, invest in a waterproof shower basket that you can take in and out of the shower as needed.


Clear Glass

Glass is usually the best choice when you’re looking to make your space look larger than it is. If you’re currently using a shower curtain, consider investing in a glass door for your shower. Along the same lines, keep in mind that beveled or distorted glass has the same crowding effect as a curtain.


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Clear glass is always a safe, bright, and effective choice for showers of every shape and size.


Versatile Faucet and Showerhead

While changing the door to clear glass may be on the pricier side of the spectrum on our idea list, swapping out the faucet and showerhead isn’t quite as much of a financial commitment. This inexpensive shower stall idea is a must-do if your showerhead is old and bulky, or if you’re just lacking space.


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Some newer handheld shower heads have a lower profile than standard shower heads. Plus, they allow you to maneuver more in a smaller space. Another option is a rain shower head installed on the ceiling or one with a long arm mounted on the wall of the shower.


Handle and Bar Placement

When you’re dealing with small bathroom floor plans, if and how you deal with door handle and towel bar placement makes all the difference in the world. A shower handle or towel bar that juts out into an already small bathroom can further limit your space (and leave you with bumps and bruises, if you’re not careful).


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The solution is to think smart. Some shower doors sold today don’t include traditional handle hardware. Instead, the user simply pushes the door one way or the other to open and close. Another way to “handle” the handle problem is to find a shower door with a shallow handle on the inside of the shower.


At the same time, look for low-profile towel bars already attached to the shower door. This is a definite space-saver!


White/Light Tile

When you’re dealing with bathroom designs for small spaces, color matters. In fact, too much color can easily overwhelm a small to medium-sized bathroom, making it feel both busy, dark, and cramped. Play it safe with light, neutral shades on everything from the wall paint to the shower tile.


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To really make the most of your space and give the illusion of a larger shower, use white tile. Anything from subway-shaped ceramic to marble tiles will do the trick.


Balance some inexpensive shower stall ideas with bigger ones like a clear glass shower door and new tile to bring the appearance of space without needing to knock down walls and complete an entire remodel. You see, small shower spaces can still be luxurious!

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