How to Use Tribal Designs, Bold Art, & Natural Realism in Your Home Decor

Make your home come alive with ensnaring tribal décor and enchanting accents!

By Kathleen Wolak


When it comes to decorating, choosing a style can be tricky. You want something that you will feel comfortable with day after day, and can be easily re-arranged should the feeling strike.


If you also want something that is daring, dramatic, and evocative then it may be time for you to try out tribal-inspired décor. There are so many layers to this type of style, which make it very easy to work with and change up. This style is super low-maintenance, and when executed correctly, looks so artful and alive! Read on for ways to bring tribal flavor into your home.


Poetry in Motion

To create movement easily, bring in art and accent pieces that evoke the free spirit of nature.  Horses are a popular design technique used to get this look across. Paintings or renderings of beautiful, running horses are a balanced way to bring flow and movement to a room. Moving leaves and dancing feathers also do the trick, as do abstract lines.




Of course, indigenous masks are a beautiful and authentic addition to any wall. The real purpose of this style is to make your space look almost like a living, breathing thing.  Incorporating these elements into the background is a subtle way to give your room soul, as is filling your space with plenty of real plant life.    


Artful Symmetry

Rich, bold tribal patterns can be toned back with neutral shades to create a more modest layout.  This look works on both sides of the color scale. The inherent geometric shapes create a pleasing symmetry; a technique that works even in small doses like throw pillows or vases.




Toning down the tribal décor enhances the natural, more organic side of the scale for this style.  Conversely, if you want your space to have a much livelier presence, turn the volume up on the color of geometric patterns.


Mixing neutrals with bolds is encouraged with this style, as together the two styles bring to mind a stunning natural landscape. Geometric patterns, no matter the palette, work to balance a room, keeping it centered throughout the design process.




Subtle Space

For a subtle approach to the tribal décor trend, remember that it all starts with toned down color.  This is an easier base palette to work with if you ever do decide to dive fully into the style.  Neutrals with walls and furniture are a safe approach and really make the smaller, bolder décor pop. Choose a rug with a muted tribal pattern to test the waters with this dramatic style!




The tribal trend is one that invites the use of both neutrals and bolds ­-  the organic and the manufactured.  The different palettes and textures work together to create an incredibly natural, peaceful balance. Try your hand at interior design using House Tipster’s Virtual Rooms! Our very cool 3D design tools help you become a virtual planner.


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