Nursery Decorating Hacks: Everything Mothers Wish They Had Known

We’re stepping beyond mobiles and throw blankets with these nursery hacks.

By Jessi Minneci


Congratulations! Maybe you’re expecting your first bundle of joy, or your second (or third), or maybe you have already welcomed your little one and are looking to maximize the efficiency of your nursery. No matter the current situation, you’ve stumbled upon this House Tipster blog because, as a parent, i know you have a trillion other things to tend to before the baby food stains on your nursery’s walls.


I’ve got your back.


Whether you’re a nesting parent-to-be or are already snuggling your precious baby, there’s no denying that you’ll be spending a ton of time in your baby’s nursery. And, because of that, you’ll learn all too quickly that the space can EASILY turn out looking like a tornado ran through it. Have no fear. With these simple nursery hacks, you’ll be a master parenting pro (and nursery decorator) in no time!


Decorate from the Changing Table Out

Before you even contemplate where you’ll place your baby’s crib, look toward the changing table.


Think diapers, wipes, more wipes, hampers, your diaper disposal system, burp cloths — even a pacifier and bottle. The last thing you’ll want is to have a squirming, dirty-bummed baby on the changing table with no wipes or fresh diapers in sight.




Before organizing any other piece of furniture in your nursery, set aside optimal space for the changing table – for both baby and you. Ensure that the table has enough under-side storage for a pack of diapers, a few boxes of wipes, and fresh linens. Don’t forget yourself: make there’s enough room to reach these amenities without having to take your eyes or hands too far off your baby. If you opt for a stand-alone diaper disposal system, be sure there’s enough space on the side of the changing table to fit it comfortably. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to set up the shoot anywhere besides arms-reach.




Set aside one of the table’s drawers as a sterile area for items such as a pacifier, a bottle, and a small toy to occupy baby during changing times.


Furthermore, you’ll want a safe and secure lamp or overhead lighting fixture within reach. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a diaper change and realize you can’t actually see if you’ve cleaned the baby’s bottom enough.


Once the changing table is in its place, everything else will fall into place.




Two Words: Washable. Wallpaper.

What is washable wallpaper, you ask? It’s your new best friend!




Typically, washable wallpaper is plastic-based wallpaper, such as vinyl and coated non-woven wallpaper. Washable wallpaper is useful because of the plastics and foils it’s coated in that *surprise* make it able to be scrubbed and washed clean without dulling or harming the color or pattern it boasts.


Due to its high wash resistance, this wallpaper can also be disinfected – a perfect solution for creating and maintaining a clean and safe environment for your baby.


When the day comes that a little bit of pee splatters on the bedroom walls, you will thank me for this one!




Don’t be Afraid of the Dark… Or at least the Gray

Remember that elegant, white sofa chair you impulse-purchased in preparation of the perfect place to sit and feed your baby at? I hate to burst your bubble, but after some good ole’ use, that chair won’t be white anymore. Instead, it’ll be stained an interesting shade that resembles the strained pea and carrot mush your baby loves. It’s expected, and it’s OK.


Instead of opting for white, think gray. The hue is still light and airy enough to appear cozy and clean without the unforgiving properties of white. Don’t be afraid of gray.




The stains are inevitable and should be welcomed. To combat them, like the sneaky-smart parent you’re,choose gray – something easy to mask that and still gender neutral.


BONUS: Gray slip covers are also a blessing because they are machine washable!


Decorate with Sentimental, Timeless Pieces

This one is a hack especially helpful for the busy parent!


Decorating your nursery’s walls with airplanes and princesses is always an option, but soon enough, you will be updating your growing baby’s room. Don’t get me wrong, I love nursery themes and want you to go as all-out as you’d like! However, consider incorporating décor with meaning beyond the surface.


Naturally, warm the space of the baby’s room by incorporating decorations such as sentimental gifts from those that love them. Even as the baby grows, these pieces are sure to hold onto timeless value. Some ideas:


A Family Portrait as Wall Art

Hanging a painting created by a family member as opposed to a store-bought picture (one that goes along with a theme, perhaps)


Using the baby’s feet and hand prints as room centerpieces

Example: if you choose a beachy theme for your baby’s nursery, collect sentimental items to adorn the nursery as the baby grows, like creating a mural from seashells collected at your family’s favorite beach and using pictures taken from baby’s first beach trip as wall art.


Becoming a new parent is the most wondrous mixture of love, calm, chaos, and creation. With the above tips, you’ll add more to the list of calm and creation, while overcoming some of the chaotic bumps along the way.




With these nursery decorating hacks, your baby’s room will be a huge part of that calm.


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