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Tea Room-Inspired Accents to Brighten Up Your Home Décor

Tea parties are for more than children and their dolls, and tea room-inspired home décor is for anyone who’s a fan of a steaming hot cuppa… or who just likes pretty things. Whether your aim is to bring a little of bit of high tea elegance into your home or to model your sitting room after a cozy English cottage tea room, you’re in luck. When it comes to interior design, options abound with how you can bring the tea party home to any room in your house.

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1. It’s Time for Tea

Show your family that it’s always time for a tea with a teapot clock watching over your breakfast nook or kitchen. With plenty of styles out there, you can choose a wall clock or a standing clock, a timepiece that matches your color scheme, or one that completely stands out. Whatever way you decide to go, it’ll be a charming addition to any room - and you’ll never miss tea time again.


2. Put It on the Board

Every organized home needs a place to keep track of important receipts, tickets, and other tidbits, which is why bulletin boards are one of the greatest ideas ever. Keep track of life’s little essentials and do it in style with a tea-inspired bulletin board in pretty pastels. If everything lives on your computer or phone these days, feel free to forego the bulletin board part of this piece and just find a cute piece of wall art that’s all about tea.


3. Get a Tea-Potted Plant

Teapots - they’re not just for serving tea. Coming in so many different shapes and patterns, teapots are a versatile accessory that can be used anywhere in the house from the kitchen to the bathroom. Make these lovely pieces your new favorite home accents by potting a plant in one, turning one into a lamp, or tilting one on its side and hanging it up as the cutest birdfeeder you’ve ever seen.


4. Tea Towels: They’re Just for Decoration

Do you remember those embroidered flour sack tea towels your mom or grandma had hanging from the stove all the time? I certainly do, and I even tried my hand at embroidering one once or twice. Add some easy charm and color to your kitchen with embroidered flour sack towels – vintage or not – or opt for a modern take on the tea towel with a fun tea party print.


5. Three Tiers, Hooray!

This tea room staple doesn’t need to be put away and stored in between the Mother’s Day Tea Parties you throw. Leave it out year round as a decorative accent that can hold any little knick-knacks you want to put on display. It makes a lovely table centerpiece or can be placed on your sideboard for an easily-added dose of elegance.


6. Rack Them Up

Turn all of your teacups into a pretty display that can match any décor. No way wall racks are just for coffee mugs, so find one that will hold teacups and their matching saucers for an easy piece of wall décor that doubles as much-needed storage. You can go vertical or horizontal with one of these, so decide where you want it, plan accordingly, and enjoy all the space you just opened up in your cupboard.


7. Have a Mad Tea Party

While this may not be the elegance you’re looking for in your tea room, a mad tea party could be the perfect décor for your kid’s bedroom or play area. Straight out of “Alice and Wonderland” come colorful characters like the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and the Queen of Hearts, all of whom will easily brighten up a dull room. Get ready to play some croquet with Alice’s flamingo and hedgehog mallet set while oversized playing cards look on, or, better yet, just sit back with a cup of tea while your kids play. Go ahead - put a twist on more traditional tea party or Disney décor with this fun bedroom idea, perfect for every unbirthday.


Bring your favorite tea room home with some of these tea-inspired accents. For any room and any part of a room - wall or table – these pieces are sure to brighten up your space and make you smile. Now, a cup of tea, anyone?


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