How to Set Up Your Own Home Coffee Bar

If coffee plays a starring role in your early mornings like mine does, then a home coffee bar will take center stage in your home’s décor. Not only is it a perfect way to pay homage to the beautiful beverage that gives you the energy to get through your busy day, but it also adds a unique touch to your brunch gatherings so that your friends and family feel like they’re getting the royal treatment (which they are).



What’s more is that you can use vintage furnishings to create your coffee bar, and that’s exactly what I did with mine. When I was a child, my grandparents had a wooden hutch in their kitchen where they stored their coffee and also used it to display dishes and an amazing antique-looking coffee grinder (where you had to grind the beans by hand). Now I’m bringing that hutch back to life for another generation to enjoy.



(Since my grandparents loved coffee, I decided to incorporate them into my coffee bar design as well, which you’ll see below!)


In addition to having a three-shelf hutch or a table with two shelves above it, you’ll need the following items for your customized home coffee bar:

  • Coffee maker or Keurig machine
  • A dozen coffee mugs
  • Sugar bowl
  • Dish for alternative sweetener packets
  • Creamer pitcher
  • Two small stirring spoons (one for creamer and one for sugar)
  • Napkins
  • Decorative items (i.e. coffee beans, flowers, family pictures, candles, etc.)



Now it’s time to set up your coffee bar. I know it seems like a big task, but it’s actually much easier to put together than it looks. (I promise!)


Step 1: Set up the Top Shelf

Since there are three shelves, I recommend starting from the top down so that you’re not bumping into things at the bottom. On the top shelf, I placed decorative items and mugs, as well as pictures of the two amazing people who put the love of coffee into my DNA (my grandparents).



I only put four mugs at the top as they’re there mostly for decoration, but if you have a lot of people over, that’s also why they’re up there! I arranged the pictures, candle, and flowers around the mugs so that the mugs look like they’re part of the décor even though can also be used for functional purposes as well.


Step 2: Set up the Middle Shelf

On the shelf in the middle, I decided to utilize the custom dry erase board that I made to add a sentimental touch to my coffee bar. You could also display a saying about coffee or an inspirational quote on there instead of a family name. Either way, it’s a perfect opportunity to use your creativity to tie the whole theme together.



I arranged the rest of the mugs around the sign and also turned them upside down and staggered them to add visual interest and an artistic look. Now you’re ready to move onto the big finale!


Step 3: Bottom Shelf (AKA ‘Where All The Good Stuff Is’)

This is the shelf where you’re going to place your coffee maker and all of its supporting players. Instead of placing the coffeemaker in the center of the shelf, I decided to put it on the left side so that people can fill up their mugs and then move on down the line to doctor it any which way they like.



On the back of the shelf, I put more decorative items, such as specialty coffee bags and flowers, and in the front, I placed the sugar bowl, creamer pitcher, stevia dish, stirring spoons, and napkins.



Voila! You’re done. That wasn’t so hard now was it? Now you can step back and admire your caffeinated refueling station while you sip your favorite coffee concoction (lots of cream with a little bit of sugar). As a side note, you can also expect to start receiving a bunch of texts saying, “Can I come over for coffee tomorrow?”



What kind of personal touches would you implement into your home coffee bar? Do you have any fun vintage signs or decorative items that have to do with coffee? We’d love to see them in the comment section!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kelly O'Roark

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