How to Carve Out a Chic Spot at Home for Organized Living

Life piles up. There’s no avoiding the daily deluge of obligations, to-do’s, and meetings that clutter our calendars and our minds. Fortunately, interior design and organization have come together to help you keep your sanity in the forms of command centers, work nooks, and cozy accomplishment corners.


These magical concepts help you keep on top of your life in style! Read on for tips on how to carve out a chic little organization oasis in your home without disrupting your flow!


Choose a Space

First, you are going to want to decide where to put your organization station. Now, you don’t necessarily need to keep it tucked away in a corner if you don’t want to. Many people will go with a kitchen wall for their organization nook. The fact of the matter is, you want to be able to see your obligations, mail, and bills.


When you start shoving things away in drawers you can run into trouble, because while they are out of sight and may be out of mind. A kitchen or family room wall is a great location to start your command center because you will have no choice but to see what is on your plate every day and attack the tasks at hand! 



Decoration Integration

After you have chosen where to locate your organization station, take stock of your current décor. You don’t want to break the flow of any given room but rather integrate your station into the décor so that it looks attractive and cohesive with your space instead of clunky and unnatural. I find that using anything netted and silver tends to blend in easily to any type of decor (think hanging file organizers and mail slots).


Of course, if you are working with an easy color palette, you don’t need to stick to any particular theme but rather work within your own comfort parameters. Decide if you want your station to accent your décor or be more of a stylish focal point.



Personally, I like to work with hanging organizers that adhere to walls for a clutter-free station. This means I need to look for pieces that work with just the one color of my wall rather than my overall décor as the station easily becomes part of the décor. 



Chairman of the Board

There is no getting around the fact that along with calendars and planners, most organization stations require the use of a whiteboard, corkboard, or chalkboard. The great thing about these organizing staples is that at least one that will work well with your décor.



Chalkboards are great for a rustic home while cork is a perfect accent piece for an earth-toned space. Whiteboards go well with very bright walls, but if you don’t want to overwhelm your space with a large whiteboard, I recommend getting its smaller, magnetized counterpart. This will give you more options if you decide to move your station to another part of your home. 



Staying organized doesn’t have to be a chore when you are working with a chic command center.  


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