How to Make Fabric Collage Art by Splashing Color on Your Walls

When you’re designing a room, getting the décor colors just right can be a challenge. Once you have the main pieces in place (like furniture, flooring, paint color, and window coverings), it takes finesse and patience to take your design the rest of the way to an integrated space that looks thoughtful and not thrown together.


This is where the real work begins. To make a room design work, you need all the smaller design elements to play together well: lamps, pillows, art objects, framed art, and other wall décor all need, as a coherent whole, to complement or coordinate. If you don’t get this right, no matter how much time or money you’ve spent on the big stuff, the room will be a fail.


Sometimes, it’s just not possible to find the right items to bring it all together. You can shop design stores until the cows come home and still not have the one piece that turns your various colors into a happy family. What to do?


One solution to this dilemma is fabric art. If you’re a talented seamstress or crafter, you can do amazing things with fabrics. Because you can find fabrics in nearly any color or design, they can be transformed into just the right piece to tie a room together. But what if you aren’t a sewing or crafting whiz?


You can still make design magic happen. You can do it with inexpensive, easy, and fun fabric collage art. Because you can find fabric scraps in pretty much any color, you can create exactly what you need to put together a piece with the perfect color mix for your space.


You may be asking, “What about paper? Can I just cut up pretty paper?”


Sure you can. But paper collages have three issues that make them less appealing than fabric collages. First, it’s harder to find the colors you want. Second, even if you can find the colors, paper in specific colors can be expensive. Third, although paper collages can have similar effects, scraps of fabric add a depth of texture that can be richer and more impactful than paper.


Want to give it a try? Here is how to create this room-elevating art.


For this project, you will need:


  • Scissors (You want them to be sharp.)



  • A glue gun (a cheapie will do) or crafting glue



  • An empty frame with a cardboard back (You can pick up old frames for pennies at yard sales and thrift shops. If the frame isn’t the right color, change it out with just a bit of paint.)



  • If the cardboard back isn’t the color you prefer, you’ll need either colored construction paper or a larger piece of fabric to cover the backing.



  • Scraps of fabric



Now, the process is simple.


Cut your fabric into a variety of shapes and sizes. Don’t get too precise. Go crazy. Sloppy pieces can look artsy.



Arrange them on your background, leaving a blank edge where the frame itself will be. Play with the design until it’s the way you’d like it to be.



Glue the pieces in place with your glue gun.



Put your scrap fabric creation in the frame.



Voila! You have a unique piece of wall art that will act as an anchor for all the colors you have in your space. And you let your inner kid come out to play. Everyone’s happy.


Play some more, and you’ll discover an endless variety of color and shapes that can act as a sort of glue to combine your other design elements together.



Are you ready to try it? Or have you already done something similar? What will you create with fabric scraps?


Images used with permission, courtesy of Ande Waggener

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