Superhero Interior Design is Big on Color & Inspiration

Here are seven ways to evoke the fun, hope, and power of superheroes in your home's décor.

By Ande Waggener


Unless you’re a little kid convinced you can leap tall buildings (or at least a sofa or two) in a single bound, why in the world would you want your interior design to have anything to do with superheroes? I mean, a superhero to do your housework, sure. But what use does any reasonable adult have for superhero motifs in room design?




Here’s how superheroes can “rescue” a ho-hum décor scheme: Interior design at its best is supposed to make you feel good, and superheroes stand for feel-good qualities. So when you use superhero motifs to activate those qualities, you’ve used your décor in its most effective way.


Now this article is not about throwing around some Captain America pillows or hanging a Superman mural above your bed and deciding that's a job well done. 


Adult superhero décor is quite different than what you might place in your 6-year-old’s bedroom. Think sophisticated superhero, not silly superhero. Sophisticated superhero design is abstract, not concrete.


With that in mind, here are seven ways you can use superhero symbols to create room design that could inspire in you some awesome qualities.


1. Elevate Your Ethics with the Purity of Superhero White

According to the people who study such things, the top three superhero colors are white, blue, and red. Obviously, then, these colors are a must in the sophisticated superhero design look.


Superheroes stand for something. They have a purity of purpose, a code of ethics. White reflects that. So using it to inspire design just might inspire you to lofty goals.




2. Generate Calm Energy with Superhero Blue

Superheroes are able to tap into energy far beyond that of the normal mortal. But it’s not frenetic energy. It’s calm energy. And that’s what the deep tones of superhero blue add to your rooms.




You don’t have to go super crazy with this color. Balance it with superhero white, using some wainscoting, for example, and you’ll get the energy in a more subtle look.




3. Amp Up Your Personal Power with Superhero Red

Red has long been known to be a power color. No wonder superheroes use it. If you add it to your décor, you might feel it affect you physically (it’s been shown to raise the heart rate). So power up your space and get ready to be powered up yourself.




4. Create Confidence with a Cape

Capes and courage go together. Have you ever worn one and felt the impact?


Or when you were a kid, did you make pretend capes out of blankets? Well, it’s time to do that again. If you drape a bright red, bright blue, or white throw artfully over a sofa or bed, it will leave the abstract impression of a superhero cape. Not only will that add flair to your décor, it could work subconsciously to make you more confident. (Worth a try, don’t you think?)




5. Tap into Hope & Possibility with Futuristic Shape & Shine

What better represents looking toward a brighter tomorrow than space-inspired shapes?




And what better way to see a shinier path ahead than with the gleam of polished surfaces?


You can get that sheen in chrome accents.




Or you can get it with glossy paint and slick leather.




6. Step Beyond your Limitations with the Freedom of Masks

One of the reasons we think we can’t do anything hero-like is we’re stuck in our same ‘ol, same ‘ol identities. Our personalities tend to get set at a young age, and then we feel like we just have to play our usual roles. But give us a mask and, oh, the fun we can have! Masks represent the freedom to be different, to be outrageous. So if you introduce masks to your décor, you could be inspired to go beyond your limitations every day.




Not to mention masks are available in such a wide variety of shapes and colors that they add fun and interest to any décor.




7. Get Connected with Cityscapes

One of the reasons superheroes are superheroes is they feel a profound connection to all of humanity. They care for more than just themselves.


A great way to get that connection in décor is with a cityscape, which can remind you that you are just one soul connected to millions and millions of others. You can deliver a cityscape to your décor with a painting or print.




Or you can go wild and use a mural to turn a whole wall into your connection with humanity.




Are you getting a sense of how sophisticated superhero décor could be just the thing you need for your interior design? When your rooms can go beyond just looking good to making you feel good about who you are, they are standing for the most impactful interior design possible.


So how about it? Are you ready to add some superhero to your space? Or maybe you already have some. What in your design reminds you of the superhero inside?


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