Useful Tips to Create a Cozy Kitchen You’ll Love to Cook In

Your kitchen is a place where you spend quite a lot of time. Not only do you cook in there, but you may also spend quality family time there, as well. I want a kitchen that radiates warmth when I walk in. It has to feel “homey.” Check out these tips and tricks on creating a cozy kitchen that the whole family will enjoy!


1. Add Color

The worst thing to experience is waking up at six in the morning and walking into the kitchen with the hopes of brightening your day with a cup of coffee only to find yourself still half-asleep staring at your lame white walls. Caffeine may not be enough to wake you up! Try either painting your kitchen a bright color like yellow or perhaps just adding some artwork. I have added color to my kitchen in various ways. There’s a picture of a pizza man on one wall and some cheeky magnets on the refrigerator. The magnets are from all the places I’ve traveled. It makes my kitchen feel just a bit more like home!



2. Create a Breakfast Nook

Even if you have a dining room, eating breakfast in your kitchen can always be full of enjoyment. Try purchasing a small table and set of chairs. Place them under a window in your kitchen. Add a nice table cloth and have at it! It’s a perfect place to soak up the rising sun or have an intimate dinner with your significant other.



3. Add Greenery

I always felt as if plants added to the coziness of any room. I like to practice my green thumb and grow herbs in my kitchen. It’s the best of both worlds because not only does it add a homey feel to your kitchen, but it also saves you money when you go to buy herbs or spices at the grocery store.



4. Chalk It Up

Do you find yourself becoming more forgetful as you get older? I sure do! Hang up a chalkboard in your kitchen. Not only is it adorable, but you can jot things down without scrambling for a pen and paper. Whether it be future plans or a grocery list, you can’t deny it’s a good idea.



5. An Island in the Sun

Some of us may not have the room for this or be able to afford it. But, an island is a great addition to any kitchen. Not only does it give you extra cooking room, but it can give you extra storage space, as well. You can build an island with shelves or drawers in it. It doesn’t have to be solid all the way around! A nice trick is to build a microwave shelf inside! When entertaining, you can display hors d’oeuvres on your island and everyone will love snacking in your new cozy kitchen!



6. Increase Natural Light

I find that the times I enjoy being in my kitchen the most are when the sunlight shines brightly through my window. So open up those curtains and let your kitchen shine! I find artificial light to sometimes be irritating. It can either be too bright or too dull. Natural light gives the perfect amount of light for you to move comfortably about your kitchen.



No matter what art you hang up, or what plant you choose to grow, what matters is that you feel comfortable in your own kitchen. You’re the one who is going to spend the most time there, after all!


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