Improve the Look of Your Home by Adding French Country Décor

French country décor is one that adds instant warmth to any room, and finding the pieces to create the style is all a part of the fun.

French country decor is all about capturing the elements of romance and European influence and taming it with a heavy dose of mixed patterns, distressed wood, and a subdued color palette. The design is one that seems as if it should never work, but by the time you add all those elements and vintage finds, the entire space is one that you’ll love showing off to anyone who decides to visit. Below, you’ll discover how to make sure you do French country décor right so that it captures the essence of those Provence homes that inspire it. 


Stylish Functional Furnishings

No matter which room you’re transforming, one of the keys to this style of decorating is creating a balance between style and functionality. You’ll want pieces that have shapely, ornate designs, but that have an overall simplistic design that makes them sturdy and perfect for the job at hand. You’ll also want to mix the pieces you choose, rather than making sure each one is a perfect match. Incorporate a variety of wood finishes and even some aged metal to create a room that has a balanced feel, without everything matching completely.


French country villa


Flowers Are Required

One of the hallmarks of French country décor is bringing the outdoors inside, and that means your décor needs to have floral elements. Whether you have a gorgeous print on linen upholstery, rustic vases filled with elegant blooms throughout the room, or even floral carvings on the furniture pieces, as long as there are floral elements, you’re on the right track. If you want to remain true to the roots of the style, make sure to include irises, sunflowers, and poppies for an authentic feel. 


Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Through Window


Warm Colors Create the Scene

No matter which colors you choose to incorporate into your décor, they all need to be warm and preferably those that you are likely to find in nature. If you want to use white, make sure you stick with ivory or cream colors, as pure white just doesn’t provide the same vibe. Opting for lavender, pale blues, soft pinks, dusty sage, darker brick reds, and sunny yellows will help you create the space you crave.


Modern country living room


Fabrics Abound

Fabrics are also important in French country décor. Toile is the most obvious necessity, but you can also accent it with other prints like stripes and ginghams. You’ll also want to create a mix of fabrics with plenty of texture, such as tapestry and linen. The tactile experience adds another layer to the beauty and elegance of the room. Just try to repeat hues so everything creates a cohesive whole. 


French country villa


Touches of Metal

Wrought iron is another essential component to this style, regardless of whether you have an entire bench made out of it, or you add a few vintage sconces to the wall. The delicate design and aged metal is the perfect foil to the florals and vintage touches and will bring the entire room more into focus. You can use traditional black, or look for bronzes and browns to add to the vintage feel. 


White painted dresser with mirror and lamp near window interior


Keep Those Shelves Open

Whether you’re creating your décor in the kitchen, dining room or living room, if you add a hutch or shelves make sure they are open so everyone can see those gorgeous finds you’ve added to the room. From pitchers to framed prints and candleholders, the added touches will tie the room together and make sure there is plenty of interest everywhere your guests turn.


Beautiful shelves with flowers

French country décor is one that adds instant warmth to any room, and finding the pieces to create the style is all a part of the fun. If sleek and rigid is something you crave, this is one look that you won’t appreciate. However, if vintage speaks to your soul, you’ll love creating this space. 

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