Milagra Moderna Officina: Designing a 360-Degree Virtual Room

The trendy, contemporary Milagra Moderna Officina packs a punch with state-of-the-art components in a sleek office environment.

By Janice Harris


Whether you’re designing an in-home office or a traditional one, proper interior design planning is a must. Considerations, from where to position a desk, to if/how to find space for a sitting area, are vital to the overall feel of the room. This is especially the case if you entertain guests and clients in your line of work. If you expect other people in your office, it must be both functional and inviting.


But where do you start and, more importantly, what are the main features you should include in your office space?


This is where House Tipster's Virtual Rooms come into play. These handy room styling tools offer us a virtual smorgasbord of personalization options. With the click of a mouse, you’re taken into an interactive Virtual Room filled with modern design components ranging from wall color to furniture and home decor. The Milagra Moderna Officina is one of House Tipster’s newest Virtual Rooms and it’s unique in that it doubles as a template for commercial and residential offices.


Room planning is complicated, but Virtual Rooms like the Milagra Moderna Officina make it effortless.


Camera 1, Camera 2

Unlike other Virtual Rooms offered by House Tipster, Milagra Moderna Officina is navigated through multiple camera angles. I started going through this Virtual Room by selecting each of the four available camera angles.




Camera 1 provided what I would consider a viewpoint of the overall room. From here, you can easily see the desk and multiple sitting areas. Camera 2 focuses on the media area and a look at the entrance. Camera 3 shows a view similar to Camera 1 but from the corner of the room. Finally, Camera 4 shows another wide-vantage from the back of the room looking outward.


Out of all the camera angles, I decided to begin customizing the room using Camera 1.




From Top to Bottom

One of the most prominent features of the Milagra Moderna Officina are the floors, which are made of natural stone tiles from The dark granite “Floor Tile” in Oscuro Mist is a definite modern choice, but since I prefer a brighter office space, I took a liking to the Barroca soapstone.




The “Marble Wall” was another natural stone feature I couldn’t wait to tackle. From the Camera 1 angle, this separating wall is front and center. It’s definitely statement-worthy! Therefore, I narrowed my choices down to the Marble, my favorite stone. Calacatta Oro, an Italian marble, had subtle streaks of gold, while Calacatta Borghini verged more into gray. The latter matched with the blueish hues of the Barroca soapstone, so this is what I settled on.




I had never thought of adding a wood-like pattern to the ceiling, but this Virtual Room opened my eyes to that distinct option. You can choose between vinyl and laminate under “Ceiling Wood.” The "Delaware Bay Driftwood" was an instant favorite of mine, but I enjoyed the contract of lighter floors with a darker ceiling, which is why I selected the "Flint Creek Oak" laminate.




Finally, I chose "Shiny Luster Behr Premium Paint" under the "Walls” category.


Wow, was definitely shaping up to be a beautiful office space!




Finishing with Furniture

There are so many interesting elements in this Virtual Room, including the furniture. I immediately took a liking to the “Bandbitalia Deisis119” couch located in the front left of the Camera 1 angle, so I chose the "Ada 100 fabric" which showed a hint of light blue. The matching coffee table, “Bandbitalia Table,” in "Carrara White" was a natural choice.




The room still seemed pretty neutral. In order to spice it up, I decided on the "84 Blue Hopsak Eames Chair Aluminum” and the “Storage BitaliaEucapypto” in teal blue back-painted glass.




Before I finalized the room, I went through each camera angle one more time to verify the space. Then, I selected the “Share” icon at the bottom righthand side of the site so I could email it to my husband.




Will I get everything I want in my home office? Probably not. But the Milagra Moderna Officina was a great starting point. I settled on some color schemes and found a few key pieces of furniture I can’t wait to purchase.


Go ahead and try the Milagra Moderna Officina yourself and let me know how much you love it!


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