Selecting a Sofa Style: Which One is Best for You?

There are many different kinds of sofas out there, ranging from elegant to practical. Here's how to pick the right one for your interior design.

Sofa styles can influence the look of your entire interior design, so it’s important to make the right choice before you commit to purchase. This guide will help you understand the differences between each sofa style so you can make the best selection for your decor.



The Lawson sofa features bulky cushioning and an adornment of many pillows. This sofa style can be found in many materials, sizes, and colors because of its continued popularity. These couches are available with wooden peg-legs or with no legs for lying flat. Because of the wide variety available, Lawson sofas can be used in almost any interior design style.





The Bridgewater style is also a comfy couch, but with a twist. The Bridgewater sofa features outward curving cushions and low curved armrests. The back is also slightly curved. Consider the arm placement before purchasing this type of couch since the low armrests may not be suitable for people who prefer high armrests. This is a very traditional and casual couch that usually looks best in traditionally-styled homes.





The camelback sofa has a unique appearance. It stands on wooden legs, has high rolled arms, and a sloping back with a high middle point. The camelback features a smooth back and is available in leather or jacquard, or more basic fabrics, depending on your taste. This style is usually incorporated into art deco or contemporary homes.





The chesterfield sofa is similar to the camelback, but without the middle point. This couch has a straight back and high rolled arms. The chesterfield is usually available in quilted leather, making it perfect for an office, but it can also be found in softer materials, as well as a variety of colors. 





The English sofa is available in models similar to the chesterfield, but there are models of the English sofa that will feature softer upholstery, higher cushioning, and tighter backs. Other English sofas will have lower arms and will stand on pegs. The low arms and straight back are reminiscent of mid-century models.





The slipper sofa chair comes in several models for your comfort and styling needs. Some models will feature sloping arms that go as high as the backing to create a sort of “couch cocoon.” Other types of slipper sofas are completely armless, and have longer sitting cushions with high and fluffy pillow backings. Many are chair-like, constructed for one person, and can be found in living rooms, or resting spaces in large bedrooms.





What an invention. The futon sofa is perfect for people who live alone, or have many house guests. This sofa comes as plain or stylish as you’d like, and converts into a bed by flipping the structure. These sofas come with straight backs and stand on pegs located on each corner. You can also purchase these with or without arms. For those looking to use one on a daily basis, invest in a more comfortable, cushiony futon.





This sofa variety is an open rectangular prism with sleek style. The tuxedo sofa is rectangular and completely straight across the arms and back, squaring you in. The cushioning is embedded into the back and arms, so don’t expect too much comfort with this sofa. Opt for a tuxedo couch with extra cushioned seats, and include pillows and a throw blanket to add additional comfort.




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