Simple Tips to Create Style on Your Dresser or Credenza

Wondering how to decorate your bedroom dresser or dining room credenza? Follow these simple guidelines.

By Erica Young


Dressers, credenzas, buffets, sofa tables… I all have at least one of these in mine home. The question is, what should you put on top of it? When faced with an empty table top, it can feel a little daunting to decide how to decorate it. The key to a well-styled vignette? Play around with what you have!


Gather all your decorative accessories, framed photographs, candles, or anything else you think might work in the space and start trying out different arrangements. As you use a little trial and error, also keep in mind these simple tips. Eventually, you will create a beautiful and well-balanced display.




1. Start with a Lamp

A lamp adds height, soft light, and a big structural element to balance the table top. If you cover your table or dresser with several similarly sized items, you’ll be left with a mess. Remember to vary height and bulk as you choose your accessories. A lamp is the perfect large item to get you started.




2. Stack ‘Em Up

Speaking of height, stacking books is a simple trick to make things taller. Plus, the boxy shape of a stack of books is another grounding element for the arrangement. When everything is just placed on the table without any books or other base items, like a tray, everything looks a little lonely and lost.




3. Every Table Needs a Plant

Houseplants continue to be a huge trend of 2017, and for good reason. Plants add freshness and organic structure that’s impossible to replicate. In this case, I used a small plant and elevated it on the stack of books, creating a structure that can hold its own against the large lamp on the other side of the table.




4. Add Vases and Sculptures

Once you have two larger elements decided, you can continue to play around with your other objects. You want to create mini arrangements within your arrangement. For the mini arrangements, try working in groups of three with various heights. I chose two vases and a golden sculptural sphere to place next to the lamp.




5. Pepper in Small Accessories

Lastly, you’ll want to pepper in one or two smaller accessories like a framed photograph and a candle. I placed my last two items next to the plant, creating another group of three. Stick to a color scheme to create cohesiveness. I pulled pinks, golds, and blues from the artwork on the wall and incorporated those hues into the accessories. The overall finished vignette is balanced and simple, yet interesting.




Ready to get started on your own dresser or credenza? Keep my simple tips in mind (groups of three, varying heights, and color consistency), and you’ll be successful. That said, don’t be afraid to rearrange things if you ever grow bored with your vignette. Tabletops are the perfect space to change out seasonally, or whenever the mood strikes you.




Images used with permission, courtesy of Erica Young

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