Calabria Kitchen Virtual Room: A Handsome, Functional Cookery

If you’re the one in your family and friend group who plays host for holidays, birthday parties, and casual dinner parties, then a regular kitchen may not be enough to handle it all. What you need is a true cook’s kitchen.


You know what I’m talking about: large appliances, upgraded features, a deep sink, natural stone countertops, and ample seating for guests. All of these things are necessary if you’re trying to accommodate a crowd comfortably.


Are you interested in seeing a cook’s kitchen up close and personal? Why don’t you try out the Virtual Room that features just about anything a first-rate chef would ever need? It’s easy to use and is bound to give you some serious insight into what your future cook’s kitchen should look like.



In just 15 minutes, I was able to completely customize the Calabria Kitchen. Here’s what I did to make it my own.


Hampshire Cabinetry

One of my favorite cabinet manufacturers, Hampshire Cabinetry, designs what I consider the highlight of the Calabria Kitchen. These grand cabinets feature a Windsor-style door which gives off a weathered, country-inspired vibe. It appears these cabinets are sanded along the inner edges of the cabinet inset. They’re truly detailed and custom! I appreciated how many color options there were (a whopping 13 paint choices), each one prettier than the next.


I’ve never given much thought to a green kitchen, but there was something about the Olive “Island Cabinets” and “Cabinets” that caught my eye. Wow, I could definitely work with these!


However, the Dark Bronze “Handles” didn’t complement the cabinet color as well as I’d like. Light Bronze was a much better option for this design scheme.



Countertop Couture

Since granite and marble come in a variety of shades and styles, I thought it’d be best if I tried out each option under “Island,” “Perimeter” and “Backsplash” to find the best match.


Atlantis granite was busy but also worked well against the Olive cabinets. Once I discovered Arabescato, there was no turning back. This had style, but it wasn’t overwhelming in the slightest. The dark gray veining added definite character, which was something I was looking for in a natural stone for this Calabria Kitchen.



Appliances for the Cook

In a true cook’s kitchen, appliances are one of the most vital components. Therefore, I put some time into consider what types of appliances I could need.


The Viking Side-by-Side “Refrigerator” was quite appealing, with its professional look and large capacity. That fridge could definitely hold enough food to feed a crowd! Plus, there were seven different color options. While I’d normally choose stainless steel, the Graphite Gray played off the colors of the countertops and seemed like a flawless fit.


In fact, Graphite Gray worked for the “Oven” just as well. It’s all too easy!



Rounding Out the Look

The Calabria Kitchen was shaping up to be a beautiful, extremely functional room. However, I still had to decide on a paint color for the “Walls.” In working in other Virtual Rooms, choosing the paint was a piece of cake, but this color scheme was different from my other experiences, and I needed something to lighten the room a tad.


Clay Dust and Cafe Cream both added a neutral touch without being, dare I say it, boring. But the pink undertones in Clay Dust were too much for my taste, so I selected Cafe Cream.



My own Calabria Virtual Room creation was certainly an inspiring experience. In just a matter of time, I built a dream cook’s kitchen space from start to finish. During the process, I fell in love with the idea of olive-green cabinets and darker appliances. Plus, it was fun to tap into my inner interior-designer!



Have you used House Tipster’s Calabria Virtual Room? Tell me about your experience!


The writer of this article was compensated for their review.

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