Charcoal Gray’s Many Color Pairings

Discover the colors that go with charcoal gray and learn how they’ll impact your home décor.

By Ande Waggener


When it comes to what colors go with charcoal gray, it’s easier to talk about the colors that don’t go with charcoal gray. That number is zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Everything goes with charcoal gray! 


In interior design, charcoal gray is one of the most versatile neutrals. It’s as other-color-friendly as white, and it’s as dramatic as black. Whereas white has keep-it-clean issues, charcoal gray can hide all manner of dirt. Because the colors that go with charcoal gray in home decor are infinite, you have total freedom when it comes to color match-ups. Different colors, however, will create different room styling effects. Here are five interior design ideas for pairing various color tones with charcoal gray.


Traditional Color Combos

Charcoal gray combined with classic colors like navy blue, forest green, and maroon create a traditional look. Without even adding any design elements to define a style, if you put these colors together when you design your room, you’re going to create a feel that harkens back to men’s clubs and posh salons.




Modern Color Mixes

Although charcoal gray gets along well with everyone in the color family, if you let it hang out with its neutral brethren, you’re going to develop a more modern look in your design. You can either create a predominately charcoal gray room with just a few additions of another neutral like beige or white, or you can use charcoal gray as your accent color in a mainly beige or white room. Either look will be contemporary.




To kick up the current feel even more, pair charcoal gray with another neutral and then bring in an additional pop of color. Almost all colors will work. You can choose any strong shade of yellow, red, blue, purple, orange, pink, or green. Stay away from pastels if you want your room to feel up to date, but muted tones are okay.


Organic Color Blends

If your style is one that favors organic elements like plants and natural woods and fibers, charcoal gray is an excellent choice for a prominent room color. In Scandinavian, Belgian, and even rustic styles, the browns and beiges of wood grains and basket or rug fibers need a weighty backdrop to keep them from becoming blasé. Charcoal gray is strong enough to do that lifting.




Industrial Color Fusion

Charcoal gray is an ideal foundational color for industrial style design. When you use it in lofts or ultra-modern kitchens, you can combine it with glossy bright colors like yellow, orange, neon green, or red for a powerful aesthetic. 




Color Synthesis for Flair

If you eschew a concern for design style in favor of expressing your personal flair, charcoal gray can be the heartbeat of your creative expression. Although it’s a strong color, it’s soft enough to pair with pastels like pink.




And charcoal gray is also vigorous enough to hold its own with bold shades of magenta or purple.


As you can see from these few examples, you have boundless possibilities for color fun when you start with charcoal gray. The colors that go with charcoal gray are limited only by your imagination.


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